Saturday, October 18, 2008


Written and Illustrated by Eleanor Davis
Published by Toon Books

This book is about a monster named Stinky who lives in a cave in the swamp and he’s very happy there. But he does not like humans and doesn’t want any of them coming to his swamp.

Stinky has pet rats, bats and likes eating pickled onions. He also has a pet toad named Wartbelly. It was funny when he comes out of his cave because all of the birds and squirrels outside have clothespins on their nose because he smells so bad. He carries Wartbelly around in a wheelbarrow. Stinky says that he loves mud, slugs and things that smell bad like onions.

When Stinky is sneaking around with his toad he says to be very quiet because there is a human town close by and they don’t like monsters. He’s mad at human children because they don’t smell and take baths and eat things like candy and apples. Stinky gets really mad because a kid named Nick comes to his swamp and he’s eating an apple. Stinky doesn’t like kids or apples. Nick made a tree-house in the middle of the swamp and that makes Stinky even madder and Stinky wants to get rid of him by scaring him away.

The first thing he does to scare Nick is that he puts Wartbelly in the tree0house but Nick loves frogs and toads and decides to keep Wartbelly as a pet and names him Daisy.

Then Stinky tries to get rid of him by stealing his hammer and he throws it in the middle of the swamp. When Nick goes to look for flies for Daisy to eat he also finds his hammer in the swamp and is very happy. Nick thinks that the swamp may be haunted and have ghosts so Stinky dresses up as a ghost and yells ‘boo’. That didn’t scare Nick, though. Stinky’s ghost costume comes off and Nick sees him and chases after him and Stinky hides in a tree.

Stinky finds Nick’s hat and throws it in a deep pit and that makes Nick sad. Stink feels bad because Nick liked the hat a lot and tries to get the hat but he falls in the pit and gets stuck. Nick found out that he was trapped and used a rope to help get Stinky out. Stinky was very happy that he got saved and him and Nick became friends. Nick gave Stinky an apple and Stinky was surprised that he liked them so much. He offered Nick a pickled onion but Nick didn’t answer. I think that Nick wanted to be nice and tried the pickled onion even though they didn’t show it.

I like that on the last page there is a map of the swamp that shows Stinky’s cave, the town where humans live, Nick’s tree house and other things. That was a cool drawing.

I think it would have been a little better if the boy was scared because it would have been funnier to see someone scared by the monster. It was still a good story, though. And this was another comic that had easy to read words and one that was sent to me from the company. I got a lot of cool things in the mail to read.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Anthony said...

hey I hope you review some more comics soon!

Sime said...

I agree with Anthony! I love your reviews and look forward to more!

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