Friday, October 3, 2008

Batman #680

Batman #680
Written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics

Batman is still nuts in this comic.

I like that Dr Hurt is letting people bet whether the good guys are going to win or whether the bad guys are going to win. It’s cool how the bad guys are all using the Batcave as their base. I’d like to see a big battle between Batman and all these bad guys in the Batcave.

It was really weird how the one guy wants to operate on Nightwing’s brain. I liked how he had to change into a different costume before he was going to operate. The nurse said that the poison they gave Nightwing is going to wear off soon so I think Nightwing is going to escape.

Batmite was in the issue again and he was fun. I like when Batman asked Batmite whether he was real or if he was just imagining him and all the other crazy stuff. But then Batmite goes away before Batman goes into the prison. And then when Batman goes into the prison he uses a real bat and starts beating all the gang members with it. Batman’s so tough he just goes through all of the goons with no problem, but he’s still crazy and he’s screaming about his girlfriend.

One of my favorite parts was when Commissioner Gordon is walking around Bruce Wayne’s house looking for Bruce Wayne or anyone that can help him but Dr Hurt has the whole place full of traps. I like how Gordon only had a few seconds to answer the special red phone and when he’s running to answer it a person in a suit of armor tries to kill him but another Robin shoots the bad guy with a bow and arrow. I like how the one lady told Gordon that the other Robin is Batman’s son and this Robin says he wants a Batmobile.

I liked how the Joker started killing some of the bad guys, too, especially the one with the sombrero. I guess he doesn’t want anyone else to fight Batman except him. I liked the art in the book. I like the page where Batman is standing on the gate in the rain. It’s cool how the rain is drawn and the way his cape is blowing. I like how they drew the other Robin with the bow and arrow, too. And the Joker was drawn really well.

My favorite part of the book was when Batman meets Joker in the prison. This Joker is drawn very creepy. He’s very skinny and has blood on him and he’s playing with a knife and it looks like he cut his tongue to look like a snake unless Batman is imagining it. The Joker says that Batman shot him in the face and has a weird mark on his head where he was shot but Batman doesn’t use guns and he tells the Joker but Joker doesn’t believe him. The Joker isn’t really a tough guy and Batman starts pounding on him pretty easy.

I think Batman has to be drugged or something because he starts running around without his mask. It’s pretty dumb if he took off his mask to fight the bad guys because now everyone is going to know who he is. I was really surprised by the end. I think they’re trying to say that this person is the Black Glove because they’re putting on Black Gloves but that’s not who I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be someone else and I’m not sure if this is just a trick or something. I did like the colors on the last two pages. When you hold it up it looks like one big picture and it’s all black and red and that’s what Joker and Batman are talking about as he’s going nuts. It just looks really cool.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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T-Man said...

Great review, Liam! You know, I'm almost a teenager, and you write comic reviews better than me. Wierd!

I'm going to have to see this book for myself sometime! I look forward to your new reviews!

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