Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #125

Ultimate Spider-Man #125
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics

This was probably my favorite book of the week. I can’t believe it’s another Spider-Man book with Venom in it. In this one Venom is still Eddie Brock and Eddie was captured by some people who want to take the suit because it’s worth a lot of money. In one part he gets hungry and tries to escape by turning into Venom but it doesn’t work.

Spider-Man was beat up and on the ground and the cops went after him and wanted to arrest him. They have their guns pointed to him and he’s trying to tell them to go after Venom instead. One lady was happy and she said Spider-Man saved her baby. Spider-Man is happy because someone is finally nice to him and escapes from the police.

I thought that the Beetle was very cool. He doesn’t look like my action figure but this costume is better. I like that he was a new person in the comic. He’s a real neat bad guy and his costume is great. I like how he broke into the base and started shooting to try and rescue Venom. I don’t know why he wanted to free Venom though. It was really cool when Beetle sliced a piece of Venom’s tentacle off.

This Venom is weird, too. Once he gets free, he takes one of the people who was knocked out by the Beetle and eats them. This Venom eats a lot of people. He’s crazy.

The fight between the Beetle and Venom was great. They were going all around the city fighting and smashing things and then Spider-Man found Venom and started fighting him, too. I like how everything turned into one big battle. Venom is really super tough in this one and seems a lot stronger and meaner than the Venom in the other book.

The end is very surprising because both Spider-Man and Venom are really tired from the fight and the Venom suit starts going after Spider-Man. On the last page it’s Spider-Man taken over the Venom suit and he’s wearing black now. It looked great.

The art was really good in this issue. Venom and Spider-Man were drawn really well. I like this one a little bit better than the other Spider-Man book because I think Venom looked more like the toy in this one so that was better.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Nova #16

Nova #16
Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and Illustrated by Wellington Alves and Geraldo Burges
Published by Marvel Comics

This was a really great book. This is an awesome character that I never heard of before. I’m glad I discovered him. It probably has the best cover of all the books I saw this week.

The story starts with Nova going to a planet and finding survivors of a huge battle. The aliens look a little like cats and the alien children looked just like kittens. Nova rescues the alien children but then needs to go fight. It was sort of stupid that he went and left them all alone though after saving them. Now they’re going to be in trouble again.

These aliens called Skrulls attack Nova and they are friggin cool bad guys. I like how they can have the same powers as all the heroes and bad guys. I like how there were a bunch of different kinds of Skrulls. I saw a Skrull Doc Ock, Sandman, Wolverine, Iron Man and Cyclops. I thought Nova was going to get his butt kicked because he had to fight a whole gang of Skrulls who had all of those powers. I didn’t know how powerful Nova was.

Nova gets helped by a Skull who is really a good guy named Kl’rt. Kl’rt can also use different super powers like have Mr. Fantastic’s arms and the Thing’s hands. He is able to help Nova battle all of these very tough Skrulls.

Then Nova does something really awesome. He finds the Skrull ship and decides to attack it. Kl’rt thought he was crazy but he used all his power and went right through the ship, blowing it up. By teaming up, Nova and the good Skrull are able to beat back all of the bad Skrulls who seemed so tough.

The end had two parts that were great. I like how all of the Skrull ships showed up at the end, ready to attack Earth. They’re just sitting in space waiting to attack Earth. And then it’s really surprising when the good Skrull Kl’rt betrays Nova in the end and says that he’s going to kill him. I don’t know if he’s lying or if he was ever good. Nova’s more powerful than I thought, though so he’ll probably be able to take him.

The art was very good in the book. I like how all of the different types of Skrulls were drawn. They all looked very good. The alien kittens were drawn well, too. Nova has a really cool costume.

I liked this book a lot. It had a lot of adventure. The front cover was really cool and there were a lot of interesting parts in the whole book. There was a lot of stuff going on and it was fun to read.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Bart Simpson #43

Bart Simpson #43
Written by Scott Shaw, Earl Kress and James Bates and Illustrated by Ryan Rivette, Alberto Santiago and Marcos Asprec
Published by Bongo Comics

This comic had three different stories in it and they were shorter than some of the other Simpsons comics I read. I think the stories are funnier when they aren’t that long. A lot more happens in them.

In the first story a bunch of bad stuff is happening to Lisa. She wants to play dodge ball but all the kids just pound her with the dodge balls. She forgets her homework and gets in trouble and then she falls down at the lunchroom and curses. They don’t show the curse though, just a bunch of letters that make no sense.

My favorite part in this comic was when Ralph was on the bus and said his nose was sad and it was crying when he just had a runny nose. He’s so dumb. It was really funny because he had boogers all over the place.

It was weird when Lisa had to work with lunch lady Doris as punishment because the lady was cursing all the time. She was cursing in like every sentence. She shouldn’t curse in front of the kids.

Another story was funny because the girls in the neighborhood started a club for Malibu Stacy but they wouldn’t let Lisa in. They said the club was just for cool girls but they still let Mr. Smithers play. I laughed at that. Lisa tries to be cool by dressing just like Bart and looking like him but they still wouldn’t let her in.

In the other story, Bart was mad because Homer spent their money for Mt Splashmore on a dress for Lisa for when she was going to play her saxophone in front of people. Bart tried to get revenge by pretending to play saxophone too but he got busted by Lisa. Lisa is like, ‘you never told me if you liked the dress.’ And Homer made me laugh because he was like, ‘I have no son’.

It was a lot funnier than the other Simpsons comic I read. I like that there were more stories and that they were shorter. I think it made it funnier because it wasn’t just one long story. There were a lot of good parts in this one. And the art was real good, too. I like how the artists make the Simpsons comic look exactly like the cartoon.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Flash #243

The Flash #243
Written by Tom Peyer and Illustrated by Freddie Williams II
Published by DC Comics

I like the Flash but there really wasn’t a lot to talk about in this comic. It was kind of boring.

I like that the Flash and his kids all have super powers and can do stuff and fight together. They’re just kids but they get to dress up and be superheroes which is exciting.

The best part of the book was when the Flash and his kids were attacking the big gorilla, Grodd. He was just massive. The gorillas looked awesome when they were in an army and had their guns out to capture the Flash. That part was great.

It was weird how his daughter was so old and kept getting older so they had to find a way to stop that. The Flash figured out how to fix with super speed and she became a kid again, which was good. When the Flash and his kids went into the speed zone it got a bit confusing. They were like fighting the speed and stuff and it didn’t really seem like things were happening but the daughter did get better.

Not much else happened. It was pretty much just Flash trying to help his kids get better and then it ends.

I liked the art a lot, though. The Flash has a very cool costume and the kids costumes were pretty neat, too. I like how the artist draws the Flash running and all of the gorillas with their weapons. There were a lot of good drawings in the book.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #569

Amazing Spider-Man #569
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is really cool. He has a lot of comics and I think I like them all. This one starts where the other one ended and Peter is captured by Norman and the bad guys who are acting good. They’re looking for Spider-Man and Peter won’t tell them where he is so they start messing up his apartment. When Peter’s roommate comes back home all of the bad guys leave and the roommate gets mad at Peter. He didn’t see any of the bad guys in the house and thinks that Peter had a party and made all of the mess. I like how he said he would throw Peter out if he didn’t clean the place. If Peter lives there, too, I don’t think he can throw him out if they share the place.

Venom was great in the comic. He looks all big and creepy and he talks real strange. I like how he keeps talking about crazy stuff and in one part he says, ‘see you around, Parker. Kiss. Kiss.’ That was odd.

My favorite part was when Spider-Man broke into Norman’s base. He webbed up Bullseye and then started beating up all the bad guys. He even put webs all over the floor so that they would get stuck to it when they tried to chase him. It’s neat when Spider-Man does different things with his webbing besides swing in the city.

It was really great when Venom thought he was chasing Spider-Man around the city. Norman thought he was crazy because he was fighting Spider-Man, but Venom just does whatever he wants. He keeps saying he’s going to find Spider-Man and eat his brains when he catches him. I like how Venom destroyed the building when he thought Spider-Man was inside it and then he found out that it wasn’t Spider-Man but it was Eddie Brock instead.

Then Venom’s costume starts getting crazy and it wants to go to Eddie. When I got to the last page I said, ‘what the heck!’ Eddie turned into a big huge white Venom called Anti-Venom. I can’t believe that. And he is soooo creepy looking.

I really like the art in these books. Anti-Venom looked really good. I like how he was drawn. I thought it was weird how they make Venom’s eyes and teeth. He looks so serious all the time. Spider-Man looks cool, too when he’s crawling around and battling the bad guys.

I bet in the next issue the two Venoms are going to have a big fight. I want to see that. I bet Anti-Venom wins because he was bigger and he’s the real Venom.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Simpsons Comics #145

Simpsons Comics #145
Written by Eric Rogers and Chuck Dixon and Illustrated by John Costanza
Published by Bongo Comics

The Simpsons is one of my favorite TV shows and I like buying the comic. I like how there were two stories in the comic instead of just one. The first story is sort of funny. I like how Homer and Bart dress like stormtroopers. I want to get a stormtrooper costume so bad.

I like how Homer and Bart start their own comic store. I think owning a comic store would be so much fun. I’d work there all the time. The comic book guy was in this comic a lot and I like him on the show but he wasn’t so funny in the comic. I liked how he kept having to get different jobs and he kept getting fired. That was funny. When Homer started to look like the comic book guy was funny, too. And I like how Milhouse got a job working for Homer and his comic store.

The second story was better. It was more like the show. Marge found a huge mess in her kitchen and it was a mystery to find out who made the mess. It was funny when Homer blames Bart and calls him a liar. I like how Marge figured out each part in how the mess was made like a detective. And then Homer is so stupid and asks when dinner is even though Marge is mad and cleaning.

The art was very good. It looks just like the cartoon so that was good. I just wish the comic was funnier like the show is. I was reading Simpsons comics before I started reading other comics and they’re mostly good. The first part just wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Robin #177

Robin #176
Written by Fabian Nicieza and Illustrated by Freddie Williams II
Published by DC Comics

This issue had a great cover. I like Red Robin. He has a cool costume. He looks a little like Batman on the cover just with different colors on his costume.

I liked the Jason Robin in this book. I like how even though he used to be Robin he’s against the new Robin. My dad had to explain who Jason was because I didn’t know there was another Robin besides Tim and Nightwing. Jason is really cool because he’s tough like Batman. I think he could beat Robin in a fight.

I like how Robin has little ‘R’s that he throws like Batman has his weapons. That’s pretty cool. I liked seeing Penguin in the book again. He has a really big nose and looks weird..

It was a little hard to read at the end. I’m not sure who Red Robin is. I thought it would be Jason or Batman. And I don’t know why Robin’s girlfriend is working with bad guys.

The art was pretty cool and I liked the costumes on Robin, Red Robin and Jason. I want to know who Red Robin is. I like how Jason just wears a mask and not a whole costume. He looks cool. I also like how the artist draws a lot of the buildings. They look really real.

I liked this issue of Robin a lot. It had some cool fights between gangs, the art was good and Robin and Jason are cool.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Superman/Batman #51

Superman/Batman #51
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and Illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque
Published by DC Comics

Oh my God, this comic was sooo funny! It’s one of the best comic books I ever read. I was laughing so hard at parts that I had to go back and read it again. Superman and Batman meet littler versions of themselves and the little versions are so funny and silly.

Little Batman has these tiny bat creatures that follow him around and when he meets the real Batman the bat creatures just growl at him. They don’t like him at all. Little Batman thinks he’s so cool and tough but he really isn’t. In one part a giant plant monster eats little Batman and all you see are the legs sticking out of the mouth.

When little Batman meets the real Batman the real Batman is mad that the little one thinks that he is the real one. Little Batman gets mad and then punches Batman in the knee and then the real Batman kicks the little guy across the street. It was so funny how little Batman and little Superman were trying to act tough but they couldn’t do anything against the real guys.

The a whole team of little Justice League people show up with a little Flash and Green Lantern and Supergirl and they just annoy the real superheroes by doing stuff like stealing Batman’s belt.

Batman takes them all back to his batcave and it gets even funnier. Little Batman says that he started fighting crime because when he was a little boy he went for a walk with his parents and a bully pushed his parents to the ground. I know the real Batman’s parents were killed but it was really funny here cause the little Batman is crying in the street just because someone pushed down his parents, even though they’re really okay.

Another really funny part is that all the little girl heroes are in love with Robin. They’re hanging on his cape and annoying him real bad and there are hearts all over the place.

[At this point, Liam’s brother Ethan joins the review]

Ethan: This book was so funny. The little superheroes were so cute. I love baby Mr. Freeze.

Liam: Yeah, little Mr. Freeze was so funny. He’s holding a gun filled with ice cream. I like that at the end all these little tiny bad guys show up.

Ethan: I like baby Joker and baby Croc. They look funny.

Liam: They were all real funny. Even Two-Face. It looks like he has gum all over half of his face.

The art was good in the book. I like how the artist made the little kid heroes look like kids and the real versions of the characters looked just right. It was funny to see all of these different versions.

This was such a good comic.

Ethan: This comic was very funny.

Liam: It’s my favorite book that I read this week.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #42

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #42
Written by Marc Sumerak and Illustrated by Vicenc Villagrasa
Published by Marvel Comics

This was a fun Spider-Man comic. I liked how Jonah tricked Peter into not taking pictures of Spider-Man and then ended up using someone else’s pictures of Spider-Man.

The Puma was a very cool character. I liked that the guy can turn into the Puma and he looks like he might be a bad guy but he really isn’t that bad. He’s just mad that his statue got stolen and wants it back. He really doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

The Black Cat was also cool. I liked her costume. I liked how she said she was Spider-Man’s partner to get him in trouble with Puma even though he wasn’t. It was funny how she kept getting Spider-Man mad at her.

My favorite part was when Spider-Man and Puma teamed up to catch the Black Cat but they couldn’t really stop her. She was quicker and smarter than them and had luck powers that made them miss.

I liked the art a lot on the book. The Puma was drawn really cool and so was the Black Cat. It was a fun book to read. That’s all I can really say about it.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Action Comics #868

Action Comics #868
Written by Geoff Johns and Illustrated by Gary Frank
Published by DC Comics

I liked how Superman woke up on that ship and he had all of those tubes and things sticking in him. And then when he woke up he ripped all of the stuff out and pulled a real long tube out of his throat and spit all this black stuff out.

It was cool how that ship had all these weird things in it. There were all these bubble filled with people that were captured like Superman. There were tiny cities in bottles. Then there was this huge monster that looked kind of like a wolf or a dog and it attacked Superman but Superman was too strong and just punched its tooth out.

Brainiac was cool, too. He was bigger and stronger than Superman. My favorite part was when Superman and Brainiac were fighting and Superman uses his heat vision to cut Brainiac’s face. I like how Superman was different powers to try and win the fight.

I didn’t like the parts at the newspaper. That was kind of boring, but Supergirl was cool. She just didn’t get to do much. It was a little hard to figure out what was happening when Superman was sleeping or dreaming.

I liked the art on the book. Brainiac and the inside of his ship looked great. It looked cool when Brainiac’s ship was up in the sky over the city, too. And I thought that Superman was drawn really well. He looked almost just like the guy in the movies.

I think this is going to be a good story because Brainiac is a good bad guy for Superman. He’s really strong and he’ll be able to fight back against Superman and make it a tough fight.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man 568

Amazing Spider-Man #568
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr.
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheroes and I really like his comic.

I liked how in the beginning of the book they told the story of he became Spider-Man and showed all his bad guys together. I could name every one of them except the Chameleon. My dad had to tell me who that was. I didn’t know the new ones that much but the guy in red looked really cool.

I thought Menace was pretty cool bad guy. I like how he had the bombs with his name on it and the guns and he kept trying to beat Spider-Man a lot of different ways. He’s pretty tough.

I liked how the building blew up and Spider-Man had to get free of it and when he was holding the wall up with his strength. That was drawn very well.

It was drawn very well.

It was cool how the team of bad guys was practicing against fake superheroes. And how Bullseye used card to attack. I also liked when the goons captured Peter Parker and he let himself be captured. The last page with all the bad guys and Venom in the middle was very cool.

I didn’t like that there weren’t many battles and there was too much time spent on Peter’s new job. I would rather see Spider-Man fight some more of those bad guys.

I liked the art a lot. I liked the pages where they showed all the bad guys together where they showed a page with the old bad guys and the new bad guys. I liked the older guys better. Some of the new ones looked cool like the red guy who looks like Carnage but I don’t know them. Bullseye was drawn just like the toy so that was cool. There were a bunch of things that looked cool, especially when Spider-Man lifted up the wall and then when he was sitting there resting with the people looking at him. It looked very realistic in that picture.

I just hope there's more action.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Friday, August 15, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie Review

Kid: This movie was fantastic! It’s my favorite movie of the year so far! There was so much going on and I never got bored. It ended way too quick.

Sidekick: I loved this movie!

Kid: I liked the way the battle droids acted. They said a lot of funny things like when Captain Rex told the droid army they were outnumbered and the droid started counting, ‘one, two,’ and then got blown up. And it was funny when one of the droids told Asajj, ‘should we tell Dooku you lost’ and she got sooo mad.

Sidekick: I liked the big battle in the beginning. There were a lot of clones and droids doing a lot of cool stuff.

Kid: Yeah I liked how there was the entire clone army against the entire droid army. There was so much fighting and so much going on. There were a bunch of battles on different planets and it was cool. Even the space battles were really cool.

Sidekick: I liked the fight where they were all on the cliff and the tanks were climbing up it.

Kid: Yeah and the droid got thrown off the cliff. I really liked that Anakin got a padawan in this one. Ahsoka was very good and I liked that she got on his nerves a little by calling him Skyguy. Anakin is always doing things that Obi-Wan doesn’t like so it was neat that his padawan was doing the same thing to him

Sidekick: I Ahsoka too. I liked her green lightsaber and I liked how she acted around the Jabba’s baby.

Kid: I liked Jabba’s baby a lot. He was very cute and acted like a real baby even though he was a slug. It was funny how he would always hold his arms out wanting to get held like a real baby.

Sidekick: My favorite part was when the baby burped gas when Ahsoka gave him his medicine.

Kid: The best part was how the clones got to do so much more here than in the movies. They’re always coming in and helping and having battles. I liked that there were different types of clones depending on where they had battles. Some were camoflague, some were red and some were blue. I really liked when the red clone troops and commander came in to help rescue Padme. My favorite clones were the blue clones though. I really liked Captain Rex. He’s probably the coolest clone other than Commander Cody.

Sidekick: I really liked how the Jawas were trying to steal stuff and got scared by R2-D2 and ran away. I liked that part. They were running around screaming.

Kid: I liked that part a little bit. I liked the lightsaber fights better. There were a bunch of cool lightsaber fights but my favorite battle was between Dooku and Anakin. I liked the Asajj fight but not as much as Dooku. I did like when she escaped onto the ship

Sidekick: The lightsaber battles were a lot of fun. Dooku and Anakin’s fight was my favorite.

Kid: Ziro the Hutt was pretty funny, too. He sounded like Cartman.

Sidekick: He was funny. One of my favorite parts was when Jabba got back his son and he was so happy and said that he was going to get Ziro.

Kid: I can’t wait for the TV show to start! It’s going to be so great to have Star Wars on TV all the time. I want to go and buy more clones and droid toys right away.

Sidekick: The TV show is going to be so cool!

The Kid’s Rating: 10 out of 10
The Sidekick’s Rating: 10 out of 10

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smash #1 and #2

Smash #1 and #2
Written by Chris Bolton and Illustrated by Kyle Bolton
Published Online at

This comic was made on the Internet so you read it on the computer instead of holding it in your hands. I thought it would be harder to read like that, but it wasn’t. It was pretty easy to follow, actually.

The story is about a superhero called Defender who had to fight a lot of different bad guys and a little kid named Andrew who wants to be a superhero. In the beginning when Defender is fighting ninjas with a kid sidekick it was kind of like Batman and Robin but it was really only a dream. Andrew was imagining what it would be like to be a superhero when he was supposed to be studying in class.

There were a lot of funny parts in the comic which made it a lot of fun to read. I liked when Defender went after the bad guys and they shot him with darts. He said that the darts wouldn’t stop him and they shot him with like 30 more and he got knocked out. That was funny. The parts with Andrew and the bullies in his school were funny, too. One kid puts gum in his hair and in another part they are mean to him when he’s riding his bike. He rides his bike really fast to get away from them and crashes his bike down a big hill. The bullies do the same thing.

It looks like the bullies are going to get Andrew but the building the Defender is fighting in explodes and it crashes down where everyone is. It ends there but I don’t think Andrew is hurt too bad. The Defender is probably going to save him and let him be his partner or something.

I liked the art in this comic a lot. It was like a cartoon. It didn’t make everything look realistic like in other comics but the way it was drawn made it sort of look like you were watching a cartoon. It was pretty neat. And all of the stuff that was drawn still looked cool like the Defender fights and the bike chase and the explosions. It was different but still good.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Amazing Spider-Man #567

Amazing Spider-Man #567
Written by Marc Guggenheim and Illustrated by Phil Jimenez
Published by Marvel Comics

This comic was awesome!

I liked how the real Spider-Man was able to beat Vermin and keep him tied up with all of his webbing and then he needed Vermin’s help to find his roommate. Vermin wasn’t all bad. He was more scared than bad, and then he even told Spider-Man where to find his friend so that was good.

The fight in the tunnel was real cool. I liked how Spider-Man and his friend teamed up and were trying to fight the girl Kraven but she kept finding ways to win. She was really tough. It was cool when the roommate did a sneak attack against girl Kraven to help Spider-Man. There were a lot of cool fights in the tunnel and each time it looked like the good guys would win, Kraven did something better.

One of my favorite parts was when Spider-Man gave his friend a web shooter and had to teach him how to use it. It was pretty funny that the guy wearing a Spider-Man costume didn’t know how to use the webs and when he did it was great. I also thought it was cool how Vermin came back at the end and helped Spider-Man and his friend get away.

It was cool seeing Harry at the hospital. I wonder if he’s going to be the Green Goblin soon?

My other favorite part is when Spider-Man went to the hospital to talk to his roommate. He had to lie to him to protect his secret and the roommate punched him out because he was mad.

I liked at the end how they showed Kraven’s wife and the daughter and that there’s a whole family of people that hates Spider-Man. It’s cool how Kraven didn’t win but she didn’t get captured either. They are pretty cool villains and I hope they come back to fight Spider-Man soon.

The art was very good, just like the other issue. Daredevil’s eyes still look sort of weird but everyone else was great. All the battles were great and Vermin is drawn really good. I think the only thing that could have been better would be for the real Spider-Man to be in his costume instead of his roommate.

I really liked the picture on the last page showing the Venom costume underneath Spider-Man’s shirt. If Venom takes over Spider-Man next issue it’s going to be awesome.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #566

Amazing Spider-Man #566
Written by Marc Guggenheim and Illustrated by Phil Jimenez
Published by Marvel Comics

There was a lot of action in this book and that was good. I couldn’t believe that the girl Kraven thought Spider-man’s roommate was Spider-man and challenged him. He’s not going to be able to fight her because he doesn’t have the real Spider-Man’s powers. It’s not good that she gave him those drugs, though. I hope turns out okay.

I think girl Kraven is awesome because there’s barely even any girl bad guys so it’s cool that there is one and that she’s tough. There should be more girl bad guys because it’s different from what you usually see. I don’t want her to win but I hope she doesn’t get killed or anything so she can come back.

I thought that the art was very good. The artist drew all the people really well. Spider-Man and Daredevil looked great. The girl Kraven looks really bad and tough, too. My favorite part of the art was Vermin and the rats. There were so many rats that he drew and Vermin looked really scary. He’s a cool monster bad guy like the Lizard but he looks even tougher.

There were some weird things in the comic though. It was weird that Peter stands on the ceiling when he’s at home and talks to himself. And it was real weird to see him wearing another person’s costume. I didn’t like the way you could see his eyes when he wore the Daredevil costume.

I like the girl Kraven but I wish the fake Spider-Man would have tried to fight her better. When he got stronger he should have beat her up instead of running like she wanted.

My favorite part of the book was the fight between Spider-man and Vermin. It was really violent. When Vermin bit Spider-Man’s back it was so crazy! That must have hurt so bad to get bitten by a giant rat!

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Venom: Dark Origin #1

Venom: Dark Origin #1
Written by Zeb Wells and Illustrated by Angel Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought there was going to be Venom in it fighting Spider-Man or eating people or something. It would have been better if Venom was in it doing stuff but it wasn’t a bad book.

I like how they made Eddie bad even as a little kid and a teenager. He was lying all the time. It was kind of funny but also bad that he lied about everything. I can’t believe he stole that cat. I’d be mad if someone did that to my cats. I’m glad that the cat scratched him up for that.

It was funny when Eddie pretended to be a wrestler and lied about that and then the real wrestlers got mad and smashed him into the lockers. He was always lying about stuff and then saying that he did things that he didn’t do.

I can’t believe that he told the gang of bad guys to just take the girl he liked. First he liked her and then he didn’t. He was a big chicken to just tell the bad guys to take her and not beat him up. And then Spider-Man beats up the bad guys and Eddie says that he did that, too. Always lying!

The art was good. I really like how the black eye looked on Eddie after he got beat up. The artist drew a very real looking black eye. Some parts of the book looked a little weird like when Eddie was smiling. He looked weird when he did those big smiles like the Joker but other parts looked good.

It would have been a lot better to see Venom doing stuff, but I still thought it was good to show how bad Venom was when he was a kid. I never knew what he was like before he turned into Venom.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Captain America #40

Captain America #40
Written by Ed Brubaker and Illustrated by Steve Epting
Published by Marvel Comics

I really liked that there were two Captain Americas fighting each other. I liked the new one’s suit better. It’s shinier and looks tougher. I couldn’t believe how strong they both were. I didn’t think they had superpowers but they were very strong. It was really cool when the bad Captain America threw the good Captain America into the chimney and it smashed. The bad one could even smash a wall with his shield.

I liked that the good Captain America said he was going to use a gun on the other guy. That would have ended the fight faster. It was funny the good Captain America got kicked off the building and was saved by the Falcon and he got called an idiot. That was funny.

I think Red Skull is a very cool bad guy but the robot with his face in his stomach was weird and kinda dumb. The real bad guys weren’t really doing anything but talking and watching the two Captain America’s fight. I want to see the Red Skull do more bad stuff. The Red Skull’s daughter did a lot more but I can’t believe she stabbed the pregnant girl in the stomach. That was bad but I guess that’s what bad guys do.

The art was good. I liked how the bad guy bodyguards look sort of like GI: Joes. I like GI Joe a lot. I like how artist drew both of the Captain America’s without their masks and had them fight like that. The artist was also very good with how they drew all of the buildings and when things were getting smashed you could see little pieces of things flying all over the place.

It was a fun book and there was a lot going on. I had to look at it a bunch of times.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Robin #175

ROBIN #175
Written by Fabian Nicieza and Illustrated by Joe Bennett
Published by DC Comics

Robin is a cool superhero because he gets to hang out with Batman and beat up bad guys but he also isn’t a grown up. I like that.

What I didn’t like is that Robin really didn’t get into any fights with anyone. He did meet with the Penguin and paid him to find Batman, which was neat, but I thought it would have been better if he got into a fight with him. The only people that Robin got to fight were a bunch of regular crooks that weren’t anything special. I’d like to see Robin get to fight some cooler bad guys like Batman does.

It was a little hard to read when the story took place in the cave and when Nightwing and Robin were out of costume talking to the bad guys and trying to make deals. It was tough to follow at some places and it was a bit boring except for the parts where Robin was in the city trying to find Batman.

I thought that the art was really good in this book, not just on the characters but with all the backgrounds and buildings and stuff. It looked very realistic when Robin and Spoiler were running around on the rooftops. I also really liked the way Robin looked on a lot of the pages. The one where he swings down to get the bad guys is very cool, but my favorite part was the last page. Robin looked very cool standing on the roof at night with the Batman symbol behind him. I liked the way the new costume looks a lot.

I wonder what happened to Batman. I know this is Robin’s book but it would have been nice to see Batman in it. Robin doesn’t know whether Batman is just missing or hurt or crazy. I don’t know how Batman could have went crazy like the Joker or something but it might be interesting if he turns into a bad guy for awhile and the police have to chase him like in the movies.

I also really liked on the last page Robin said that he’ll take Batman down if he has to. I don’t think Robin will be able to beat Batman in a fight, but it will be a great fight anyway.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Hulk #5

Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Ed McGuiness
Published by Marvel Comics

What I liked best about this issue was that the Red Hulk was fighting Thor for a long time. It was cool to see a god like Thor go against the Hulk and have such a long, brutal fight. I couldn’t believe that they took the fight into space and battled out there, but it was neat when the Red Hulk grabbed Thor’s hammer and started beating him with it. My favorite part was when Red Hulk threw Thor into the moon and just left him there. It seems like the Red Hulk can beat anyone!

I also liked that the Green Hulk was in it, too, with A-Bomb. They could have just had the Red Hulk and Thor fighting the whole time and it would have been good, but showing the Green Hulk and A-Bomb was a nice surprise and it made the book better.

I was also very surprised to see Iron Man and some of the other superheroes in it making a team with the Green Hulk to go after the Red Hulk. I bet that next issue is going to have a lot of huge fights. The Red Hulk is pretty tough, though and he’s beat up a lot of people. I don’t know if Green Hulk’s team is going to be enough to stop him.

The one thing I didn’t like was that there weren’t any army guys or tanks or anything going after any of the Hulks. There was a lot of cool fighting, but there weren’t any real people in it…just superheroes or Hulk type monsters. I think it would have been better if there were some real people in it to go along with everything else.

The art was pretty good. I like how big the Green Hulk and Red Hulk look. They look a lot bigger here than other places I’ve seen them and I think that’s how it should be. The Green Hulk still looks very tough, but the Red Hulk seems even tougher with the way he has yellow eyes.

My Rating: 9 out of 10
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