Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror #14

Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror #14
Written and Illustrated by Steve Niles, Glenn Fabry, Ian Boothby, Nina Matsumoto, and Gilbert Hernandez
Published by Bongo Comics

I always seem to like the Simpsons comics more where there is more than one story. They’re all pretty good but the comics that have different stories going on seem to be a little better than the others. This comic is like the Halloween show they do on TV and because of that there are three different stories in the comic. I liked all of the stories but the first 2 were my favorite.

In the first story all of the people of Springfield become zombie vampires. Zombies are cool so I thought this was a great idea. The whole town goes nuts and turns into zombie vampires except for a couple of people like Chief Wiggum, Ralph and Apu. Any story with Ralph is usually good because he’s so dumb. In one part, Ralph says he wants to be a lady nurse when he grows up and he also says that his teeth itch. What? It was pretty silly how Chief Wiggum is just as dumb and ended up shooting people who weren’t even zombies.

I liked the art in this story a lot. I liked seeing all of the different Simpsons characters drawn as zombies. Zombie Barney was dressed as a girl and had to get his head chopped off with an axe. The zombie Simpson family was especially creepy. I also like how they showed different townspeople all over battling different zombies. It was a pretty neat idea to do Simpsons zombies. I like how Ralph went to the bathroom and then disappeared into the streets. He just wanted to pet dogs and didn’t care or notice that there were zombies all over the place. Willie finally came to the rescue and that was good. He’s so tough.

The second story was very good, too. I can decide whether this one is my favorite or the zombie one. Bart gets a spooky book where he can write people’s names and those people would be killed is their names go in the book. Ghost Krusty comes to tell Bart to do bad things and Bart doesn’t want to do it but he ends up killing Sideshow Bob because he thinks Bob is going to come after him first.

I like how Homer got his hands on the book and wrote terrible things about Flanders. Flanders was killed by a shark. He was killed again by a penguin. There was all this crazy stuff going on. Bart admitted what he did and everyone forgave him. I think the art was very well done in this story. It was a very different style. None of the stories look like the cartoons in this comic but this story is done in black and white and the art makes the characters look like they are real humans. I thought that was cool. And Ralphie was really funny when he sang the alphabet song, ‘A, B, C, D, Blue, Five, Cow’. What is he talking about?

In the last story, Homer eats a monster’s heart because he thinks it’s a hamburger and gets bigger until he’s a giant monster, too. The rest of the story is just Homer monster on a rampage destroying things and then battling another Homer monster. There wasn’t that much going on and it was a quicker story than the others but it was still fun to read.

There really wasn’t anything that scary in the comic but it was still a good book for Halloween. My favorite stories were the first two, but even the monster one in the end wasn’t so bad. I hope they do some cool and different types of stories next year, too.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


nina said...

Hi Liam. I'm glad you liked my art in the second story. Your review was awesome. Thanks.

Bill Morrison said...

Hi Liam,
I'm glad you liked our latest issue of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, and ESPECIALLY glad that you didn't find the stories too scary (whew!) Thanks for a great review!

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I like the zombie one, however I have to admit I prefer this one, specially because the sequence of the story is more fluid.

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