Friday, October 10, 2008

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #44

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #44
Written by Mark Sumerak and Illustrated by Jonboy Meyers
Published by Marvel Comics

In this issue, Spider-Man starts off by fighting the Lizard. They have a huge fight and Spider-Man webs the Lizard up, waiting for him to turn back into his friend, Dr Conners but instead this Lizard turns into a girl. I wasn’t expecting that.

Peter Parker goes to school and one of the girls there invites him to the movies with all of the cool kids. Peter is happy to be invited and says that he’ll go to the movies with them and the girl tells him that he better not miss it.

Peter changes into Spider-Man and goes to look for Conners but finds out he’s missing. He is worried that he is the Lizard again so he takes the cure and looks for the Lizard.

My favorite part of the book was the Serpent Society. It’s this group of bad guys that all have powers of different snakes. There’s a guy with Cobra powers, another one with Anaconda powers and she can make her arms stretch. She grabs Spider-Man and starts to squeeze him to death and he tells her that he doesn’t want a hug. That was funny. The serpent team is very cool and they want Conners to turn everyone into lizards by putting his formula in the water. Spider-Man fights the snake guys and I like how he webbed the one guy’s mouth and said that he should call himself web mouth. Conners doesn’t listen and drinks all of the formula and that turns him into a giant lizard creature that’s super huge. Spider-Man has to go after him and they have a huge battle because Spider-Man has to try and stop him before he can get into the city and hurt a lot of people. He catches the giant Lizard and puts a bunch of bottles of the cure into the monster’s mouth and it ends up turning him back into his friend Conners.

Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker and goes to meet his friends at the movies but they’re going to see a monster movie. It’s a monster movie about a giant lizard that attacks the city so Peter doesn’t want to see that. He makes everyone mad but he goes home anyway.

The book was pretty good. The Lizard is a cool bad guy but I wish the fight was longer. I really liked the Serpent Society but that fight went by really quick, too. There was still a lot going on and there were more parts that I liked than didn’t like.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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