Friday, August 15, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie Review

Kid: This movie was fantastic! It’s my favorite movie of the year so far! There was so much going on and I never got bored. It ended way too quick.

Sidekick: I loved this movie!

Kid: I liked the way the battle droids acted. They said a lot of funny things like when Captain Rex told the droid army they were outnumbered and the droid started counting, ‘one, two,’ and then got blown up. And it was funny when one of the droids told Asajj, ‘should we tell Dooku you lost’ and she got sooo mad.

Sidekick: I liked the big battle in the beginning. There were a lot of clones and droids doing a lot of cool stuff.

Kid: Yeah I liked how there was the entire clone army against the entire droid army. There was so much fighting and so much going on. There were a bunch of battles on different planets and it was cool. Even the space battles were really cool.

Sidekick: I liked the fight where they were all on the cliff and the tanks were climbing up it.

Kid: Yeah and the droid got thrown off the cliff. I really liked that Anakin got a padawan in this one. Ahsoka was very good and I liked that she got on his nerves a little by calling him Skyguy. Anakin is always doing things that Obi-Wan doesn’t like so it was neat that his padawan was doing the same thing to him

Sidekick: I Ahsoka too. I liked her green lightsaber and I liked how she acted around the Jabba’s baby.

Kid: I liked Jabba’s baby a lot. He was very cute and acted like a real baby even though he was a slug. It was funny how he would always hold his arms out wanting to get held like a real baby.

Sidekick: My favorite part was when the baby burped gas when Ahsoka gave him his medicine.

Kid: The best part was how the clones got to do so much more here than in the movies. They’re always coming in and helping and having battles. I liked that there were different types of clones depending on where they had battles. Some were camoflague, some were red and some were blue. I really liked when the red clone troops and commander came in to help rescue Padme. My favorite clones were the blue clones though. I really liked Captain Rex. He’s probably the coolest clone other than Commander Cody.

Sidekick: I really liked how the Jawas were trying to steal stuff and got scared by R2-D2 and ran away. I liked that part. They were running around screaming.

Kid: I liked that part a little bit. I liked the lightsaber fights better. There were a bunch of cool lightsaber fights but my favorite battle was between Dooku and Anakin. I liked the Asajj fight but not as much as Dooku. I did like when she escaped onto the ship

Sidekick: The lightsaber battles were a lot of fun. Dooku and Anakin’s fight was my favorite.

Kid: Ziro the Hutt was pretty funny, too. He sounded like Cartman.

Sidekick: He was funny. One of my favorite parts was when Jabba got back his son and he was so happy and said that he was going to get Ziro.

Kid: I can’t wait for the TV show to start! It’s going to be so great to have Star Wars on TV all the time. I want to go and buy more clones and droid toys right away.

Sidekick: The TV show is going to be so cool!

The Kid’s Rating: 10 out of 10
The Sidekick’s Rating: 10 out of 10


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