Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #571

Amazing Spider-Man #571
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

This is one of the first books I read every week because it’s one of my favorites. I think it would be a good idea to try and save a bunch of the issues one time and read them all together like one big story, especially this one. There’s a lot going on and it’s continuing for awhile so I could probably just save them all and do a big giant review of the whole story.

The best part of this comic is that I was in it. They printed my Kraven review in the letter page of the comic with my name, too. That was frigging awesome! It was the best surprise! It was so cool that the guy who makes Spider-Man talked about me in the comic, too. I’ll probably send him a lot more reviews because he asked for ones even if I don’t like the books. I don’t know why he only played with a pet rock though. That doesn’t sound like its fun at all. How the heck are you supposed to play with a rock and how can it be a pet. That’s probably an awful pet.

I had a big problem because Green Goblin is on the cover fighting Spider-Man and there is no Green Goblin fight in the book. There is a picture of Green Goblin fighting Spider-Man that Harry is remembering but that doesn’t count. I did like that Harry remembers his dad was the Green Goblin.

The comic starts with Spider-Man still getting attacked by Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom thinks that he’s helping Spider-Man but he’s actually stealing his powers and making things worse. Spider-Man is able to get free because Anti-Venom sees the old Venom and wants to go after him instead.

Last issue had a fight between two Venoms and a lot of this issue was a fight between two goblins but Norman never changed into his costume. He was still pretty tough, though. I like how Menace kept calling Norman and old man and Norman wouldn’t give up. He kept holding onto Menace’s glider and then used some secret signal to blow the glider up. That was unexpected.

Anti-Venom didn’t do as much in this issue. He already beat Venom and he thought he was going to fix Spider-Man but Spider-Man didn’t want to lose his powers. Norman’s team of bad guys does some fighting against Anti-Venom but Anti-Venom really just wants to go after Venom and make sure he’s done.

I thought it was neat that Norman stole Spider-Man’s camera and thinks that now he has a way to track Spider-Man. And I’m really glad that Bullseye is free now. He’s a very cool and dangerous bad guy and I think if he fights Spider-Man it’s going to be a very tough battle.

The art is very good, again. I like how Menace and Anti-Venom are drawn. They both are great bad guys. The fights between Norman and Menace and Spider-Man and the Thunderbolts are drawn well and the action is great. I would have liked to see Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin but it was still a good issue.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10


Ed Sizemore said...

Congrats on getting your review printed in the letter column! That's fantastic. Now you're a permanent part of comic history.

Kaare Bivin-Pederson said...

I really enjoy reading your opinions! I have 2 questions for you. What is your favorite comic that you have written about so far? And which is your least favorite?
I look forward to reading more!

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