Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tiny Titans #8

With Special Guest reviewer, Ethan...the Kid's little brother

Tiny Titans # 8
Written and Illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco
Published by DC Comics

Liam: Okay, so I really like this book. It starts off funny right in the beginning when Robin trips over Wonder Girl’s invisible tricycle.

I liked how the first story was all about the Tiny Titans getting their report cards and the grown up super heroes had to come in to school for parent and teacher conferences with Deathstroke. I thought it was really funny when Jericho did the mind control to his dad to get the good grades.

Ethan: I like that the guy who fights Batman is in charge of the school.

Liam: I also thought it was cool that they had the little Joker and Riddler and a bunch of other bad guys that were going to the school getting their report cards and it was pretty funny when they said the devil kid was very good at fire drills.

The second story was as good as the first. I like how Starfire kept saying Blue Beetle was sad for his birthday because his suit color is blue. The way Blue Beetle was drawn when he was eating his sandwich made me laugh, too. It was funny how Starfire kept arguing with Blue Beetle over how sad he was so she colored him really ugly pink and yellow to make him bright but he hated it.

The other story was about Robin and Batgirl’s house. They’re sitting down and playing with Batman action figures and a batmobile.

Ethan: I liked the dog that was wearing the Batman costume.

Liam: Blue Beetle invited them to his birthday party but Robin doesn’t want to go because there is a clown at the party

Ethan: Robin thinks the Joker is going to be there.

Liam: Yeah, Robin doesn’t like clowns so he doesn’t want to go but Batgirl makes him go. I really liked how one of Blue Beetle’s presents was blue paint and that got him so excited. And then the regular clown shows up to make the kids happy but Robin still doesn’t trust him.

The next story was just okay. I did like how Beast Boy got lost in a book about butterflies when he turned into a butterfly and fell asleep.

The last story is another great story. Aqualad is starting a pet club under water and invites all the Tiny Titans to bring their pets to the club and they’re all wearing scuba gear.

Ethan: I liked the pink elephant swimming!

Liam: The elephant was funny and the cat, penguin and monkey, too. It was real funny how this one kid called Ant wasn’t allowed to go because he talks too much. He looked all mad. I laughed at the last page of the book. It wasn’t the story, but it was funny how Speedy has a cupcake bow and arrow.

Ethan: It was cool how there was the connect the dots page.

Their Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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