Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #2

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #2
Written by Brian Clevinger and Illustrated by Scott Wegener and Derrick Fish
Published by Red 5 Comics

This comic was a lot of fun. It’s pretty strange that a robot is dressing up in army clothes and fighting in the war, but I like how the story is so crazy.

The evil robot was ready to blow apart Robo and Robo kept making excuses to stay alive and promised that he would help the bad guys. I like how Robo tricked the bad guys into not shooting him and then he blew threw the roof to escape.

The fight between Robo and the evil robot was very exciting. They were just slamming each other into stuff like the evil robot though Robo into a truck and then Robo picked the truck back up and threw it right at him. There was a lot of good action. My favorite part was when Robo took a big pike and started beating the evil robot with him until he was finished.

There was a pretty funny part with Robo taking a jeep and driving away with it. All the bad soldiers were shooting him and Robo is just laughing because they can’t hurt him.
I like how he was going to smash the jeep right at him. I liked how Robo drove the jeep right into one of the other evil robots and crashed through the wall together.

It was funny that the soldiers needed more time to reload and that made Robo mad so he just decided to ram the other evil robot again and then took the soldier out of the robot suit and threw him out of it.

My other favorite part of the book was when Robo and one of the evil robots were fighting and the evil robot’s arm got ripped off but it was still grabbing onto to Robo’s face. That picture was drawn very well and I thought it looked great.

The second story was really funny but it was way too short. I like how there was a big monster was wearing a diaper. It was very silly and funny. And Robo is like, ‘this never happened’ after they blast the monster apart.

I like how everything is drawn in the book. The pictures with the army guys and the battles are very good. Everything looks realistic and the cars and tanks and robots are drawn very well. It’s strange to see a robot wearing pants and boots and a uniform and stuff but I like how he is part of a team with the humans and does a good job.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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