Monday, September 1, 2008

Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #2

Rogues’ Revenge #2
Written by Geoff Johns and Illustrated by Scott Kolins
Published by DC Comics

I thought this comic book was interesting because it was all about the bad guys. I like that they had two sets of Rogues. Both were bad but one team was badder than the others. It was cool that the story was about two teams of bad guys battling it out with each other.

The old Rogues are mad because the new Rogues beat up their tailor who makes all of their awesome suits. They attack the new Rogues and pretty much beat them all up. There were a lot of awesome fights in this book.

I liked when Captain Cold used his gun and made the other one’s arm freeze and fall apart and how Trickster beat the other guy with a giant slinky. It was kinda weird how he did that but still neat. One of my favorite parts was when the two guys with fire powers started shooting each other with fire guns and flamethrowers and stuff and the one guy on the old Rogues team was able to win because his suit was made by their tailor. So his suit stays fine and the other guys’ just melts.

It was awesome how the Weather Wizard used his powers to put a tornado in the other guy’s stomach. I didn’t know he was that strong. All of the Rogues have really cool powers but the Weather Wizard is the toughest one of all because he can shoot lightening at people and make tornados and all that stuff.

They didn’t show a lot of the bad Flash but I enjoyed how he was chasing the other fast bad guy Inertia and wanted to force him to wear the Kid Flash costume so the other bad guys could practice fighting him.

The art was very good. I like how he drew Mirror Master in a lot of different places capturing the other Rogue’s guy with magic powers. I like how the artist made pictures of just Captain Cold’s eyes. He drew fire pretty good, too. When the Rogues burn down the base it looked really good. He made him look very serious with that. I also liked the picture with just the two Flashes running very fast. They aren’t in the book much but that picture looked great.

I think Libra is one of my favorite bad guys now. I thought it was cool how he had all the computers and stuff and could see what everyone was doing all over the world. He could watch all the good guys and bad guys and had a lot of evil plans to hurt the Flashes and the old Rogues.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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