Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Gathering Volume 2: The Other Side of Despair Now Available

The Gathering Volume 2 is the second issue of my dad's comic book that he started last year. Me and my brother have a story in this one just like we did in the first issue and it's about our Niteraven character again.

The first issue was really good but this one is even better. The cover is cooler, the stories are cooler and there are people that do comics all the time that helped with this one. Gail Simone who writes for DC Comics and does Secret Six and Birds of Prey wrote a story here. So did Brian Koschak who draws Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

You can order the comic at wwww.grayhavencomics.com and you can sign up to be a fan of the Facebook page there, too. There is also the twitter page where a lot of Gathering Comic stuff is talked about at http://twitter.com/GatheringComic

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