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Detective Comics #853

Detective Comics #853
Written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Andy Kubert
Published by DC Comics

This was a very weird comic to read and review because there are a lot of good things about it and some bad things. The bad things don’t really ruin the comic though, but they could have made it so much better. And there were a lot of good things that made me pretty much like it so I’ll go over all the things I like first.

I liked that art a lot. I like how there were so many different characters that showed up in the comic. There were a lot of cool bad guys and a lot of different good guys and I like how the artist drew them all. He did a good job with the way that he drew the characters and the things like buildings and everything around the characters. I really like the way he draws Batman, too. There is a lot of detail in all of the pictures and I could look at them for a long time trying to spot everything that he drew. He drew him a couple different ways in the comic but the regular way he drew him for most of the book was my favorite.

I also like the story that Batman has a funeral and everyone shows up to talk about him. It was weird that the good guys and bad guys would show up at the same place to talk about Batman and no one was fighting but I think they were just being respectful because it was a funeral and it wouldn’t be good to fight there. I like how each person that got up to talk about Batman told a different story about how he died. I think it was cool how in one version he died saving a kid from drowning and in another part he dies saving a bad guy and in another part Superman says that he went into a trap set by all of his enemies so that they would go after Batman instead of fighting innocent people.

The biggest thing I didn’t like was that there was no fighting. If it’s supposed to be the last Batman story I think it would have been a lot better if he was teaming up with all of his friends and fighting all of the bad guys or some bad guys. Batman is pretty much like a ghost in this and he’s just listening to all of the stories. Even when all of the people are talking about different ways that he could have died they’re saying it but not showing it. I think it would have been cooler if they showed it, too. It’s also a little confusing because this is supposed to be the last Batman story but Batman already died in one of his other comics and now there are a bunch of other people trying to be the new Batman in the Battle of the Cowl comic so this doesn’t really fit. My dad said that it’s more like an imaginary story of what Batman’s last comic might look like but I thought they could have said that in the book.

Probably the best part of the story was how it says that Batman was never really happy except when he was a little boy reading his Goodnight Gorilla book with his mom and dad. They got killed when he was little and he hasn’t really ever been happy again because of that. His mom is talking to him when he is a ghost and she tells him that she’s always going to be there for him and now that everything is over he can take a break for a few years. Batman isn’t sure what’s going on and then his mom tells him to remember his favorite book and the rest of the comic is Batman saying goodnight to everything in his life like the batcave, the bad guys, all his friends and stuff just like the Goodnight Gorilla book. Then the bat signal turns into a baby and it turns out that Batman has become a little baby again with his mom in the hospital. It was a sad kind of ending. I liked it because Batman was able to be with his mom and dad again since he is a baby and he’s going to grow up and get to be with them and be happy but eventually if everything happens like it did they will probably get killed again and he’ll have to become Batman and be unhappy. It was a very different type of Batman book. It’s not what I thought the last Batman comic would be like but I did think it was a good story.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #592

Amazing Spider-Man #592
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mike McKone
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man just came back from his adventure with the Fantastic Four and he’s mad that it took so long. He was only supposed to be away helping them for a day or two and he was actually gone for two months and one of his enemies, Jonah Jameson is the mayor of New York and someone is sneaking into his apartment and cleaning up things when he’s away and he doesn’t know who it is.

All of the parts with Jameson were really funny. He is getting yelled at and talked to by a lot of different people who want to ask questions and stuff because he’s the mayor and he just wants to be left alone. And then his dad is bad and wants to get to know him even though they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Jameson’s dad likes Spider-Man and thinks that he is a hero but Jameson still hates him. It was really funny when the two of them were in Jameson’s office arguing and then they hear crunching. Spider-Man is sitting in a web hammock outside of the window eating a bucket of popcorn listening to them fight and then when he came inside he gave Jameson’s dad the bucket of popcorn. Jameson’s dad says that Spider-Man is cool and Spider-Man says he loves the dad and it just makes him even madder. Spider-Man came to the mayor’s office because he wants to call a truce since Jameson is the mayor but Jameson calls out a SWAT team to shoot him down.

Spider-Man dodges all the bullets and jumps out the window and says that he is just going to be Spider-Man all the time to mess with Jameson. I like that all the newspapers show that Spider-Man is doing things all the time and being a big hero and saving people and catching bad guys but I really think they should have shown the art for that. The one thing I did not like in the book is that there was no fighting at all. Spider-Man is in costume a lot swinging around and talking to people but that’s all he does. And in the part where it talks about all the crime he’s stopping they don’t show any of it so I thought that was a waste of drawings. All the drawings of Spider-Man looked great, though. I like how the artist drew him in a bunch of different positions when he was swinging around but my favorite page is when he is in the web hammock and the Jamesons are just staring at him.

The book had a lot more things in it that were funny and a lot less action. The funny parts were really good, though. In one part in the mayor’s office one of Jameson’s friends is telling him that Spider-Man even saved a cat and in the drawings a cat in a basket is being lowered on a web to Jameson. Jameson says he’ll pay for even more people to hunt down Spider-Man and the cat is licking him when Spider-Man swings by his window singing.

I hope that there will be some more action in the next issue, though. It’d be cool if in the next issue that Vulture bad guy who is killing the other bad guys shows up and fights Spider-Man so we can get a good action fight with Spider-Man. It was still a good comic but mostly because of the art and the funny moments.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1
Written by Mike Benson and illustrated by Carlo Barberi
Published by Marvel Comics

This is another comic book with Deadpool in it. I’m a big Deadpool fan and I’m glad he’s showing up in a lot of comics because he’s really funny and his books have a lot of action and funny moments and the art is always pretty good, too. I saw the action figure of the movie Deadpool from Wolverine and it looks really bad. Deadpool doesn’t have swords on his hands, he carries them. He should be wearing a mask and I don’t know why all that stuff is on his mouth because if he can’t talk then he’s not going to be funny. Deadpool was really good in the Hulk cartoon but they better not ruin him in the movie.

Deadpool sees an ad in the newspaper about being the best mercenary and that the winner is going to get two hundred thousand dollars so he goes to this secret location to try out but it’s a set up. All these other people are there and they try to kill Deadpool but he is too good for them and kills them right away. Then when he is looking at them all on the ground he asks ‘is there a doctor in the house’. Deadpool meets a guy who says that he was testing him and then promises Deadpool that if he helps him with these gangsters who want his money he’ll give Deadpool two million dollars. Deadpool always agrees to do crazy jobs for people that he doesn’t know because he just wants the money but it never works out for him. The people who hire him always try to set him up but Deadpool never learns.

The funniest parts of Deadpool comics are when he has his dreams. He’s so crazy that he is either talking to himself or imagining weird things that could happen. When Deadpool is thinking about how much money he can make from his job his biggest dream is to buy a bunch of giant bouncy balls that he can hop around on. In another part he is having dinner and a waitress asks if there is anything else he’d like and he dreams that him and the waitress are getting married. I liked it because he has his costume on under his suit and there are all these superheroes watching them get married.

Deadpool is told to go to some building later on but once he gets there the whole place blows up. Deadpool wants help and some guy is just standing there videotaping the whole thing and not helping. It turns out that the videotaping guy helped set Deadpool up again so it looked like he blew up the building. The news is saying that Deadpool is doing all of this bad stuff and then the Punisher says that he is going to go after Deadpool. I liked how the artist showed the Punisher’s secret base and all of the equipment that he had in there like pumpkin bombs from Green Goblin and Ant Man’s helmet and stuff like that. As usual, it’s a good Deadpool comic. The Punisher is supposed to always win so I’m curious to see what happens when him and Deadpool fight.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #591

The Amazing Spider-Man #591
Written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Barry Kitson, Jesse Delpergang ad Dale Eaglesham
Published by Marvel Comics

This is the second part of the story with Spider-Man teaming up with the Fantastic Four on an alien world and the Human Torch is really angry because Spider-Man made them all forget what his real identity was. The Torch set fire to Spider-Man’s mask so that he could find out who he really was and this issue starts with Spider-Man’s head turned invisible because of Mrs.Fantastic. I thought it was a great way to make Spider-Man’s secret stay the same. I thought that his face would look like a monster or something because they didn’t show it so having Mrs.Fantastic use her powers to help Spider-Man keep his secret was a good idea.

There is a lot of fighting in the comic with the Fantastic Four teaming with Spider-Man and one of the alien warriors to battle other warriors. I liked how all of the superheroes were using their powers and the Thing was one of my favorite guys in the book. He’s really strong and had some funny parts, too, because he was getting really mad at Human Torch and Spider-Man for fighting all of the time. There was a good battle scene when this alien dinosaur thing was trying to squash or eat Spider-Man and the warrior that was helping them just blasted the creature. The alien guy who was helping the good guys looked a little bit like Iron Man.

All of the people on the Fantastic Four keep telling Spider-Man and Human Torch that they are a family instead of just a team and they want everyone to stay friends. Thing gets mad again and tells those guys that there is no ‘I’ in Fantastic Four even though there is and then he tells everyone to put their hands in to team up. It was really funny because when Human Torch put his hand in it was on top of Spider-Man and he burned his hand. Spider-Man and Torch were going to fight again but they had to go battle the alien warriors first and I liked the part where Thing breaks down the door where all of the warriors are staying and they help the good guys win.

I liked how even when everyone was back on the ship and ready to go home finally that Mr Fantastic wanted to know how Spider-Man made everyone forget his secret. I thought it made a lot of sense for Spider-Man not to take off his mask because he said that if he told his friends they could get captured and tell bad guys but Mr Fantastic says he’ll make a way so they can’t reveal his secret. I think it’s a good idea that Spider-Man told the Fantastic Four who he is because they won’t tell and the team is like a family and families don’t keep secrets from each other.

When Spider-Man gets back home he’s upset because even though they were all in space for a couple days in real time on Earth two months went by. When he gets back he finds out that J Jonah Jameson is the new mayor of New York and he’s so upset that he smashes into a pole. It’s kind of funny that one of the guy’s who hates Spider-Man the most is going to be running the city just like Osborn is in charge of all the superhero teams. And because he was away for so long his boss and all his friends are mad at him.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Benny and Penny

Benny and Penny
Written and illustrated by Geoffrey Hayes
Published by Toon Books

Benny and Penny is about two mice who live in the woods who are brother and sister. Benny likes to dress up and play pirates and Penny is always following him around, asking where he is and trying to catch up to him so she can play with him. He wants to play by himself and thinks that she’s pretty annoying so he never tells her where he is and she just follows him on her little mini scooter.

I liked when Penny hits the box that Benny is pretending is a pirate ship and she is coming up the other side of the box and it tips over and they both fall off a hill and land in the leaves. Benny yells for him mom and starts running away from Penny but she chases after him. He hides in a tree and runs away again when she gets close and then hides in a cave until a big spider comes along. My favorite part was when he was hiding under a hat and says that he’s just an old man. When Penny finds Benny he says she’s a dumb little sister and she starts to cry. He doesn’t want to get in trouble with her crying so grabs another box and tells her to play in that one and when she gets in he leaves her by herself and starts to play his pirate ship game again.

When he gets finished playing he goes to find Penny but she isn’t in the box anymore. He looks everywhere and can’t find her. Finally he does find her and she says she left to go pee-pee. Then she says they should both hide but he’s worried if they could get lost. She tells him that he shouldn’t worry because they won’t get lost and he feels better but then a giant mosquito comes along and scares them both. Penny becomes brave and chases the giant bug away and that makes Benny really happy.

They run back and go to the pirate ship together and become friends and Benny tells Penny that he was just pretending that she was dumb. The lesson is that you shouldn’t call your sister or brother names because it’s not nice. They could get bigger and beat you up if you tease them when they’re little and it’s also not good to be mean to people you care about even as jokes. I think the art in the book was pretty good and the guy draws the things in the forest well. I like how he makes their little house and the tress and all of the nature stuff. I think that the mice should have been colored a bit different, though. I think their fur would have been easier to see if it wasn’t so dark and maybe colored gray. I like how he drew Penny’s scooter and the giant mosquito, too.

It’s a good story that is made out to look kind of like a kids book but it can be a comic book as well.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2
Written and illustrated by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics

This is a very cool idea for a comic series since it’s a bunch of people all fighting to figure out who is going to be the new Batman. There are a lot of good things in the book and a few things that I didn’t like so much. It was a good comic but I think I liked the first issue a lot better.

The good stuff is that there is a lot of action. There are a team of people that are all trying to fight the Batman in the armor who is the Jason Todd Robin. I like that Jason is just crazy and does what he wants. No one wants him to be Batman but he does it anyway and makes a suit and goes out and starts shooting criminals. He even builds a batcave and the other characters think he’s nuts. There is a great fight between Tim as Batman and Jason as Batman. They’re beating each other up all over the place and trash talking. Jason is fighting dirty and he’s using guns and cutting Tim up with the batarang and Tim is fighting back and takes a crowbar to smash it against Jason. It’s just a wild fight with two Robins against each other. The funny thing is that if Dick Grayson puts on a Batman suit then it will be three people who used to be Robins trying to be Batman, even though Dick is Nightwing now.

I liked the art a lot. I like how the artist has to draw all these different characters and they all look really good, especially the different Batman costumes that they’re wearing. Jason’s costume is a lot freakier because it is armor and I like that Tim’s costume looks like the one from the action figures and stuff like that. There is a page where Tim and Jason are jumping off a cliff in the batcave and they’re fighting the whole way down. The artist drew both Batmen like five times in the same picture and all the poses look really cool. I like how Tim hit Jason so hard with the crowbar that the metal part of his mask broke off and you could see all of Jason’s teeth smashed up. And Jason is so crazy that he’s just laughing about it.

There are a couple things that I didn’t really like about the book. There is a part where one of the bad guys breaks into Commissioner Gordon’s office and shoots the place up but the people in the office looked sort of the same so it was hard to figure out who was shot and who was okay. I like that there are all these bad guys teaming up and fighting in the city because they think Batman is dead but the only one who is really doing stuff is Black Mask and I don’t like him as much as some of the other bad guys. I hope that some of the other bad guys have more to do because Black Mask is just blowing things up and setting them on fire. I don’t get what his plan is.

I think that Dick Grayson needs to hurry up and do something. He had to stop fighting Jaosn because Damien was shot but in both issues he keeps talking about whether he should follow Bruce Wayne and be Batman or not. Even Alfred is telling him that he has to be Batman but Dick isn’t doing anything except thinking about it while everyone else is going out and fighting and getting into trouble. I also don’t believe that Jason would kill Tim. He might be a meaner Batman who kills and that’s against the rules but he just kills bad guys. I don’t think he would kill another Robin just because he didn’t like him so I hope that’s a mistake.

It was still a pretty good issue and I like how there is a lot of action going on with a lot of different Batman characters showing up but I hope that Dick hurries up and gets a chance to try and be Batman. He has been a hero the longest and he’s wasting time by just thinking about it.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Hawkeye #1

Hawkeye #1
Written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Tom Raney
Published by Marvel Comics

In the regular comics the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) saved everyone from the Skrulls by killing the Skrull Queen and then he got rewarded by everyone for being a hero. The good guys know that Osborn is really the crazy murderer the Green Goblin but other people think he’s either a nice guy or that he’s just not so bad anymore. Osborn got put in charge of the Avengers and that made regular superheroes like Captain America and Spider-Man and Luke Cage really mad. Those guys are still Avengers but they’re hiding out and doing things undercover just to get Osborn mad. Osborn made up a team of his own Avengers with all of these bad guys that are pretending to be superheroes. Venom is pretending to be black suit Spider-Man. Wolverine’s son is pretending to be Wolverine. Osborn is pretending to be an Iron Man and Bullseye is pretending to be Hawkeye.

I really like that all of the bad guys are pretending to be super heroes for Norman Osborn. Hawkeye is a cool hero because he has a really great looking costume and I like that he is a sharpshooter with bows and arrows. I can shoot a bow and arrow really well, too, but not as good as Hawkeye. And Bullseye is a really tough bad guy who has the best aim in the world and kills people with pens and playing cards and anything else he can throw.
Bullseye is a great shot and he can take out anyone that he’s aiming for. I

The book starts off with a lot of action with Osborn’s Avengers trying to stop a big huge Hulkbuster robot that is tearing New York City apart. I like how the big robot was in town destroying everything and Bullseye went after it with Wolverine’s son who used his claws to scratch his way up the robot’s leg. A really cool part was when Bullseye opened up the hatch where the robot’s driver was sitting and said the good news is that Hawkeye doesn’t kill people but the bad news is that he wasn’t Hawkeye. The guy tried to escape and he got killed by the exploding arrow and the robot fell down and destroyed the bus with a bunch of people on it.

I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone that he really isn’t Hawkeye since he goes around in the whole book killing people but maybe no one sees him. There is a reporter who thinks that something is wrong and it looks like he’s guessing that Hawkeye is really Bullseye but Osborn gets them apart so the reporter can’t figure it out. I like how Osborn and Bullseye were talking in his office and Osborn was mad because he is starting to think that people really like him and if Bullseye starts killing people then all of his plans are going to be ruined.

The best part of the book was the battle in the end where Bullseye rescued the girl from all of the thugs. I like that he is so cocky after saving her and makes a mistake and lets her know who he really is by accident and then has to kill her with a pen. It was funny how he took care of the other guy, too. It looks like he’s going to get busted but I think that the people that spot him are just going to get killed, too.

There was a lot of action in the book and all of the parts where Bullseye was dressed as Hawkeye were really good. I like the way the artist draws Hawkeye with a crazy looking smile a lot because he doesn’t care that he’s breaking all the rules and killing people. He’s just a really bad guy even more than Osborn who knows that Bullseye has to control himself. The part where he drew the giant robot and all of Osborn’s Avengers was good too, and I like how all the characters were attacking the robot at once. It’s strange that there is a comic where the bad guy is the main person and he’s acting like a hero but I like that because it’s different.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Aint it Cool Kid Reviews?

The Kid's Reviews Featured Weekly at Aint it Cool News

I can’t believe I’m almost at 100 posts!

Last week the people who do reviews on Aint it Cool News asked if I could send some of my reviews to them for their weekly comic reviews. Aint it Cool is a pretty big site and they’ve been around for a long time so it’s pretty cool to have them show off some of my reviews every week.

Starting this week, the Aint it Cool News site will be having my reviews every Wednesday. I’m going to keep doing reviews on this site because this is my site. And this site is going to have more reviews and sometimes reviews that you can only read here. I’m also going to be doing special reviews just for Aint it Cool that will be a part of my Wednesday reviews.

I hope you like them. Go see my reviews on and come back here for your regular reviews and let me know what you think.

The Incredibles #1

Incredibles #1
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Marcio Takara
Published by Boom Kids

I didn’t really like the Incredibles movie when it came out. I usually like super hero movies that aren’t cartoons like Spider-Man or Iron Man because they seem more real. The Incredibles movie was okay but I liked the other movies they came out with like Finding Nemo or Toy Story. My favorite Pixar movie is Monsters Inc because I like the idea of the silly monsters having jobs to scare people. I didn’t know if I was going to like this comic because I didn’t like the movie that much, but because I really liked the Muppet Show comic this company made so I decided to try it.

The comic book starts with a big robot from the future who goes to a zoo and lets off this bomb that turns all the animals into dinosaur creatures. There is a huge elephant brontosaurous and a tiger that is mixed with a triceratops. The Incredibles are at the zoo visiting when everything happens and they work together to stop the rampage. I liked when the little boy, Dash, asks his dad if they can keep some of the dinosaurs after they save the day and the dad says ‘no, your mother would kill us’. It’d be cool to own a pet dinosaur. I also liked the part where the little baby turns into a devil to scare a flying monkey. The family captures all of the wild animals and then the dad goes after the big robot but his super punch doesn’t do anything to the bad guy. During the fight the robot trips and the giant elephant dinosaur falls on top of him, crushing him.

The dad was being very bossy during the battle and when they get home the mom is mad that he was being like that and asks if he’s sick. Then the neighbors come over for a visit and a barbeque and all of the kids are playing together. I thought it was funny when the kids were playing in the backyard and they were dressed up like Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

After the party, Dash tells his dad that the robot guy is up to no good so the dad sneaks back into the zoo to find out what’s going on. The bad guy put a bomb in with the lions and Mr.Incredible takes the bomb and is tip toeing around the zoo trying not to wake any of the animals up but that doesn’t work. All of the lions wake up and attack him and when he tries to rip the bars of the lion cage open he isn’t strong enough. His friend Frozone saves him by making an ice wall before the lions eat him alive. Then Mr.Incredible tells Frozone that he called him for help because he didn’t want his family to know that he was losing his powers. I don’t know how he lost his powers but I guess they’ll talk about that in the next comic.

I think the comic book was a lot better than the movie but it went by real quick. I really liked the battle in the zoo and how the family battled the evil robot and at the end when Mr. Incredible was sneaking around at night in the zoo trying not to wake up the lions. It was cool when Frozone froze the lions, too. The art was pretty realistic and looked just like the way everyone looked in the movies. I think they did a good job of making the story a lot more fun and interesting than how things were in the movie and even the time at the house was funny with the kids dressed up as other movie characters. I’ll try the next issue, too.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Deadpool #9

Deadpool #9
Written by Daniel Way and illustated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This is part three of the big story where Deadpool is fighting the Thunderbolts because he wants Norman Osborn to give him his money. He was fighting with the Black Widow and he likes her a lot and asked her if she has a boyfriend and if she likes his gun. So he then pulls out a big knife and asks if she likes knives better. Black Widow’s friends come after her and shoot Deadpool so he goes back to his base. Deadpool is still happy though, because she says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Deadpool is taking the bullet out of his arm and the Taskmaster, this skull looking guy comes out and Deadpool tells him that he has to wear a Deadpool costume to help him out. The Thunderbolts are at their base and the girl is doing research on the computer and they see a plane outside of the building that has a banner that says Deadpool loves Black Widow and a number for her to call him. Black Widow calls the number and the Taskmaster Deadpool answers the phone. Him and Deadpool are playing games trying to trick all of the Thunderbolts.

I like how Deadpool was driving the plane with his feet and he crashes the plane into the water because he doesn’t know how to fly it right. Deadpool and Taskmaster keep calling the Thunderbolts telling them they’re at different places to keep them fooled and they start blowing up all their stuff. Deadpool and Black Widow have another fight and he kisses the Black Widow and she wants to know why he did that and he says it’s because he loves her.

I really liked when both Deadpools are together again at their base and one of them has to go fight the Thunderbolts and the other one is going to go on a safer mission. The Taskmaster says ‘not it’ and Deadpool says that the best way to pick who goes on the mission is to play a game of rock- paper- scissors. The real Deadpool is mad because he loses.

Black Widow and Deadpool get together again and he starts singing to her but she doesn’t like the song. Then he asks her to run off with him so they can be together and she says she will but when the two of them get on the plane together all the Thunderbolts are hiding. She tricked him and now he’s captured on the jet.

The only thing I didn’t like about the issue was that the cover showed Deadpool holding his head in his hands but there wasn’t any part like that in the comic. And it’s kind of weird that they

My favorite parts were when Black Widow and Deadpool are fighting and she knees him in the crotch and then the part where Deadpool and Taskmaster play paper-scissors-rock to figure out who is going to battle all of the Thunderbolts alone. The part where he is cutting the bullet out of his arm is pretty good too. The fight parts were all really good and there were a lot of them. Deadpool is a really good book if you like reading about a silly assassin and characters who fight a lot. Deadpool talks like he’s really tough but a lot of the times he is a chicken and tries to get other people to do his work for him. He likes being sneaky and doing things without other people knowing so they can’t fight him face to face.

Deadpool is one of my favorite comics right now and this was one of the best issues I’ve read.

My Rating: 10 out of 10
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