Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hulk: Red Hulk Hardcover

Red Hulk Hardcover
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Ed McGuinness
Published by Marvel Comics

Jeph Loeb, the guy who writes the Hulk comic and the Ultimate Avengers comic sent me a huge Hulk comic for Thanksgiving. It had a bunch of the old stories all collected and then a special story where the Hulk is fighting Wolverine that I never read before and a lot of extra pictures of the Red Hulk in the back.

I think it’s cool that he mailed me the book. He signed it with a silver pen and wrote a cool letter, too. I like that the pages of the book are a lot shinier than the comics that I already have. The art and the story is the same but it looks different like it’s drawn brighter or something. It looks very cool and it’s good to have all the comics in one collection so it’s easier to carry around and look through and stuff.

The book has all of the Hulk issues that I reviewed which has all the great fights with Iron Man, A Bomb, Thor and Green Hulk. Red Hulk beat them all but it’s fun how he’s so mean and just can’t be stopped by any of them.

The Wolverine story in the back is very good. Wolverine attacks the Green Hulk and the two of them have a huge battle in the woods. Wolverine kept slicking at the Hulk and was putting his claws in his back and neck and the Hulk kept fighting back. The Hulk didn’t really get hurt by Wolverine but he kept getting madder every time Wolverine would cut him or jump around.

I like how the Hulk picked up a huge rock and was ready to crush Wolverine with it but Wolverine used his claws to cut the insides of the Hulk’s legs which made him really, really mad. Wolverine got stuck in the rocks and then the Hulk picked him up with both hands and pulled him apart. Like not broken or anything…Wolverine was ripped into two pieces. That was crazy. I didn’t know the Hulk was strong enough to do that.

But then Wolverine wakes up because he was just dreaming about it and it didn’t really happen. He doesn’t remember whether it was an old story that he was in or whether he was just imagining it. Wolverine had a silly look on his face when he was thinking about it. I don’t know who would win it if it was a real fight and not a dream but I don’t think that Wolverine would have let the Hulk catch him if it was.

The way it was drawn was good. I like how they showed different Wolverine costumes and they did the blood a really cool way on the first pages. The Hulk is drawn really big in these comics and he just looks really awesome that way. I wish the Wolverine story was longer but it was a nice surprise that there was an extra story that I didn’t read in the book.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

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Ed Sizemore said...

Liam, That's great that Jeph sent you the comic collection and a personal letter. If Jeph is like me, he's probably a big fan of your reviews.

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