Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hulk #6

Hulk #6
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Ed McGuinness
Published by Marvel Comics

I’m so glad the new Hulk book finally came out. This is one of my favorite comics and I knew that there was going to be a lot of good stuff in the comic. There is always a lot of action in the comic and it’s funny, too.

In the beginning, Iron Man tells the Green Hulk that they’re going to have a lot of super heroes to help stop the Red Hulk. Hulk keeps calling Iron Man a robot because of his armor and he calls the guy Ares broom head because of the funky helmet he wears. Both of them are sorta mad that Hulk is acting dumb but Ares wants to fight the Hulk because even though he was warned, he still calls him broom head. Iron Man stops the fight, though.

One part I really liked a lot was when the Namor guy called on all of the sea monsters to help keep the bridges and buildings from falling down. I like how that whole part was drawn with the lighting and rain and the monsters helping out the humans because Namor ordered them to.

This comic had super crazy fight scenes with a lot of smashing and everyone was trying to do their best to take down the Red Hulk. Green Hulk and Red Hulk are just pounding on each other across the desert and then Thor joins in and starts beating Red Hulk with his hammer. I like how he smashed Red Hulk in the knee with it to try and take him out. Thor was mad because he got beat in the last fight and looked like he was going to do better but Green Hulk wanted to beat Red Hulk by himself. The two Hulks start fighting again and they’re making such a mess that they’re making craters in the ground. My favorite part was when Green Hulk yells, ‘there is only one Hulk and he is green’ right as he knocks out the Red Hulk. I also liked the part where Thor and Hulk agree to be friends and shake hands.

I was surprised that the Red Hulk got defeated since he’s been so tough, but in this book there were a lot of people on the Green Hulk’s team that were helping so that made sense. The fights in the book were my favorite, but I liked how the artist drew A-Bomb and Hulk changing back to normal. I was surprised that Samson was with Red Hulk since everyone thinks Samson is the Red Hulk. I don’t know who Red Hulk is supposed to really be, but maybe he is Samson and that the one they showed was a Skrull.

The art was awesome again. I like how everyone is drawn really big. The Hulks and A Bomb look huge and Thor is big, too. It makes it look cooler when they’re all fighting. I liked the big battles in the book and even though I sort of like the Red Hulk, I’m glad that the Green Hulk got to win this battle and I’m curious about what will happen in the next comic.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Superman/Batman #52

Superman/Batman #52
Written by Michael Green and Illustrated by Mike Johnson
Published by DC Comics

The first part of this story was sooo funny. It was one of my favorite comics that I ever got to read. I liked how they showed all the little bad guys at the end and that made me really look forward to this book.

This issue starts off with all of the little bad guys in our world causing trouble. Little Lex Luthor goes to his building on our world by piggyback riding on Doomsday and a bunch of other little bad guys go with him. It was funny because before anyone could do or say anything Mr.Freeze just shoots one of the security guys with a freeze gun without asking. The little bad guys are really surprised because people really get hurt on our world and when Joker shoots a gun he says, ‘bullets don’t bounce off you here. They make holes in people’. None of them really know what to do.

I was laughing when the book turned to the super heroes again because it showed the Justice League base and all the regular heroes had our milk and cookies for the tiny heroes. Little Batman is still the funniest because he was so grumpy about everything and he said there’s no time for milk and cookies.

The heroes find out that the tiny bad guys are on our world and they all want to go stop them but someone has to stay behind and watch the tiny heroes. It’s Batman’s turn to watch the base and he is all mad because he wants to go fight. He gets even madder because all the tiny heroes have to go to the bathroom at the same time. A really funny part was how the artist showed that the tiny heroes were watching a TV show about the Tiny Titans. I liked that part. It was also pretty funny when little Batman was told that he needed a nap and he got all mad about that.

The little bad guys end up attacking the Justice League base and they have a crazy fight. Little Catwoman is in love with big Batman, though. She wants to kiss him and stuff and doesn’t want to fight him. Little Superman is the one who saves the day by beating up Doomsday but it’s kind of sad that he gets killed in an explosion. All of the heroes are really upset about it and I thought it was a nice touch that Superman took off his cape and used it to wrap up little Superman. I’m not sure he’s really dead, though. I don’t think even a little Superman could get killed in an explosion like the one that happened. I hope he’s not dead, at least.

All of the tiny heroes and tiny bad guys are sent back to their world and promise that they won’t come back. It doesn’t seem like Superman or Batman is going to miss them. The surprise at the end is that little Joker snuck away and never went back to his world. Instead they show him visiting the big Joker in prison. I hope this means there will be more stories about the tiny heroes. I would like a whole comic with just the tiny versions. I think it would be a lot of fun.

This issues wasn’t as funny as the last one but it was still pretty good. There is some good action and a lot of funny parts and even some sad stuff, too. It’s a well done book.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror #14

Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror #14
Written and Illustrated by Steve Niles, Glenn Fabry, Ian Boothby, Nina Matsumoto, and Gilbert Hernandez
Published by Bongo Comics

I always seem to like the Simpsons comics more where there is more than one story. They’re all pretty good but the comics that have different stories going on seem to be a little better than the others. This comic is like the Halloween show they do on TV and because of that there are three different stories in the comic. I liked all of the stories but the first 2 were my favorite.

In the first story all of the people of Springfield become zombie vampires. Zombies are cool so I thought this was a great idea. The whole town goes nuts and turns into zombie vampires except for a couple of people like Chief Wiggum, Ralph and Apu. Any story with Ralph is usually good because he’s so dumb. In one part, Ralph says he wants to be a lady nurse when he grows up and he also says that his teeth itch. What? It was pretty silly how Chief Wiggum is just as dumb and ended up shooting people who weren’t even zombies.

I liked the art in this story a lot. I liked seeing all of the different Simpsons characters drawn as zombies. Zombie Barney was dressed as a girl and had to get his head chopped off with an axe. The zombie Simpson family was especially creepy. I also like how they showed different townspeople all over battling different zombies. It was a pretty neat idea to do Simpsons zombies. I like how Ralph went to the bathroom and then disappeared into the streets. He just wanted to pet dogs and didn’t care or notice that there were zombies all over the place. Willie finally came to the rescue and that was good. He’s so tough.

The second story was very good, too. I can decide whether this one is my favorite or the zombie one. Bart gets a spooky book where he can write people’s names and those people would be killed is their names go in the book. Ghost Krusty comes to tell Bart to do bad things and Bart doesn’t want to do it but he ends up killing Sideshow Bob because he thinks Bob is going to come after him first.

I like how Homer got his hands on the book and wrote terrible things about Flanders. Flanders was killed by a shark. He was killed again by a penguin. There was all this crazy stuff going on. Bart admitted what he did and everyone forgave him. I think the art was very well done in this story. It was a very different style. None of the stories look like the cartoons in this comic but this story is done in black and white and the art makes the characters look like they are real humans. I thought that was cool. And Ralphie was really funny when he sang the alphabet song, ‘A, B, C, D, Blue, Five, Cow’. What is he talking about?

In the last story, Homer eats a monster’s heart because he thinks it’s a hamburger and gets bigger until he’s a giant monster, too. The rest of the story is just Homer monster on a rampage destroying things and then battling another Homer monster. There wasn’t that much going on and it was a quicker story than the others but it was still fun to read.

There really wasn’t anything that scary in the comic but it was still a good book for Halloween. My favorite stories were the first two, but even the monster one in the end wasn’t so bad. I hope they do some cool and different types of stories next year, too.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Deadpool #2

Deadpool #2
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

Deadpool is a very cool character. I like how on the first page he’s holding a machine gun and a sword while people are trying to blast him. I think it was a very good drawing. Deadpool is a lot of fun because he’s crazy and he does dumb stuff that makes everyone mad at him and he’s always trying to win.

There were a lot of funny moments in this comic. I liked how he took the big sack of money in the beginning and no one was going to try and stop him. And then later the Skrulls tricked Deadpool into talking so much and just got him with knockout gas and they wanted to cut him up for experiments. The Skrulls think Deadpool is really tough so they want to make a bunch of Deadpool Skrulls to help make their army against the Earth.

I like how Deadpool made the Skrulls think that he was so great and that he had to be the one to train all the Deadpool Skruls and he teaches them to do stupid stuff. He told them to cut their hands off and shoot each other after telling knock knock jokes. He’s crazy and makes no sense and it just gets the Skrulls really angry because they can’t do anything.

The battle between the Deadpool Skrulls and other super Skrulls was very cool. There was a lot of action and I like the way a lot of the pages were drawn, especially the big brawl in the middle. I think the idea of making the story take place on the Skrull ship and showing all of the different things going on was cool, too. I liked the surprise ending a lot and when Deadpool yelled, ‘Holla atcha boy’ it was pretty funny.

Deadpool is a fun comic to read. I think the first issue was better because there were a lot of funnier parts in it, but this issue was still pretty good. Deadpool is just an annoying character and that makes him fun to read about. And there are a lot of Skrulls showing up in comics now and it’s funny to see that these Skrulls are a little different because they get more frustrated about stuff. Not everything goes their way and it makes the story funnier.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reader Mail

A lot of people like to leave comments for me in the reviews on the site and send emails. My dad makes sure I get them all and I think it’s cool that people are reading and liking my reviews. I can’t believe that so many people read my stuff and send me messages, but it makes me happy.

Me and my dad thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the questions that were written in the review section and emails since a lot of people ask me questions.

If you like this let me know and send me more comments and questions. I can do this a lot more if you want.

Kaare Bivin Pederson: What is your favorite comic that you’ve written about so far? And what was your least favorite?

Liam: My favorite comic that I reviewed is Amazing Spider-Man. There is always a lot of action in the book and he has awesome, awesome bad guys. I don’t know which is my least favorite. I don’t really remember the ones I don’t like so much. I usually just don’t do a review if I don’t like the book.

Colin: Are they any comics that you wanted to try but weren’t allowed?

Liam: Kick-Ass looks awesome and if it’s about a kid I don’t know why I can’t read it. I also want to read some zombie books but can’t yet.

Adampasz: I’m surprised you didn’t mention Bat-Mite (in the Batman review)? Wasn’t he super cool, but also kind of creepy?

Liam: I did mention Bat-Mite. He’s is cool and funny but I think he’s a little silly for a Batman comic.

Mavrik: What is your favorite book that isn’t a comic?

Liam: Mighty Robots.

KellyA: What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Liam: The Clone Wars. If you mean with real people I would still say that Clone Wars is my favorite but the next one after that would be the first one (A New Hope). My favorite part is when Han Solo runs after a couple Stormtroopers and then he sees that there are like a million of them.

JoelS: How do you pick which books you want to review every week?

Liam: I browse through the covers and if I like the insides a bit I’ll read them. If they aren’t any good after they’re read then I don’t usually have anything to say about it. If it’s a good book and I have something to say then I’ll do a review.

China: Who is your favorite super hero?

Liam: The Hulk in the Marvel kids books is the funniest but Spider-Man is the best.

China Who is your favorite super-villain?

Liam: It used to be Venom but I think right now it’s going to have to be the new Scorpion.

Anonymous: Who would win in a fight: Superman or Batman?

Liam: That’s really hard. Superman is like the strongest person ever but Batman figures out how to beat everyone somehow. I’ll say it ends in the tie.

Trevor: If you could have one superpower, which one would it be?

Liam: I’d want Green Lantern’s ring. That is the one thing that is stronger than anything else and you can do whatever you image with it.

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #2

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #2
Written by Brian Clevinger and Illustrated by Scott Wegener and Derrick Fish
Published by Red 5 Comics

This comic was a lot of fun. It’s pretty strange that a robot is dressing up in army clothes and fighting in the war, but I like how the story is so crazy.

The evil robot was ready to blow apart Robo and Robo kept making excuses to stay alive and promised that he would help the bad guys. I like how Robo tricked the bad guys into not shooting him and then he blew threw the roof to escape.

The fight between Robo and the evil robot was very exciting. They were just slamming each other into stuff like the evil robot though Robo into a truck and then Robo picked the truck back up and threw it right at him. There was a lot of good action. My favorite part was when Robo took a big pike and started beating the evil robot with him until he was finished.

There was a pretty funny part with Robo taking a jeep and driving away with it. All the bad soldiers were shooting him and Robo is just laughing because they can’t hurt him.
I like how he was going to smash the jeep right at him. I liked how Robo drove the jeep right into one of the other evil robots and crashed through the wall together.

It was funny that the soldiers needed more time to reload and that made Robo mad so he just decided to ram the other evil robot again and then took the soldier out of the robot suit and threw him out of it.

My other favorite part of the book was when Robo and one of the evil robots were fighting and the evil robot’s arm got ripped off but it was still grabbing onto to Robo’s face. That picture was drawn very well and I thought it looked great.

The second story was really funny but it was way too short. I like how there was a big monster was wearing a diaper. It was very silly and funny. And Robo is like, ‘this never happened’ after they blast the monster apart.

I like how everything is drawn in the book. The pictures with the army guys and the battles are very good. Everything looks realistic and the cars and tanks and robots are drawn very well. It’s strange to see a robot wearing pants and boots and a uniform and stuff but I like how he is part of a team with the humans and does a good job.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #572

Amazing Spider-Man #572
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is one of the best books all the time because there is always so much stuff going on. The bad guys are trying to help Venom, Anti Venom is still around, a new bad guy called Freak is in it and Norman Osborn finally wears the Green Goblin costume.

I couldn’t believe the page with Freak. There is no way that if his leg and body was cut open like that there would only be a little bit of blood on the wall like there was. It would be covered! That was a really gross part but the guy draws it very well.

I like how Norman Osborn has his secret hideout in his office where all of his gear is. That was pretty cool. And I am glad that Norman was wearing the costume finally since I thought he was going to become Green Goblin a long time ago. I really liked the phone call that Norman and Harry had and Harry is like, ‘are you wearing the mask again’. His family has problems.

Bullseye finally gets to do something, too. I like when Bullseye and Osborn’s troops attack Peter Parker and his friends because they can track him now and Bullseye bets that he can take Spider-Man out with just glass and nails. Bullseye and the troops were really kicking Spider-Man’s butt. His costume was getting torn a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get so bloody.

My favorite part was how Spider-Man threw his tracer at Bullseye but Bullseye catches it and throws it back really hard and hits Spider-Man right in the neck. It really looked like Spider-Man was going to get captured or killed but crazy Anti-Venom came back and rescued him even though Spider-Man doesn’t want his help. It was a little funny that Anti-Venom found Spider-Man’s camera and that made Spider-Man figure out why he was losing the fight so bad.

Spider-Man does a very cool move where he webs the tracker to Bullseye so all the troops think Bullseye is Spider-Man and shoot him instead. I liked Anti-Venom helping Spider-Man beat up the bad guys, too.

The Green Goblin looked a little different than what I was used to. I don’t know what it is but it looks like it was drawn differently than before. It’s not worse or better but it seems different in a way. But I did like the art in the book. The Freak stuff was gross but drawn well. Bullseye looked really good and the battle between his and Spider-Man was very brutal and cool.

The end of the book was the greatest part. It was the best! I liked how the Goblin puts that serum into Venom to try and make him get his strength better but instead of just becoming Venom again he turns into a Venom Scorpion. That was friggin great! It’s my favorite last page and I really want to see how the Scorpion Venom fights Spider-Man. He’s gotta be so super tough to beat. I think Spider-Man is going to have to team up with Anti-Venom again even though he doesn’t like him because the Scorpion Venom is going to be way too strong.

Next issue is going to be soooo good.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Tiny Titans #8

With Special Guest reviewer, Ethan...the Kid's little brother

Tiny Titans # 8
Written and Illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco
Published by DC Comics

Liam: Okay, so I really like this book. It starts off funny right in the beginning when Robin trips over Wonder Girl’s invisible tricycle.

I liked how the first story was all about the Tiny Titans getting their report cards and the grown up super heroes had to come in to school for parent and teacher conferences with Deathstroke. I thought it was really funny when Jericho did the mind control to his dad to get the good grades.

Ethan: I like that the guy who fights Batman is in charge of the school.

Liam: I also thought it was cool that they had the little Joker and Riddler and a bunch of other bad guys that were going to the school getting their report cards and it was pretty funny when they said the devil kid was very good at fire drills.

The second story was as good as the first. I like how Starfire kept saying Blue Beetle was sad for his birthday because his suit color is blue. The way Blue Beetle was drawn when he was eating his sandwich made me laugh, too. It was funny how Starfire kept arguing with Blue Beetle over how sad he was so she colored him really ugly pink and yellow to make him bright but he hated it.

The other story was about Robin and Batgirl’s house. They’re sitting down and playing with Batman action figures and a batmobile.

Ethan: I liked the dog that was wearing the Batman costume.

Liam: Blue Beetle invited them to his birthday party but Robin doesn’t want to go because there is a clown at the party

Ethan: Robin thinks the Joker is going to be there.

Liam: Yeah, Robin doesn’t like clowns so he doesn’t want to go but Batgirl makes him go. I really liked how one of Blue Beetle’s presents was blue paint and that got him so excited. And then the regular clown shows up to make the kids happy but Robin still doesn’t trust him.

The next story was just okay. I did like how Beast Boy got lost in a book about butterflies when he turned into a butterfly and fell asleep.

The last story is another great story. Aqualad is starting a pet club under water and invites all the Tiny Titans to bring their pets to the club and they’re all wearing scuba gear.

Ethan: I liked the pink elephant swimming!

Liam: The elephant was funny and the cat, penguin and monkey, too. It was real funny how this one kid called Ant wasn’t allowed to go because he talks too much. He looked all mad. I laughed at the last page of the book. It wasn’t the story, but it was funny how Speedy has a cupcake bow and arrow.

Ethan: It was cool how there was the connect the dots page.

Their Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Secret Invasion #6

Secret Invasion #6
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu
Published by Marvel Comics

Almost all the comics I read have Skrulls showing up and fighting superheroes. I saw this book because it had a cool cover with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor and my dad said this is the book that explains more about what the Skrulls are doing. I just think it looked good. I saw what the Skrulls are doing in the other books.

I liked in the first few pages how they showed all of the Skrulls fighting different heroes in different places. I like how the one Skrull just blasted that girl with lasers from his eyes like Cyclops.

It was pretty weird that the leader of the Skrulls was Spider-Woman. I think it’s odd that she was the leader. I’m not used to girls being the leaders of stuff so that was pretty cool. I like that she is the one in charge of the whole group of Skulls

A cool part was how all the superheroes were on the huge ship trying to come and fight the Skrulls. Spider-Man just wants to get something to eat and the other heroes are getting mad because he’s making jokes. I like that when they get to New York the whole city is on fire and there are Skrull ships all over the place and they are too late to stop them.

I got pretty mad when the crowd was saying welcome to the Skrulls. The Skrulls were telling people that everything was going to be better now that they were in charge but the super heroes think they’re lying. And a lot of humans wanted the Skrulls to be there. They’re running around holding signs saying that they love the Skrulls and they’re just kissing their butts. The humans were really stupid for wanting the Skrulls to take everything. They should know they’re just going to get killed. They should know better than to just believe the aliens and I thought it was good when the Skrulls attacked the stupid humans and blasted them.

I love that Nick Fury has a huge frigging gun. It’s like the biggest gun I ever saw. It’s bigger than him. He’s got the coolest weapon. It was funny when his team beat one of the Skrulls and someone was like, ‘okay only 8000 more to go’.

When I read the boom boom sounds and saw the lightening I knew it was going to be Thor. I thought it was great when Captain America was standing up next to Thor and he was being all stubborn with him because Thor didn’t recognize him because he’s new Cap.

The art was real good. I like how all the Skrulls are drawn and they look pretty creepy with the long ears and crazy chins. The picture of Thor and Captain America together was one of my favorites. I think its kinda weird how they draw Skrull Venom though. He didn’t have any white on him except for his eyes and teeth. Skrull Hulk looked massive!

My favorite part was when Iron Man said ‘Avengers Assemble’ and all of the good guys and all of the bad guys teamed up in a massive huge team and got together to attack the Skrulls. I like that even bad guys like Norman Osborn and Venom are going to help the good guys out because they all need to beat the Skrulls together. And Norman Osborn looks cool with a machine gun. The part where all of the heroes and bad guys are standing together shouting is awesome. I like Spider-Man swinging over all of them.

The last page is great because everyone is doing something against the Skrulls. Thor is going to smash someone with his hammer. Captain America is swinging his shield at another Skrull. Venom is ready to eat one of them and Iron Man is just blasting away at a Skull Spider-Man with his lasers.

This was one of the best books and I can’t wait to read the full battle between all the heroes and villains and all the evil Skrulls.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #27

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #27
Written by Jeff Parker and Paul Tobin and Illustrated by Ig Guara and Jacopo Camagni
Published by Marvel Comics

There are two stories in this comic so that was good.

The first story starts with the Avengers going to a country fair to get to know more people. Captain America thinks it’s important for them to be friends with regular people so they go to the fair to try and get to know them. Ant Man is trying to shrink but he makes a mistake and instead he shrinks Hulk, Storm, Wasp and Spider-Man too.

Right away a pig gets loose and the tiny heroes have to try and catch the pig and bring it back to the owner. The Hulk was funny in this comic. He held out his arms when the pig was running right for him and asked for a Hulk but got trampled and then he got stepped on by a farmer. He got so mad that even though he was tiny he still started to beat up the farmer.

There were a lot of funny moments in the book. I like how the pig was wearing Ant Man’s helmet and running around all over the place. I like how Hulk tried to ride a chicken and then a donkey but the donkey nailed him with a kick.

One of my favorite parts was when Spider-Man and the Hulk were on one of the shooting games running around and people were taking shots. I also liked how Spider-Man used his webs to write a message to people about the pig.

The second story started off funny, too. This bad guy from another world is threatening to destroy our planet but when they show him again he’s really, really small. Iron Man and Captain America are ready to capture him and the alien says that the humans look smaller on TV. They just put him in a box to capture him.

I like the basketball game between Captain America and Iron Man. It was cool to see them play a game out of the costume and Captain America was beating Iron Man so bad. Iron Man just wanted to use some of his armor to help but Captain America wouldn’t let him

I like how Captain America and Iron Man went after those bad guys the Enforcers and they had a big battle. I like how one guy tried to catch Iron Man with a lasso….like that would stop him. Cap finished the fight by throwing his shield at one of the guys’ heads.

The end was funny, too when the Enforcers were in jail and alien is saying hello from the jail cell and he’s still in the stupid box. There was a lot of action in the comic and a lot of silly stuff. I liked it a lot.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Green Lantern Corps #28

Green Lantern Corps #28
Written by Peter Tomasi and Illustrated by Luke Ross
Published by DC Comics

This issue of Green Lantern starts right after the last issue. All of the Green Lanterns are looking at a big tube that has all of those eyeballs that fell down on them. They bring Green Lantern Saarek in to talk to them because he has a power to talk to dead people and is going to talk to the eyes.

I like how Lantern Saarek was talking to the eyeballs to find out what happened. It was pretty cool when the eyes got all together and surrounded him and made like one giant human made out of eyes and then it showed him a bunch of those alien creatures as the person who killed all the Lantern’s family.

There were a lot of parts that I thought were good in the book. I think its cool how many different types of Green Lanterns there are. I liked seeing the bird Green Lantern the most. I like how they showed the Lantern Guy charging up his ring and getting mad that he was interrupted. And it was really cool that Lantern Kyle is an artist and was making like a Green Lantern symbol with an eye in the middle.

I like when the Green Lanterns started to go after the bad guy they thought did the killing but it turned out to be many of them and they were all Yellow Lanterns. The evil alien Lanterns were so creepy. It was weird when the girl alien blaster herself instead of being captured. It was cool how the other one got his arm ripped off by Green Lantern’s ring shield. The weird thing was that the hurt alien threatens to rip the Green Lanterns eyes out but how could he do that if he only had one arm left. I think he was just faking the threat.

It was cool how there ended up being 5 evil Yellow Lanterns in total that just looked the same and they were a family. The sister was killed when she blasted herself and one of the brothers got his arm ripped off. A team of Green Lanterns was able to capture the rest of them and put them in a jail pretty easy. I wish the fight would have been a little longer. It would have been better if the Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns had a big fight instead of the Green Lanterns just winning so quick and easy.

It was funny at the end when the Green Lanterns are tired from all the work and want to go drink beer and eat hamburgers and relax. It was a fun book and I like seeing all the different Green Lanterns in it. It just would have been a little better with some more action.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deadpool #1

Deadpool #1
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

I think Deadpool is pretty cool. I have his action figure and I saw a lot of ads for this comic in all the other comics I read. I was really happy when I saw that this came out today. It was the first time that I read a Deadpool comic so I didn’t know what I was expecting.

It’s a funny comic book that is also serious. The Skrulls are attacking in this comic like they are in a lot of other comics that I’m reading but it’s a little sillier in this book.
A big Skrull ship is getting ready to land in a baseball field during a game and then the stupid mascot starts waving at the ship. The Skrull leaders shoot the mascot and then land the ship to take over the baseball stadium.

The next page made me laugh a lot because the mascot is really Deadpool. He’s still in the mascot outfit except for his real head and he has two huge machine guns and wants to know how to curse in the Skrull language. All of the Skrulls look like they’re going to attack but they start asking for Deadpool’s autograph instead. I like how Deadpool calls them ‘little green weirdos’.

It turns out that Deadpool was just imagining that the Skrulls wanted his autograph. He’s just crazy. And not crazy like how Batman is going around beating up bad guys with pipes and bats. Deadpool is crazy where he just goes around and does really stupid stuff and he doesn’t make any sense. Like in one part he takes off his parachute because he’s not falling to the ground fast enough. What kind of sense does that make?

At one part the Skrulls send in a super skrull who has Iron Man’s power and the Torch’s and a water guy’s and Deadpool isn’t even fighting him. I was laughing while I was reading this part because Deadpool is singing the coconut song while he’s making a bomb to put on the Skrull ship. All the Skrulls want to fight but Deadpool just sings his dumb song while he blows up the ship. I laughed again because Deadpool started imagining that all of the Skrulls were videogame people. It was drawn really funny, too, just like if someone was playing a game of this.

There was a part that was kinda gross when he got his head hurt and they showed his gross skin. I don’t know why his skin looks all messed up like that but at least now I know why he wears a mask.

A few other parts I liked about the art were how the Skrull ship was drawn and how the Super Skrull looked. I like the last page with how Deadpool was acting like he was in the army and the picture of him saluting was done very well.

I was pretty surprised by the end, but I’m not sure if he’s just imagining it or not. It’s hard to tell because he’s just so nuts. He’s really crazy. I like him because he does weird things and he’s funny about it. He’s making jokes and talking stupid while doing his battles. It’s like you can’t figure out what he’s going to do and that’s fun. I’m glad this book was so good. I didn’t want to get mad since I was really looking forward to it. It’s probably going to end up being one of my favorite comics.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #571

Amazing Spider-Man #571
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

This is one of the first books I read every week because it’s one of my favorites. I think it would be a good idea to try and save a bunch of the issues one time and read them all together like one big story, especially this one. There’s a lot going on and it’s continuing for awhile so I could probably just save them all and do a big giant review of the whole story.

The best part of this comic is that I was in it. They printed my Kraven review in the letter page of the comic with my name, too. That was frigging awesome! It was the best surprise! It was so cool that the guy who makes Spider-Man talked about me in the comic, too. I’ll probably send him a lot more reviews because he asked for ones even if I don’t like the books. I don’t know why he only played with a pet rock though. That doesn’t sound like its fun at all. How the heck are you supposed to play with a rock and how can it be a pet. That’s probably an awful pet.

I had a big problem because Green Goblin is on the cover fighting Spider-Man and there is no Green Goblin fight in the book. There is a picture of Green Goblin fighting Spider-Man that Harry is remembering but that doesn’t count. I did like that Harry remembers his dad was the Green Goblin.

The comic starts with Spider-Man still getting attacked by Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom thinks that he’s helping Spider-Man but he’s actually stealing his powers and making things worse. Spider-Man is able to get free because Anti-Venom sees the old Venom and wants to go after him instead.

Last issue had a fight between two Venoms and a lot of this issue was a fight between two goblins but Norman never changed into his costume. He was still pretty tough, though. I like how Menace kept calling Norman and old man and Norman wouldn’t give up. He kept holding onto Menace’s glider and then used some secret signal to blow the glider up. That was unexpected.

Anti-Venom didn’t do as much in this issue. He already beat Venom and he thought he was going to fix Spider-Man but Spider-Man didn’t want to lose his powers. Norman’s team of bad guys does some fighting against Anti-Venom but Anti-Venom really just wants to go after Venom and make sure he’s done.

I thought it was neat that Norman stole Spider-Man’s camera and thinks that now he has a way to track Spider-Man. And I’m really glad that Bullseye is free now. He’s a very cool and dangerous bad guy and I think if he fights Spider-Man it’s going to be a very tough battle.

The art is very good, again. I like how Menace and Anti-Venom are drawn. They both are great bad guys. The fights between Norman and Menace and Spider-Man and the Thunderbolts are drawn well and the action is great. I would have liked to see Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin but it was still a good issue.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #43

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #43
Written by Marc Sumerak and illustrated by Carlos Ferreira
Published by Marvel Comics

I like how on the cover the killer whale is ready to eat Spider-Man and he looks so scared and everyone in the stands is just watching it.

The story in this comic was about a Peter taking a school trip to a big aquarium. One of the killer whales that’s supposed to do tricks goes crazy and then this bad guy who’s called Orka starts to cause problems by tearing up the place.

Peter has to turn into Spider-Man to save people and stop Orka but there’s no place for him to change so he has to get dressed where all the smelly dead fish are kept. The fight between Orka and Spider-Man is cool. Orka is a lot stronger than Spider-Man. Spider-Man says that a whale is stronger than a spider so he’s worried that he might lose. The good news is that Orka is also very slow and dumb so Spider-Man thinks he has a chance to win.

I liked how Spider-Man got the spear gun and used it to get the bad guy off guard. He shot the gun into a statue of a fish and used it to smash the fish into Orka but that didn’t really stop him. It’s fun because Spider-Man has to beat Orka but the killer whale is chasing Spider-Man and trying to eat him at the same time.

One of my favorite parts is when Spider-Man rides two dolphins like water skis to chase down Orka. It was funny and the picture was drawn very well. There’s another picture of Spider-Man that looks good right after Peter changes that I liked a lot.

Some more funny stuff happens like when Spider-Man took over and started to make all the hand signals to get the big killer whale to beat up the bad guy with. The killer whale smashing up Orka was good. And then Spider-Man high fives the killer whale’s fin.

It was a pretty good issue. I didn’t like Orka all that much. I don’t think he was a great bad guy like Spider-Man’s other bad guys but the battle was cool and there were some funny parts in it which is good.

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #1

Atomic Robo Vol 2 #1
Written by Brian Clevinger and illustrated by Scott Wegener and Zack Frinfrock
Published by Red 5 Comics

The cover of this comic is so cool. It’s a robot in an army outfit holding a machine gun.

The comic is about a Robot that is used by the army to go into battle and kick butt. It takes place a long time ago during one of the wars and the US is using Robo to help win.

The battles scenes are all really good. I like the boats filled with soldiers heading towards land to invade the bad guys. I like how Robo and his army friends took a plane to try and land where the enemy bases are and there are battleships in the water trying to shoot the plane out of the sky. It was cool how the battle ships shot the plane and they needed Robo to jump out but he was a little scared because he thought he was too heavy for the parachute to work. Then his friends told him to jump or they were going to push him out of the plane.

Another funny part was how one of the soldiers told his friend that even if he gets killed he still owes him ten dollars from a bet. It was also really funny when Robo just got mad about all the shooting and called the bad guys jerks

The robot fight parts were interesting. I like how the robot used different moves to beat the German soldiers. He punched and kicked them and used weapons to beat them too. I like how he did a lot of different things to beat the enemy soldiers. He was running around and doing moves like he was a person and then he would pick up a machine gun and use that, too. He also used a rocket launcher which rocked!

I think my favorite part was when Robo destroyed the enemy truck and used the door as a shield and charged the bad guys. That looked really cool. In the end it looked like Robo was going to win pretty easily. He beat up all the enemy soldiers and none of them could hurt them with bullets or their fists. But the secret was that the bad soldiers have a bunch of robots of their own and one of them really beats down Robo.

The second story was very short but the fight with the monster was good. I want to see more of that.

I liked the art. Robo looks great and I like how he looks with the uniform. The giant enemy robot and crab monster he fights look cool, too. There’s a good picture of Robo charging the crab that looked really amazing.

It was a pretty good comic that I never heard of before and I want to read the next issue to find out if Robo beats the bad robot or not. It should be a crazy battle.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Green Lantern Corps #27

Green Lantern Corps #27
Written by Peter Tomasi and Illustrated by Luke Ross
Published by DC Comics

Green Lantern is one of the best superheroes out there. I like how there are so many of them and they all have different costumes and look different but still have the same powers. I think it’s cool that there is a whole friggin team of them.

I read two Green Lantern books this week, but there was more going on in this one. There were more Green Lanterns in the book and it took place now instead of older times and I only wanted to review one Green Lantern book. This was my favorite of the two books although I thought it was awesome when Green Lantern Hal made a jet crash into the bad guy in the other book.

There was a lot of interesting stuff in this comic. I like how two of them started a restaurant on an alien planet but one of the aliens doesn’t know what a cheeseburger is.

I like how there are so many different kinds of Green Lanterns. I thought the one who looked like a giant bee was the coolest but there was even a monkey Green Lantern, too. I also liked the Green Lantern who is able to talk to dead Green Lanterns.

It was pretty wild that there was a planet that was eating one of the bad guys. I couldn’t believe that. I laughed when the Green Lanterns said that the planet’s fart was going to be awful.

I thought the Green Lanterns practicing on each other was neat and how they were using their rings to do battles.

One part that was very surprising was when all the Green Lanterns thought it was raining heavy but the rain was really eyeballs. The eyeball scene was a little gross. The bad guy that nobody knows about goes to a planet where the Green Lantern who looks like a bear lives and kills everyone there and steals their eyes. I couldn’t believe he killed all of them just because they were friends and family of a Green Lantern. But then he went to the planet where all the Green Lanterns were and started dropping all the eyes on them. Very gross.

The art in this comic was pretty good. I like how they drew a whole bunch of different Green Lanterns, especially the aliens and the bee Lantern. The eyeballs falling from the sky looked good, too even though it was creepy. And the evil monster on the last page looks like a great bad guy. I also like how a lot of the pages look green and not because of the Green Lanterns. ‘

I wish the Green Lanterns would have used their powers more though. Their rings are awesome and they should be showing them using them a lot. Other than that it was good.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Invincible Iron Man #5

Invincible Iron Man #5
Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Salvador Larroca
Published by Marvel Comics

In this comic Iron Man is hunting down Stane, who is the son of the bad guy Iron Monger in the Iron Man movie. Stane is blowing up a lot of buildings and killing innocent people so Iron Man has to stop him before he hurts anyone else.

A lot of the beginning is mostly talking and Iron Man and his friends have to try and figure out which building is going to be attacked next. It’s pretty slow in the first half because they’re all just looking for Stane and not doing a good job of finding him.

When a big building blows up the story starts to get better. Stane has his own armor but it’s different from what his dad wore and what Iron Man wore. It’s kinda good. I like Iron Man’s costume better.

The battle between Iron Man and Stane was great. They do a lot of hard punching and other moves. Stane shoots Iron Man through a wall and Iron Man does the same thing to him. They keep pounding each other into walls and getting their armor more wrecked. I thought it was great when Iron Man used his boot jets to shoot Stane and it made him go flying. But even that blast didn’t really hurt Stane because his armor is very strong. Stane is a good bad guy for Iron Man because his armor is just as strong and it makes it hard for Iron Man to beat him. Iron Man even says that Stane’s blasts feel like a train is hitting him.

The end was wild with Stane shooting Iron Man in the head and there is no head on the Iron Man armor anymore. Stane thinks he killed Iron Man but I don’t think he did. I think there’s a trick or something and that it was a different person in the Iron Man suit.

I liked the art in the book. The armor looks pretty cool on Iron Man and Stane. There are some really cool pictures of Iron Man flying and battling. I like how the artist draws buildings and stuff. It all looks like it’s from the future. I also really like how the artist puts a lot of drawings on the page, too. There’s a lot of detail in it that I like.

It was a good book, but I wish there was a lot more action of Iron Man in it.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tiny Titans #7

Tiny Titans #7
Created by Art Baltazar and Franco
Published by DC Comics

I didn’t think I was going to like this book. A lot of people have been telling me to read certain books that kids should like but a lot of them are pretty boring. I tried the Shazam and Franklin Richards kids books but it was too much talking. There was a lot of talking in some of the other kid books, too but a lot of people said, ‘read Tiny Titans, you’ll like Tiny Titans’ so I tried it. I didn’t like the cover so much but read the comic anyway.

It was one of my favorite comics this week. I think it’s a great idea to have a picture of all the characters on the first page with their names so I could keep track of everyone better. I laughed hard when I saw that Deathstroke was the principal. That would suck to have him as my principal.

There were a lot of things to like about this book. I like that the words were really big. It made it a lot easier to read what everyone was saying. I think that’s a good idea. There were some real funny parts, too.

I like how Psimon was playing checkers in the beginning and the big monkey kept bothering him and telling him it was his move all the time. Psimon has a real big brain and Wondergirl calls him Brainiac, which really upsets him. People seem to bug Psimon a lot and later on Wondergirl teases him about wearing a dress but he says it’s a robe.

It was really pretty funny when the Aqualad was playing with his toys and he had a toy shark bite the head off of an Aquaman action figure. I don’t know why he did that but I laughed.

The big story is that a bunch of the Tiny Titans to go to Starfire’s home planet to help her clean her room. It takes forever to get there but they all do a good job of helping her. Kid Flash is the best because he can just clean everything up really fast and get it done with.
Because it takes so long to fly to the planet the Tiny Titans are scared that they’re going to get in big trouble.

It was neat that all the real superheroes showed up and were talking about getting them grounded but they only showed their legs and not their faces or anything. Tiny Supergirl visits and the Titans tell her to spin around the Earth to make everything go backwards in time which is a great idea.

The art was more cartoony than most comic books but I still enjoyed it. I like how they drew Kid Flash and Robin the most. Things were really easy to see.

This comic was a lot better than I thought it would be and I will be reading it again.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #570

Amazing Spider-Man #570
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

I think Spider-Man has to be one of the best comics ever. There’s always something good in every issue. I really like this new story with Norman Osborn, Menace and the two Venoms.

I thought the fights in the book were incredible. The whole issue is pretty much a battle between Anti-Venom, Venom and Spider-Man. My favorite was the double punch where Venom and Anti-Venom both punch Spider-Man at the same time and he gets knocked across the street to another building. That was so cool. My second place one is the part where the two Venoms are just grabbing each other and smashing through the wall.

A cool surprise was that Menace was in the book again. He’s a good bad guy to have around and I thought it was different because the police chased him off instead of a superhero.

I liked how Anti-Venom teamed up with Spider-Man to battle Venom. It was a good fight. Anti-Venom is sort of a good guy and sort of bad and he used his weird powers and made his tentacles go into Venom to destroy the alien costume. And then he did that same thing to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man was pretty funny, too. My favorite Spider-Man joke was when he said that Venom needed a hug while he was holding him down. I also thought it was funny when he called the two Venoms salt and pepper.

One of my favorite parts was when Anti-Venom almost killed an old man by throwing a truck out of the way and Spider-Man zoomed in to stop the truck from crushing the old man. Whenever Spider-Man shows how strong he is it’s always great.

The art was really good again. Anti Venom looks really fantastic. I think white is a cool color for the costume with the black on his face. He’s creepier than the regular Venom. I like the drawings of Menace, too. I like how he looks on his glider and how his eyes are drawn differently. It makes him look really evil. Another good picture is when Spider-Man first attacks Venom and nails him in the stomach. It was like, ‘oooff’. There were a lot of great pictures of Spider-Man in the book. They looked good whether he was just swinging around the city or fighting the Venoms.

This book had a lot more action in it than before. The fight between Venom and Anti-Venom was awesome and Spider-Man fighting made it even better. Norman Osborn and Menace meeting is pretty interesting. I hope there is a battle between the two goblins coming up just like the two different Venoms.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Marvel Apes #1

Marvel Apes #1
Written by Karl Kesel and Illustrated by Ramon Bachs
Published by Marvel Comics

I was really looking forward to this comic book. I read a story about Marvel Apes in another Spider-Man comic and thought this was going to be a great book. The idea to have monkeys and apes as superheroes and super villains is very interesting.

I saw this comic today and couldn’t wait to read it, but I was a little disappointed. Marty is a monkey guy called the Gibbon who used to fight Spider-Man but then wanted to be a good guy. He works with this doctor who wants to check him out and find out why he looks like a monkey but the machines explode and they end up in a monkey world that looks just like Erich’s city. (New York City)

There is a pretty cool fight between Spider-Monkey and Doc Ook and some other monkey heroes but it’s over pretty quick. Marty and the doctor go to see the Ape-Vengers and there are a lot more monkey type heroes and villains. A lot of it is just talking about stuff and there isn’t too much action.

At the very end I was surprised when the Ape-Vengers ripped Doc Ook’s arms out and then beat him up really bad. It turns out that the Ape-Vengers aren’t really that good after all. That was surprising.

One part I liked that was funny was that all the monkeys thought that the human who was with Martin was a monster because she looked normal.

I like the art and how all the regular heroes have money names and they look like different types of monkeys and the cover was my favorite part of the art. My brother liked Spider-Monkey’s tail. There were some people I didn’t recognize but I don’t know every superhero, either.

I didn’t like the story as much because there was too much talking about things and not enough action. There were a couple fights but there really wasn’t a lot of action with the monkey superheroes or even the bad guys. I don’t think Martin is as interesting as Spider-Monkey or Captain America. I hope next issue has more things going on.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Monday, September 1, 2008

Batman #679

Batman #679
Written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics

I liked this book a lot because it showed the crazy Batman that Robin keeps talking about in his comic book. Batman is so nuts now and has a new costume that is made up of a lot of different colors and it just makes him look crazier.

I like how Batmite showed up and kept talking to Batman and the statues started talking to each other and Batman. Everything is so weird now unless Batman is only thinking it and it’s not real.

I like how Batman had to cut out his tooth with a knife because he thought there was a tracking device in his tooth. At first I thought he was ripping out all his teeth but it was only one.

Batman is super tough in this book. He was beating everyone up so easily. And it was weird because he was using stuff like a pipe and a bat to do it. Usually he just punches and kicks the bad guys and uses all his training but he was really pounding on them with weapons. There were a lot of good fights between Batman and bad guys and Batman just totally kicked butt.

I like when the bad guy knew that Batman was Bruce Wayne. It’s cool how some of the bad guys know who Batman really is and it makes them more dangerous. I like how the Commissioner shows up at Bruce Wayne’s house to ask for help but the house has been taken over by the bad guys. I don’t think he knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman but he wanted someone to help him take down crazy Batman and Bruce Wayne is his friend.

I don’t think that Dr Hurt is really Batman’s father. Batman is Batman because he wants revenge because someone killed his father. He has to let someone else be Batman if his father is still alive. I think Batman is going to kick Dr Hurt’s butt real bad for lying about that. You can’t lie to Batman.

If Batman does give up being Batman I think Nightwing should take over because he’s older and cooler than the other Robins. I liked how Robin was in this book, too, looking for help. He knows something’s wrong and needs help to save Batman and their friends.

There was a lot of cool art in this comic. In the beginning when Batman broke the bat over the goon’s head was really awesome. I like how the artist draws Batman’s new costume. I like this one a little bit better. It looks creepier. My favorite picture was on the last page with Batman charging the prison with a bat and the Joker is just smiling and waiting for him.

I can’t wait to see what happens. If Batman is really crazy I think Robin is going to have to beat him up. I want to see Batman fight Joker next issue.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #2

Rogues’ Revenge #2
Written by Geoff Johns and Illustrated by Scott Kolins
Published by DC Comics

I thought this comic book was interesting because it was all about the bad guys. I like that they had two sets of Rogues. Both were bad but one team was badder than the others. It was cool that the story was about two teams of bad guys battling it out with each other.

The old Rogues are mad because the new Rogues beat up their tailor who makes all of their awesome suits. They attack the new Rogues and pretty much beat them all up. There were a lot of awesome fights in this book.

I liked when Captain Cold used his gun and made the other one’s arm freeze and fall apart and how Trickster beat the other guy with a giant slinky. It was kinda weird how he did that but still neat. One of my favorite parts was when the two guys with fire powers started shooting each other with fire guns and flamethrowers and stuff and the one guy on the old Rogues team was able to win because his suit was made by their tailor. So his suit stays fine and the other guys’ just melts.

It was awesome how the Weather Wizard used his powers to put a tornado in the other guy’s stomach. I didn’t know he was that strong. All of the Rogues have really cool powers but the Weather Wizard is the toughest one of all because he can shoot lightening at people and make tornados and all that stuff.

They didn’t show a lot of the bad Flash but I enjoyed how he was chasing the other fast bad guy Inertia and wanted to force him to wear the Kid Flash costume so the other bad guys could practice fighting him.

The art was very good. I like how he drew Mirror Master in a lot of different places capturing the other Rogue’s guy with magic powers. I like how the artist made pictures of just Captain Cold’s eyes. He drew fire pretty good, too. When the Rogues burn down the base it looked really good. He made him look very serious with that. I also liked the picture with just the two Flashes running very fast. They aren’t in the book much but that picture looked great.

I think Libra is one of my favorite bad guys now. I thought it was cool how he had all the computers and stuff and could see what everyone was doing all over the world. He could watch all the good guys and bad guys and had a lot of evil plans to hurt the Flashes and the old Rogues.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Marvel Adventures Superheroes #2

Marvel Adventures Superheroes featuring Spider-Man #2
Written by Paul Tobin and Illustrated by Alvin Lee
Published by Marvel Comics

This comic was a lot of fun. It was an interesting story that was kinda different from other Spider-Man comics. Spider-Man and Iron Man and the Hulk get together and have to do all this stuff for a bunch of aliens called the meteor men or the aliens are going to destroy Earth.

I thought it was funny when Hulk was just eating popcorn when Spider-Man and Iron Man were trying to make a plan. It was cool when Spider-Man had to ride that giant Rhino monster, too.

I always like when the Hulk is really strong and does things that other heroes can’t do because he’s so strong. I like how he did a lot of smashing and pushed one of the guys into the ground. The monsters were really stupid. They never did anything right and they always thought that they were stronger than the Hulk. They would try and challenge the Hulk which is pretty dumb and they’d just get beat up because of it.

I like how the aliens made the superheroes have to do a bunch of stupid tasks to make them happy. It was pretty funny when the superheroes had to sing Karaoke and Iron Man got gonged because they didn’t like him and he got all mad. And then they were doing some bungee jumping and Spider-Man didn’t want to do it so they just pushed him off the cliff.

One part that was really funny was when Iron Man fell into a room full of kittens. There were so many kittens and they were so annoying and just meowed louder and louder and it was driving Iron Man nuts and then the Hulk says, ‘Hulk would like to take a kitty home’.

The meteor monsters did a lot of bad stuff to the superheroes and kept getting them into trouble. In the end Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk get bothered enough and make the meteor people stop by beating them all up.

It was funny in the end when Iron Man said, ‘Floor it’ because Hulk took a bunch of Rhino eggs and they hatched and needed to get away. It was a different kind a superhero story and sillier than usual but I liked it.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Top Ten Movies of the Summer of 2008

(A brief ranking, by Liam, of his top ten favorite movies of this summer. This was a fine summer movie season for a geek in training)

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

2. The Dark Knight

3. Iron Man

4. The Incredible Hulk

5. The Mummy 3

6. Get Smart

7. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

8. Don't Mess with the Zohan

9. Hancock

10. Kung Fu Panda
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