Monday, December 1, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #128

Ultimate Spider-Man #128
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics

In this issue Spider-Man is still looking for Venom and Venom is still in the park trying to eat people that he talks to.

I like when Spider-Man gets home and he sees his old girlfriend with Carnage’s face. She looked very creepy. She wants Peter to help her out but he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks that she’s supposed to be dead. It was pretty cool when Eddie Brock knocked on the door and asked where Peter was. Aunt May asked if Eddie had powers or a weapon and he said no so she pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Eddie was able to grab the gun and point it to her and asked where Peter was again. Spider-Man shows up and webs the gun and punches Eddie across his deck smashing everything. Then Spider-Man starts pounding on Eddie and beating him up real bad.

Spider-Man takes Eddie and swings off with him to some factory. Eddie is mad because the Venom costume likes Peter more and Peter is mad because the costume is dangerous. He tells his girlfriend to show Eddie what he means and she turns into a big monster Carnage. Carnage goes after Eddie and then parts of her suit go to Eddie and he turns into Venom.

I like that there was a big huge battle between Venom and Carnage. Carnage and Venom fight and the costume lets them grow their arms really long and they start beating on each other. It’s a pretty good battle but Spider-Man pretty much stays out of it. Venom takes over the Carnage suit and gets a new costume that is big and black but with red eyes. Then Spider-Man comes back and tries to fight the new Venom but he isn’t winning. Iron Man shows with a bunch of people in armor and jet packs and Venom gets scared and disappears into the sewers.

Spider-Man is mad now because Venom got away and no one is going after him. Iron Man and his people tell him that Venom isn’t going to come back and they try and keep his girlfriend as a prisoner. They tell him that the girl isn’t the same girl who died but she isn’t a clone either and that she’s just sort of the same person but new. Iron Man says that the girl can live with Peter and Aunt May so they are going to let her leave.

The end was probably my favorite part. Eddie is on the bench talking to some guy and then he turns into Venom and tries to eat him but the guy has some sort of weapon on his hands and sucks the costume and Eddie into his suit. He turns into the Beetle, one of Spider-Man’s bad guys from another issue and flies away with the suit.

I liked how the artist drew the Beetle flying away on the last page. His costume is very cool. I also thought they did a good job of making the girl look really creepy with the regular body but the Carnage face. I thought the cover was really good, too, with the new crazy looking Venom with the red eyes.

I liked the comic but I wish Spider-Man would have done more. I think it would have been better if Spider-Man was fighting Carnage and Venom instead of them fighting only each other. It was still good, though.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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