Friday, October 10, 2008

Secret Six #2

Secret Six #2
Written by Gail Simone and Illustrated by Nicola Scott
Published by DC Comics

I liked the cover with Batman and Catman fighting. They both have costumes that look kind of the same except they’re different colors and Catman’s ears are different.

Most of the issue was about Batman and Catman fighting. Batman is mad because Catman is in his city and he doesn’t want any criminals around. Catman keeps asking questions about food and it’s just annoying Batman really bad. I liked how Catman nails Batman with a punch and says Bane says high. I thought that was really cool. I didn’t think Catman would be that tough. There are a lot of cool parts during the fight. A cool part was when they both fell off the roof during their fight and Batman uses his rope gun to keep from falling to the street. I liked when Batman told Catman he ate a burrito and told him to stop asking him about food. That part was sort of silly.

The rest of the issue is about Catman’s team breaking into a prison to free some lady so they can get a big reward. Batman thinks it’s a trap, but no one is listening to him. I thought that the crazy looking ship the team was using looked really neat. And I like how Bane had to lift everyone over the wall when they landed because he was the strongest person on the team. Ragdoll is one of my favorite people in the book. He’s very weird. His powers are crazy and he acts crazy. I like how he used his powers to wrap around the guards in the prison and attack them.

I like how they draw Bane so tough and the way Batman and Catman fight.
The artist is really good and there is a lot of detail. The buildings and everything look very well drawn and there is cool detail like the blood in Batman’s mouth when he gets punched.

I liked the huge bad guy with the long red hair in the prison. He was really strong, kind of like the hulk and I like when he punched the ground and smashed it all up. I thought it was funny when the team told Bane to use his venom to get stronger but Bane says he doesn’t like using it anymore and the other bad guys are like, ‘you could have told us that before’. It was funny when Bane just took a pipe and hit the red haired guy in the crotch to take him down.

I was glad when all of the bad guys on the team got into their costumes. It was hard to recognize people before but when they wore their costumes I could tell who everyone was. Deadshot was cool, but I wish he was in the book more. The last pages were good. I like how the main bad guy was still very creepy in his costume and they showed the picture of all the bad guys who were working for him. The big chubby guy and the shark guy made me laugh.

Catman and Deadshot are my favorite characters. It’s weird having a book all about bad guys but I liked it a lot and there were some very interesting parts.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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Brian said...

I read the first issue of this and kinda liked it, but somehow forgot to get the second one. I'll have to pick it up now, since your review makes it sound fun. Plus, I think the artist and the writer are both usually really good. So thanks for reminding me about this!

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