Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #28

Green Lantern Corps #28
Written by Peter Tomasi and Illustrated by Luke Ross
Published by DC Comics

This issue of Green Lantern starts right after the last issue. All of the Green Lanterns are looking at a big tube that has all of those eyeballs that fell down on them. They bring Green Lantern Saarek in to talk to them because he has a power to talk to dead people and is going to talk to the eyes.

I like how Lantern Saarek was talking to the eyeballs to find out what happened. It was pretty cool when the eyes got all together and surrounded him and made like one giant human made out of eyes and then it showed him a bunch of those alien creatures as the person who killed all the Lantern’s family.

There were a lot of parts that I thought were good in the book. I think its cool how many different types of Green Lanterns there are. I liked seeing the bird Green Lantern the most. I like how they showed the Lantern Guy charging up his ring and getting mad that he was interrupted. And it was really cool that Lantern Kyle is an artist and was making like a Green Lantern symbol with an eye in the middle.

I like when the Green Lanterns started to go after the bad guy they thought did the killing but it turned out to be many of them and they were all Yellow Lanterns. The evil alien Lanterns were so creepy. It was weird when the girl alien blaster herself instead of being captured. It was cool how the other one got his arm ripped off by Green Lantern’s ring shield. The weird thing was that the hurt alien threatens to rip the Green Lanterns eyes out but how could he do that if he only had one arm left. I think he was just faking the threat.

It was cool how there ended up being 5 evil Yellow Lanterns in total that just looked the same and they were a family. The sister was killed when she blasted herself and one of the brothers got his arm ripped off. A team of Green Lanterns was able to capture the rest of them and put them in a jail pretty easy. I wish the fight would have been a little longer. It would have been better if the Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns had a big fight instead of the Green Lanterns just winning so quick and easy.

It was funny at the end when the Green Lanterns are tired from all the work and want to go drink beer and eat hamburgers and relax. It was a fun book and I like seeing all the different Green Lanterns in it. It just would have been a little better with some more action.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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