Sunday, September 14, 2008

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #27

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #27
Written by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin and Illustrated by Ig Guara and Jacopo Camagni
Published by Marvel Comics

There are two stories in this comic so that was good.

The first story starts with the Avengers going to a country fair to get to know more people. Captain America thinks it’s important for them to be friends with regular people so they go to the fair to try and get to know them. Ant Man is trying to shrink but he makes a mistake and instead he shrinks Hulk, Storm, Wasp and Spider-Man too.

Right away a pig gets loose and the tiny heroes have to try and catch the pig and bring it back to the owner. The Hulk was funny in this comic. He held out his arms when the pig was running right for him and asked for a Hulk but got trampled and then he got stepped on by a farmer. He got so mad that even though he was tiny he still started to beat up the farmer.

There were a lot of funny moments in the book. I like how the pig was wearing Ant Man’s helmet and running around all over the place. I like how Hulk tried to ride a chicken and then a donkey but the donkey nailed him with a kick.

One of my favorite parts was when Spider-Man and the Hulk were on one of the shooting games running around and people were taking shots. I also liked how Spider-Man used his webs to write a message to people about the pig.

The second story started off funny, too. This bad guy from another world is threatening to destroy our planet but when they show him again he’s really, really small. Iron Man and Captain America are ready to capture him and the alien says that the humans look smaller on TV. They just put him in a box to capture him.

I like the basketball game between Captain America and Iron Man. It was cool to see them play a game out of the costume and Captain America was beating Iron Man so bad. Iron Man just wanted to use some of his armor to help but Captain America wouldn’t let him

I like how Captain America and Iron Man went after those bad guys the Enforcers and they had a big battle. I like how one guy tried to catch Iron Man with a lasso….like that would stop him. Cap finished the fight by throwing his shield at one of the guys’ heads.

The end was funny, too when the Enforcers were in jail and alien is saying hello from the jail cell and he’s still in the stupid box. There was a lot of action in the comic and a lot of silly stuff. I liked it a lot.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


isaac said...

I haven't read this is a while but I really enjoyed what I've read. This is a kid's comic done right.

Christine said... that you??? This is your Aunt Chris! I just stumbled upon your blog. How cool is this, my little nephew has his own site! Well I hope you come on over and say hi to all your cousins on my blog...hugs and keep up the good work little buddy! Auntie Chris =O)

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