Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Superman/Batman #52

Superman/Batman #52
Written by Michael Green and Illustrated by Mike Johnson
Published by DC Comics

The first part of this story was sooo funny. It was one of my favorite comics that I ever got to read. I liked how they showed all the little bad guys at the end and that made me really look forward to this book.

This issue starts off with all of the little bad guys in our world causing trouble. Little Lex Luthor goes to his building on our world by piggyback riding on Doomsday and a bunch of other little bad guys go with him. It was funny because before anyone could do or say anything Mr.Freeze just shoots one of the security guys with a freeze gun without asking. The little bad guys are really surprised because people really get hurt on our world and when Joker shoots a gun he says, ‘bullets don’t bounce off you here. They make holes in people’. None of them really know what to do.

I was laughing when the book turned to the super heroes again because it showed the Justice League base and all the regular heroes had our milk and cookies for the tiny heroes. Little Batman is still the funniest because he was so grumpy about everything and he said there’s no time for milk and cookies.

The heroes find out that the tiny bad guys are on our world and they all want to go stop them but someone has to stay behind and watch the tiny heroes. It’s Batman’s turn to watch the base and he is all mad because he wants to go fight. He gets even madder because all the tiny heroes have to go to the bathroom at the same time. A really funny part was how the artist showed that the tiny heroes were watching a TV show about the Tiny Titans. I liked that part. It was also pretty funny when little Batman was told that he needed a nap and he got all mad about that.

The little bad guys end up attacking the Justice League base and they have a crazy fight. Little Catwoman is in love with big Batman, though. She wants to kiss him and stuff and doesn’t want to fight him. Little Superman is the one who saves the day by beating up Doomsday but it’s kind of sad that he gets killed in an explosion. All of the heroes are really upset about it and I thought it was a nice touch that Superman took off his cape and used it to wrap up little Superman. I’m not sure he’s really dead, though. I don’t think even a little Superman could get killed in an explosion like the one that happened. I hope he’s not dead, at least.

All of the tiny heroes and tiny bad guys are sent back to their world and promise that they won’t come back. It doesn’t seem like Superman or Batman is going to miss them. The surprise at the end is that little Joker snuck away and never went back to his world. Instead they show him visiting the big Joker in prison. I hope this means there will be more stories about the tiny heroes. I would like a whole comic with just the tiny versions. I think it would be a lot of fun.

This issues wasn’t as funny as the last one but it was still pretty good. There is some good action and a lot of funny parts and even some sad stuff, too. It’s a well done book.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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