Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hulk #6

Hulk #6
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Ed McGuinness
Published by Marvel Comics

I’m so glad the new Hulk book finally came out. This is one of my favorite comics and I knew that there was going to be a lot of good stuff in the comic. There is always a lot of action in the comic and it’s funny, too.

In the beginning, Iron Man tells the Green Hulk that they’re going to have a lot of super heroes to help stop the Red Hulk. Hulk keeps calling Iron Man a robot because of his armor and he calls the guy Ares broom head because of the funky helmet he wears. Both of them are sorta mad that Hulk is acting dumb but Ares wants to fight the Hulk because even though he was warned, he still calls him broom head. Iron Man stops the fight, though.

One part I really liked a lot was when the Namor guy called on all of the sea monsters to help keep the bridges and buildings from falling down. I like how that whole part was drawn with the lighting and rain and the monsters helping out the humans because Namor ordered them to.

This comic had super crazy fight scenes with a lot of smashing and everyone was trying to do their best to take down the Red Hulk. Green Hulk and Red Hulk are just pounding on each other across the desert and then Thor joins in and starts beating Red Hulk with his hammer. I like how he smashed Red Hulk in the knee with it to try and take him out. Thor was mad because he got beat in the last fight and looked like he was going to do better but Green Hulk wanted to beat Red Hulk by himself. The two Hulks start fighting again and they’re making such a mess that they’re making craters in the ground. My favorite part was when Green Hulk yells, ‘there is only one Hulk and he is green’ right as he knocks out the Red Hulk. I also liked the part where Thor and Hulk agree to be friends and shake hands.

I was surprised that the Red Hulk got defeated since he’s been so tough, but in this book there were a lot of people on the Green Hulk’s team that were helping so that made sense. The fights in the book were my favorite, but I liked how the artist drew A-Bomb and Hulk changing back to normal. I was surprised that Samson was with Red Hulk since everyone thinks Samson is the Red Hulk. I don’t know who Red Hulk is supposed to really be, but maybe he is Samson and that the one they showed was a Skrull.

The art was awesome again. I like how everyone is drawn really big. The Hulks and A Bomb look huge and Thor is big, too. It makes it look cooler when they’re all fighting. I liked the big battles in the book and even though I sort of like the Red Hulk, I’m glad that the Green Hulk got to win this battle and I’m curious about what will happen in the next comic.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Darth Duff said...

Another great job on the reviews Liam. You're getting better every week. I look forward to reading your reviews, please keep them coming.

Adrian said...

Wow, did NOT think about the Skrull thing. Good call, kid!

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This comic is one my favorites. I like it because the story is so interesting and the suspense is present from the beginning to the end.

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