Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #43

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #43
Written by Marc Sumerak and illustrated by Carlos Ferreira
Published by Marvel Comics

I like how on the cover the killer whale is ready to eat Spider-Man and he looks so scared and everyone in the stands is just watching it.

The story in this comic was about a Peter taking a school trip to a big aquarium. One of the killer whales that’s supposed to do tricks goes crazy and then this bad guy who’s called Orka starts to cause problems by tearing up the place.

Peter has to turn into Spider-Man to save people and stop Orka but there’s no place for him to change so he has to get dressed where all the smelly dead fish are kept. The fight between Orka and Spider-Man is cool. Orka is a lot stronger than Spider-Man. Spider-Man says that a whale is stronger than a spider so he’s worried that he might lose. The good news is that Orka is also very slow and dumb so Spider-Man thinks he has a chance to win.

I liked how Spider-Man got the spear gun and used it to get the bad guy off guard. He shot the gun into a statue of a fish and used it to smash the fish into Orka but that didn’t really stop him. It’s fun because Spider-Man has to beat Orka but the killer whale is chasing Spider-Man and trying to eat him at the same time.

One of my favorite parts is when Spider-Man rides two dolphins like water skis to chase down Orka. It was funny and the picture was drawn very well. There’s another picture of Spider-Man that looks good right after Peter changes that I liked a lot.

Some more funny stuff happens like when Spider-Man took over and started to make all the hand signals to get the big killer whale to beat up the bad guy with. The killer whale smashing up Orka was good. And then Spider-Man high fives the killer whale’s fin.

It was a pretty good issue. I didn’t like Orka all that much. I don’t think he was a great bad guy like Spider-Man’s other bad guys but the battle was cool and there were some funny parts in it which is good.

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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