Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jack and the Box

Jack and the Box
Written and Illustrated by Art Spieglman
Published by Toon Books

This is the story about a rabbit named Jack who gets a box from his parents as a present. He doesn’t know what it is and can’t open it and then a silly creature pops out and scares Jack and his family.

Jack keeps trying to get the box to open again but he can’t figure out how to open it. He keeps asking the box to play but the box says ‘no way’. The creature pops out of the box again because Jack keeps bugging him to play and scares him again and Jack closes him back in the box. One funny part was later Jack said, ‘are you in the box’ and the box answers ‘no’.

The next day Jack spends the whole day trying to get the box to open and he keeps getting madder and madder. Then he walks away and says that it’s a bad toy and the box opens and the creature pops out again. The creature says he’s not a bad toy. He’s a silly toy. And the creature says that his name is Zack and then starts making fun of Jack’s name and saying that Jack is a silly name.

The next time Jack wants to play, Zack is out of the box. He looks like a head on a spring and doesn’t have arms or legs. Jack says that Zack is silly but Zack says that he’s only a little silly and that his friend Mack is the really silly one. Mack pops out of Zach’s head and tells them all that he has a pet duck. The duck pops out and says ‘quack’. Then a whole bunch of little ducks come out and they start wrecking Jack’s room and they break his lamp.

Jack is upset that they broke his lamp and he gets mad but Mack says that they all love broken lamps and trade him a new lamp for the broken lamp. Jack is able to make everything better and the ducks, Mack and Zack all go back in the box before Jack’s parents see what happened.

I liked this because it was a different type of story. It wasn’t like a regular comic book. And the words were really big and easy to read like Tiny Titans so I liked that. The creatures were all pretty silly and it was a fun story to read.

I also thought it was very cool that the company sent me this book to read because they liked my reviews. That was a nice surprise.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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