Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deadpool #2

Deadpool #2
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

Deadpool is a very cool character. I like how on the first page he’s holding a machine gun and a sword while people are trying to blast him. I think it was a very good drawing. Deadpool is a lot of fun because he’s crazy and he does dumb stuff that makes everyone mad at him and he’s always trying to win.

There were a lot of funny moments in this comic. I liked how he took the big sack of money in the beginning and no one was going to try and stop him. And then later the Skrulls tricked Deadpool into talking so much and just got him with knockout gas and they wanted to cut him up for experiments. The Skrulls think Deadpool is really tough so they want to make a bunch of Deadpool Skrulls to help make their army against the Earth.

I like how Deadpool made the Skrulls think that he was so great and that he had to be the one to train all the Deadpool Skruls and he teaches them to do stupid stuff. He told them to cut their hands off and shoot each other after telling knock knock jokes. He’s crazy and makes no sense and it just gets the Skrulls really angry because they can’t do anything.

The battle between the Deadpool Skrulls and other super Skrulls was very cool. There was a lot of action and I like the way a lot of the pages were drawn, especially the big brawl in the middle. I think the idea of making the story take place on the Skrull ship and showing all of the different things going on was cool, too. I liked the surprise ending a lot and when Deadpool yelled, ‘Holla atcha boy’ it was pretty funny.

Deadpool is a fun comic to read. I think the first issue was better because there were a lot of funnier parts in it, but this issue was still pretty good. Deadpool is just an annoying character and that makes him fun to read about. And there are a lot of Skrulls showing up in comics now and it’s funny to see that these Skrulls are a little different because they get more frustrated about stuff. Not everything goes their way and it makes the story funnier.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

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