Friday, October 3, 2008

The Clone Wars: Episodes 1 and 2

Clone Wars: The Series
Episodes 1 and 2
Televised on Cartoon Network

Every week I’m going to be reviewing the awesome new Clone Wars TV series. Clone Wars was my favorite movie of the year and one of my favorite Star Wars movies ever and I’m really happy that there is going to be a TV show I can watch all the time.

There were two different episodes on tonight and both of them were great. I like how each episode is really about a different Jedi. The first one is about Yoda and the second one is about Plo Koon. Plo Koon wasn’t in the movie that much, but he’s really cool. I like how he has to wear that mask and that he has a weird voice. He’s one of my favorite Jedi. There was a lot going on in both of the episodes and it didn’t really seem like it was a half hour. It was over so soon!

The droids were really funny in the first episode. They were funny in both episodes but funnier in the first. I like when one droid was asking what Yoda is like and Assaj was like ‘he’s small and green and has a lightsaber like this’ and the droids went off to battle. I like how the droid in one of the tanks was like, ‘Stay, stay. Why won’t anyone listen to me?’ I liked how the one droid was whining and said he just got promoted before getting blasted. They’re so ridiculous.

I like when Yoda took the light both lightsabers from Assaj because he’s stronger than her. I think its cool how little Yoda is the toughest Jedi there is. I like how his ears are drawn extra pointy in the cartoon. Some characters look just like they do in the movies like the droids and the clones and the ships and things and others are a bit stranger looking like Dooku.

I liked the part when all the clones had their helmets off and were saying that they all look the same but Yoda described what’s different about all of them. I still think they look a lot cooler with their helmets on though. The clones are my favorite, but the droids are the funniest. They were funny in the movie and still funny in the show, and I was happy about that.

One of the really cool scenes was when Yoda got the sword as a reward for helping out.

The second episode was about Plo Koon and there was a cool scene where Plo Koon and the clones went into an escape pod and then they saw another escape pod with a dead clone in it. That was surprising. I also really liked when Grievous’ droids were trying to destroy the ship with the big laser bomb and how one of the battle droids was singing while he was flying in space. They’re so annoying sometimes!

The space battles were really cool. It looked more like the movies and not a cartoon. They were really well done. There was a lot of great action in all the shows from space and with the clone army against the droid army and even lightsaber fights. There was nothing I didn’t like about these shows.

I liked the Yoda one a little bit better than the Plo Koon one because it was a bit funnier. Plo Koon is still cool, though and I like how he talks weird. I had no clue that the super battle droids could talk. That surprised me.

This is a great show and I can’t wait for the rest of them to come on.

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Jeff said...

First time visitor to your blog. This was a great review!

I thought the Clone Wars movie was good, but not great. Not as cool as the "real" Star Wars movies.

However, I caught the TV premiere last night and was blown away. This is one of the best TV shows I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear a kid's point of view about the series. I look forward to reading your future reviews.

T-Man said...

Another awesome review, Liam!

I missed the first two episodes. I'll be sure to catch the next ones, though.

Darth Duff said...

I was most inspired and impressed to see that one of your favorite scenes was the one in which Yoda asks the clones to remove their buckets and proceeds to tell each of them how they are different from each other. I think a typical seven year old boy would chose any of the multiple battle scenes as his favorite. To chose this one shows a maturity and understanding of the material that resonates throughout all of your reviews. But the magic of your reviews is that you are a kid and you watch them with the excitement and innocence that many of us have lost as adults. Perfect example is that you followed up your comment about the Yoda scene by saying that you still like the clones better with their helmets on. Fantastic work. I now look forward to reading your reviews of the show as much as I look forward to the show itself. Thanks Liam.

Denny said...

I've been meaning to watch this; I better add it to my TiVo Season Pass Manager. Hopefully they'll re-air these episodes; LOVE YODA!

Would you recommend watching the movie before jumping into the series?

Anonymous said...

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