Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reader Mail

A lot of people like to leave comments for me in the reviews on the site and send emails. My dad makes sure I get them all and I think it’s cool that people are reading and liking my reviews. I can’t believe that so many people read my stuff and send me messages, but it makes me happy.

Me and my dad thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the questions that were written in the review section and emails since a lot of people ask me questions.

If you like this let me know and send me more comments and questions. I can do this a lot more if you want.

Kaare Bivin Pederson: What is your favorite comic that you’ve written about so far? And what was your least favorite?

Liam: My favorite comic that I reviewed is Amazing Spider-Man. There is always a lot of action in the book and he has awesome, awesome bad guys. I don’t know which is my least favorite. I don’t really remember the ones I don’t like so much. I usually just don’t do a review if I don’t like the book.

Colin: Are they any comics that you wanted to try but weren’t allowed?

Liam: Kick-Ass looks awesome and if it’s about a kid I don’t know why I can’t read it. I also want to read some zombie books but can’t yet.

Adampasz: I’m surprised you didn’t mention Bat-Mite (in the Batman review)? Wasn’t he super cool, but also kind of creepy?

Liam: I did mention Bat-Mite. He’s is cool and funny but I think he’s a little silly for a Batman comic.

Mavrik: What is your favorite book that isn’t a comic?

Liam: Mighty Robots.

KellyA: What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Liam: The Clone Wars. If you mean with real people I would still say that Clone Wars is my favorite but the next one after that would be the first one (A New Hope). My favorite part is when Han Solo runs after a couple Stormtroopers and then he sees that there are like a million of them.

JoelS: How do you pick which books you want to review every week?

Liam: I browse through the covers and if I like the insides a bit I’ll read them. If they aren’t any good after they’re read then I don’t usually have anything to say about it. If it’s a good book and I have something to say then I’ll do a review.

China: Who is your favorite super hero?

Liam: The Hulk in the Marvel kids books is the funniest but Spider-Man is the best.

China Who is your favorite super-villain?

Liam: It used to be Venom but I think right now it’s going to have to be the new Scorpion.

Anonymous: Who would win in a fight: Superman or Batman?

Liam: That’s really hard. Superman is like the strongest person ever but Batman figures out how to beat everyone somehow. I’ll say it ends in the tie.

Trevor: If you could have one superpower, which one would it be?

Liam: I’d want Green Lantern’s ring. That is the one thing that is stronger than anything else and you can do whatever you image with it.


JB said...

Smart Kid. Green Lantern's ring would be the ultimate power.

Ed Sizemore said...

I would like to vote that you continue to respond to comments and readers questions. Thanks for all the great reviews.

Darth Duff said...

Love the mailbag Liam. Here's a question for your next one. If you had the Green Lantern ring and were fighting the Hulk, what would you have the ring make to beat the Hulk?

ark_keeper said...

I love the reviews. This explains why most of the reviews are highly rated. I'd like to see maybe just a "Losers" list or something showing which books you pick out and don't like, just so we know which ones you think aren't that cool.

T-Man said...

Hey Liam, what's your favorite non-Star Wars movie?

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