Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marvel Apes #1

Marvel Apes #1
Written by Karl Kesel and Illustrated by Ramon Bachs
Published by Marvel Comics

I was really looking forward to this comic book. I read a story about Marvel Apes in another Spider-Man comic and thought this was going to be a great book. The idea to have monkeys and apes as superheroes and super villains is very interesting.

I saw this comic today and couldn’t wait to read it, but I was a little disappointed. Marty is a monkey guy called the Gibbon who used to fight Spider-Man but then wanted to be a good guy. He works with this doctor who wants to check him out and find out why he looks like a monkey but the machines explode and they end up in a monkey world that looks just like Erich’s city. (New York City)

There is a pretty cool fight between Spider-Monkey and Doc Ook and some other monkey heroes but it’s over pretty quick. Marty and the doctor go to see the Ape-Vengers and there are a lot more monkey type heroes and villains. A lot of it is just talking about stuff and there isn’t too much action.

At the very end I was surprised when the Ape-Vengers ripped Doc Ook’s arms out and then beat him up really bad. It turns out that the Ape-Vengers aren’t really that good after all. That was surprising.

One part I liked that was funny was that all the monkeys thought that the human who was with Martin was a monster because she looked normal.

I like the art and how all the regular heroes have money names and they look like different types of monkeys and the cover was my favorite part of the art. My brother liked Spider-Monkey’s tail. There were some people I didn’t recognize but I don’t know every superhero, either.

I didn’t like the story as much because there was too much talking about things and not enough action. There were a couple fights but there really wasn’t a lot of action with the monkey superheroes or even the bad guys. I don’t think Martin is as interesting as Spider-Monkey or Captain America. I hope next issue has more things going on.

My Rating: 6 out of 10


Erich said...

Uncle gets a shout out! Thanks Kid. NY is MY city.

Mike Haseloff said...


Liam has better taste than most of the "adults" reading! Good job, chief!

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