Monday, September 1, 2008

Marvel Adventures Superheroes #2

Marvel Adventures Superheroes featuring Spider-Man #2
Written by Paul Tobin and Illustrated by Alvin Lee
Published by Marvel Comics

This comic was a lot of fun. It was an interesting story that was kinda different from other Spider-Man comics. Spider-Man and Iron Man and the Hulk get together and have to do all this stuff for a bunch of aliens called the meteor men or the aliens are going to destroy Earth.

I thought it was funny when Hulk was just eating popcorn when Spider-Man and Iron Man were trying to make a plan. It was cool when Spider-Man had to ride that giant Rhino monster, too.

I always like when the Hulk is really strong and does things that other heroes can’t do because he’s so strong. I like how he did a lot of smashing and pushed one of the guys into the ground. The monsters were really stupid. They never did anything right and they always thought that they were stronger than the Hulk. They would try and challenge the Hulk which is pretty dumb and they’d just get beat up because of it.

I like how the aliens made the superheroes have to do a bunch of stupid tasks to make them happy. It was pretty funny when the superheroes had to sing Karaoke and Iron Man got gonged because they didn’t like him and he got all mad. And then they were doing some bungee jumping and Spider-Man didn’t want to do it so they just pushed him off the cliff.

One part that was really funny was when Iron Man fell into a room full of kittens. There were so many kittens and they were so annoying and just meowed louder and louder and it was driving Iron Man nuts and then the Hulk says, ‘Hulk would like to take a kitty home’.

The meteor monsters did a lot of bad stuff to the superheroes and kept getting them into trouble. In the end Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk get bothered enough and make the meteor people stop by beating them all up.

It was funny in the end when Iron Man said, ‘Floor it’ because Hulk took a bunch of Rhino eggs and they hatched and needed to get away. It was a different kind a superhero story and sillier than usual but I liked it.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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