Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Amazing Spider-Man #594

Amazing Spider-Man #594
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Barry Kitson and Mike McKone
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue finally has the big fight between Spider-Man and the new Vulture. I like how Peter decided to start being Spider-Man all day just to get Jameson mad. It’s been really funny how he tried to make a truce with Jameson after he became mayor and Jameson has this team of police out looking to take Spider-Man to jail or kill him. The new Vulture looks a lot tougher than the old man one, too but he hasn’t really done much in the story so far so this was the part of the story I really wanted to read.

Spider-Man and the Vulture started fighting in the last issue and when Spider-Man ripped off the Vulture’s mask he spit acid on Spider-Man’s face. The acid burned through his mask and made Spider-Man go blind. In the beginning of this comic they’re still fighting. Spider-Man’s mask is ruined and his eyes are drawn all weird because they’ve been burned. I like how the artist makes the costume look damaged with the eye piece broken and cracked and parts of his shirt ripped. I didn’t think that being blind would matter to Spider-Man because he has his spider sense that warns him about problems and I was right because when the Vulture tried to finish him off he used his spider sense to dodge his attacks and fight back. Spider-Man still had problems figuring out where things were and wasn’t really able to attack the Vulture but he did use his spider sense to keep from getting being up or killed.

What I didn’t like about the issue is that I think they wasted time in the prison. Spider-Man goes to visit the old Vulture to find out if he’s working with the new guy and the old man doesn’t really tell him anything important. I thought it was weird when Peter went back to his apartment and ran into his roommate’s sister. She is supposed to be taking care of the place and tells Peter that she’s been helping for a long time but he was away with the Fantastic Four so he didn’t know what was going on. The whole time they were talking he wasn’t wearing any clothes because he took off his wrecked costume and he didn’t really seem to care. The only other thing I didn’t like is that they keep spending a lot of time with Aunt May and Jameson’s dad. Now it looks like they’re getting married. I think it’s funny that Peter and Jameson will be related but they spend too much time on the boring characters like May and her boyfriend and people like that. I wish there would have been more going on with the Vulture or Jameson’s attack team.

The end battle was really good. I like how Spider-Man and the Vulture had a big battle in the baseball stadium and everyone started getting mad at Spider-Man even though he’s the hero. I think that a lot of the regular people in the comic are kind of dumb because they’re calling Spider-Man names and blaming him for things when it was really the Vulture’s fault. The best part was the move Spider-Man made at the end to finally stop the Vulture. I know he’s really strong but I was surprised that he did that move but I think it was because he got so mad at seeing Osborn at the game that he didn’t realize how much strength he was using.

I liked the art in the book a lot. Spider-Man and the Vulture were drawn really well. The new Vulture looks really scary and nothing like the old guy. Even the regular people are drawn well and all of the stuff around them like buildings and the baseball stadium looked good, too. The cover was good, too. I liked the giant mattress that Spider-Man was swinging over. There was a lot of action and the fight with Vulture was really good. I think he’s a pretty tough bad guy but Spider-Man was able to beat him easy in the end. I just hope there is less of Aunt May and Jameson in the next issue.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Green Lantern Corps #36

Green Lantern Corps #36
Written by Peter Tomasi and illustrated by Patrick Gleason
Published by DC Comics

In the regular Green Lantern book the main Green Lantern, Hal is working with other Lanterns to try and find out who the Orange Lantern is and to stop him from killing other Lanterns. This comic is a little different because it shows all of the other Green Lanterns instead of Hal Lantern and it’s pretty much about Sinestro and the Yellow Lanterns. In the Green Lantern comic Sinestro was captured by the Red Lanterns and they said they were going to find and kill his daughter. Sinestro escaped and now the Red Lanterns are looking for him to kill and the Green Lanterns are looking to capture or kill him and the Yellow Lanterns want to save him because he is their leader.

This comic starts off by showing that Sinestro found his daughter who is now a Green Lantern. Sinestro is telling her the story of how he is her dad. He used to be a Green Lantern, too and when he was still a good guy he had a baby. The baby looked pretty funny because it had pink skin like Sinestro and liked playing with the green rings. I like when Sinestro and his little girl both flew with green rings. When Sinestro started to go bad his wife took the baby away and let it live with another family. The old guy who looked after the girl was funny looking because he had white hair and a mustache with the pink skin. It looked silly. Sinestro snuck into her room and put a mark on her face so he’d always know where to find her and now he wants her to become a Yellow Lantern like him.

My favorite part of the book was when the special Green Lantern, Sodam, was fighting the big huge Yellow Lantern. He has all these special powers but the little blue guys in charge weren’t letting him use it. I can’t believe it. The monster guy is really tough and wears a yellow ring on each of fingers. That has to be a lot of power that he can put out. Sodam Lantern’s fight with him was one of the best parts. I also really liked a couple pages where the artist shows all of the Green Lanterns fighting a bunch of Yellow Lanterns and some Red ones in space. It was a massive battle and looked really cool in the comic. I think it’s great that there are so many different colored lanterns and all of the people who wear rings can look so different and I like the different types of aliens who are lanterns.

Some parts were a little confusing because there are so many different people in the book but the main story was cool. I was surprised that there was so much about Sinestro and his daughter in the beginning of the comic and think it would have been better if they showed more of all the lanterns fighting in space. I loved the picture of Zombie Superman in the comic book for the Blackest Night story. That’s going to be such a great comic book.

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Friday, May 15, 2009


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Deadpool #10

Deadpool #10
Written by Daniel Way and illustrated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue had a really great cover with Bullseye in his Hawkeye costume ready to shoot an arrow at Deadpool who is attacking him with a knife and a gun. I really like the way it was drawn and it got me excited about the comic. Deadpool is one of the best comics and I liked the Hawkeye book too so putting them together to fight is a good idea.

In this issue Norman Osborn is really mad because Deadpool stole his credit card in the other story because he didn’t get any money for the information about the Skrull Queen. Osborn tells all of his bad Avengers that he wants to take him out and sends Hawkeye to go kill him. I don’t know how the story is going to end but Deadpool is probably going to win. And even though I like Deadpool and don’t think they’ll let him get killed in the story I thought it was kind of weird that Osborn only sent Hawkeye after him. He has Wolverine’s son and the Venom Spider-Man on his team, too and those guys are really powerful. If he really wanted to kill Deadpool he should have sent more than one guy after him.

Deadpool breaks into some guy’s house and orders pizza and then eats all the pizza and then says that he was hired to kill the guy who delivers the pizza. The strange thing is that Deadpool says he only got 500 dollars to go after the pizza guy. I can’t believe he would go after someone for that kind of money. It doesn’t seem like a lot. The guy who owns the house was scared that he was going to get killed and promised to give Deadpool all his stuff if he let him live. One part was really funny when Deadpool was yelling at the guy he was robbing for not folding the seats of his car down and making things easy for him. His feelings were hurt that the innocent guy didn’t help Deadpool rob him quicker. When Deadpool gets back to the house the guy is dead and there is an arrow in him and Deadpool thinks the guy killed himself with an arrow but it’s really Hawkeye who tracked him down.

I like the fight between Hawkeye and Deadpool. It took a long time to get to their fight but it was the best part of the book. They’re both really tough and are very good with weapons and fighting so it was a pretty even match. I thought it was really funny when Deadpool shot his gun a bunch of times and then asked Hawkeye if he was dead yet. They have a really cool fight between a door and each of them are taking turns punching through the door. I like how the artist drew those pages because it’s funny when you look at them how they’re punching each other through the door and then Deadpool drops the grenade on the other side of the door where Hawkeye is standing. There are a bunch of pages in the book that have a lot of good art like the page with the bad Avengers and I like all of the poses that he draws Deadpool in. And when they’re fighting Deadpool is saying a lot of stupid stuff again because he’s nuts and it’s making Hawkeye angrier at him. I think the ending was funny, too. You can’t really take the comic seriously because Deadpool’s powers make it so he can’t die so even when he gets hurt it’s like a big joke.

I think that the next issue is going to have a longer fight with Hawkeye and Deadpool so it’ll probably be better but I thought this issue was very good, too. I liked all of the art and there were a bunch of funny parts in with Deadpool doing dumb stuff that made me laugh and the action was good. I just wish they got to the fight sooner.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #593

Amazing Spider-Man #593
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mike McKone
Published by Marvel Comics

In the last comic Peter Parker went to his Aunt’s home to change out of his costume because he was working as Spider-Man for several days and was starting to smell and needed to shower and wash his costume but he found out that Aunt May was dating Jameson’s dad and got all grossed out. In the beginning of this comic he is in the shower all mad saying that he has to wash his brain to get that thinking out of his head. I think it’s a funny idea that the person who is like his mom is in love with the dad of the person who makes him angry all the time. But Jameson does like Peter Parker, just not Spider-Man so it isn’t all bad.

I really like the idea that Peter is staying as Spider-Man the whole day every day just to make Jameson angry. I don’t think it’s bad because when Jameson got to be mayor Spider-Man tried to make a truce with him and instead Jameson sent a SWAT team to shoot him down. Spider-Man isn’t doing anything wrong. He’s actually doing a good job because since he is Spider-Man all the time he is able to stop a lot more bad guys and help more people. It’s just funny because Spider-Man is in the news all the time and that make Jameson really angry. I also like that the people in New York are starting to stick up for Spider-Man. I don’t get why all the people would be against him since he’s always out there doing good things and saving their lives so this part was really good. One of my favorite parts was when the SWAT team used a new weapon that was able to knock Spider-Man out for a bit and they were ready to arrest him but then regular people were sticking up for him and telling the SWAT team to leave him alone. I liked that. I also like on the next page that there was a loud guy talking on his cell phone and annoying all these other people on a bus so Spider-Man webbed his mouth shut. It’s funny to see him use his powers like that and the people on the bus were really happy when he made that guy shut up.

In this issue Spider-Man finally gets to fight the new Vulture who is a little different from the other Vulture. The new one is red and he isn’t as old as the other one and he is a lot creepier. When Spider-Man takes his mask off the Vulture has a really long and pointy nose, red glowing eyes and a face like a zombie creature and it looks like he could just bite Spider-Man’s head off. I don’t think Spider-Man knew how strong this guy was because the Vulture kicked his butt. He ripped up his costume and then made him fall from the sky onto the ground after spitting acid on his face. Spider-Man says he’s blind on the last page but I don’t think he will be. I think his powers are going to help him get better and even if he was blind his spider-sense would let him know where things were.

It’s another really good Spider-Man issue with a little more fighting in this comic and it was still funny like the issue before. Spider-Man should be fighting a lot of bad guys and being funny too and this comic he was doing both. I want to see him beat the Vulture up real bad in the next issue though.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Lantern #40

Green Lantern #40
Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Billy Tan
Published by DC Comics

There were two stories in this comic. The main one was about the Green Lanterns going after one of their own guys who was going back to his home world and he was attacked by Orange Lanterns. The little blue Guardians know that there is an Orange Lantern and they kept it a secret because they’re tricky and always lie to the Green Lanterns about pretty much everything. They do their own thing and try and make up all the rules and then they change the rules whenever they want. In other issues they were mad that Green Lantern Hal got a blue ring but now they want to know how it works and they’re acting like they’re his friend but they really only want it for themselves.

When all the Green Lanterns get to the planet where their friend is the Orange Lanterns attack. There is really only one Orange Lantern because they are very greedy and don’t want to share. The main Orange Lantern wants all of the rings so when he finds someone he takes them over and when they die they become like a ghost lantern but they’re part of the Orange team. They’re really creepy and powerful. They gang up and take the one Green Lantern and pretty much eat him up and when they do that he turns into an Orange Lantern. I really liked the way the artist drew all of the Orange Lanterns, especially on the one page where the Green Lantern gets turned into one. He looked like a scarier version of the Hobgoblin from Spider-Man comics. Another one of my favorite parts was when the main Orange Lantern finds Hal and gets crazy when he sees that Hal has a blue ring too. He just screams ‘I want one’ and is ready to attack him. I like how the Orange Lantern holds the battery close to him all the time like a little kid that doesn’t want to share.

I didn’t think the Orange Lanterns would be that tough because they’re really just the one guy but so far they’re beating everyone that they fight. The ghost Orange Lanterns basically just gang up on everyone until they kill the person and take their ring and turn them into one of them. I like how the artist makes all of the Orange Lanterns look really scary. Some other lantern teams have humans and friendly looking creatures but all of the Orange Lanterns are ugly and scary looking. I thought that the Red Lanterns were tough but the Orange Lanterns might be even more powerful because they attack all crazy and stuff. The good thing is that the other lantern teams are strong too and they really only have to attack the main guy and if they beat him he won’t be able to control the ghost Orange Lanterns.

The second story was more cartoonish and it was about how one of the Orange Lanterns, Glomulus, became that was. He was a little alien creature who kept stealing food until one day he got caught by one of the Orange Lantern’s ghosts and became an Orange Lantern, too. It was a real short story but I liked how they showed all the rings that the Orange Lantern collected around his base. I liked how the comic also showed one of the Purple Lanterns which is the all girl team. The main girl used to want to hurt one of the Green Lanterns but now that she has the ring she only feels love and is good now so it looks like the Purple Lanterns will be on the good team.

Green Lantern is a great comic. I like all the pages that show the whole team of Lanterns getting ready to fight and how all of the Lanterns listen to Hal because he’s their friend instead of trusting the blue Guardians. The story with all the different types of colored lanterns is really fun and I like how in the Free Comic Book Day Green Lantern comic they showed a lot of pages about each of the different Lantern teams. I liked seeing everyone who was on the team and all of their names and powers and it even talked about what their weaknesses were. The guy in charge of the zombie Lanterns shows up in the book too and he is starting to dig through graves trying to bring back old dead superheroes into his own zombie Black Lanterns. That is going to be a great story.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Free Comic Book Day 2009 Recap

Free Comic Book Day 2009 Recap

Free Comic Book Day is great because you can go to the comic book store and there are tables full of all these different comic books from different companies and you can get whatever you want for free. They do it once a year on Saturday usually after a movie about comic books opens like Wolverine did this week. We went to the same comic book store that we always go to but this time they had some extra tables out to hold all the free comics and it was a lot busier than it is at other times. The other cool thing is that there were guys from the 501st who dress in Star Wars costumes like Stormtroopers and Stormtrooper pilots. Their costumes are really well made and me and my brothers took some pictures with them.

I probably picked up about 10 different free comics but there were a lot more than that. I just got the ones that looked the most interesting. Some of them were a little boring and some of them were really good. I think they do Free Comic Day to thank people for reading comics and spending money and to get other people to try comics. I’m not going to do long reviews but I am going to pick the 5 best free comics that came out. These are the comics that I think would be good for people my age or who don’t usually read comics.

Atomic Robo
Red 5 Comics

The Atomic Robo book was very good and had three different short stories. The Atomic Robo short story was the best one. Robo is on an island fighting a dinosaur who has a machine gun and is trying to kill him. I read the regular Atomic Robo books and like them a lot. Robo is a robot who works with the army to fight bad guys and this one was a little bit different because he’s fighting an evil dinosaur but I like the things were a little different. The second story in the comic was about a whole army of robots. It has nothing to do with Atomic Robo but it looked okay. I thought the last story was pretty good, too. It’s about two brothers who kill monsters and I liked the battle they had with the huge monster in this issue. I think that this comic had 3 pretty good stories that show a lot of different comics that the company puts out. I think a lot of people who don’t read comics would find good things to like about these characters and stories.

Owly and Friends
Top Shelf Productions

I read some Owly comics that I bought at the New York Comic Con and thought they were okay but I usually like comics with words in them. When the comics don’t have words I think they make it a little too much for kids. Owly is drawn very cute but his stories are over very fast because there aren’t words. There are 5 short stories in this comic and they’re all pretty good, too. My favorite one was Johnny Boo. There were two Johnny Boo stories and I think it was cool that the writer let his kid write part of his story. You could tell which parts his kid wrote and drew and that was neat. The other stories were interesting, too but I’m definitely going to try and get more Johnny Boo comics. There were two of those stories and I liked both of them. I think that this is a good comic for people who don’t usually read comics because there are a lot of different stories that kids will like and the grown ups won’t be mad about.

The Avengers
Marvel Comics

This comic was different from all of the others because it was just one full story. I liked it because it is just like the regular Avengers comics that I’m reading with the team the way it is now and how they’re battle Osborn’s evil Avengers. I think that other people that don’t read comics will be able to figure everything out because Spider-Man explains it in the story. At first I was kind of annoyed because Spider-Man was talking a lot and saying things that everyone already knows like that Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn and the other Spider-Man is really Venom but he only did that because people would be reading the book that don’t know that stuff already. The story was pretty exciting and it was about both Avengers teams getting ready to fight over some creatures that were powerful enough to hurt Thor. The Avengers teams are able to beat the creature and then they want to go after each other but Thor warns Osborn that if he doesn’t leave he’s going to go after him. I was disappointed that the Avengers teams keep meeting but they never really fight but I guess they’re saving it for the regular book later.

Bongo Comics Free For All
Bongo Comics

The Bongo Comics book had a lot of different short stories. The main story was about the Simpsons and Bart and Milhouse getting free comic books with their Krusty burger meals. I like how part of the comic was a pretend Krusty comic and Bart was mad because the story was so dumb and was just about different types of food like fries and hamburgers battling. There was a pretend coupon for a free Krusty burger or soda, too but you have to buy a huge order to get the free stuff. I didn’t really like the Futurama story because I don’t watch the show but the other Simpsons story was good, too. It had Homer and Bart as superheroes and they get zapped by a raw which turns Homer young and Bart old. I think that anyone who watches the Simpsons television show will like the comic because it’s just as funny. And people who like Futurama will probably like that comic, too if it’s like how they make the Simpsons.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night
DC Comics

A lot of people know who Green Lantern is but I bet most of them don’t know that there are all these other teams of different colored lanterns so I think it was a good idea to talk about that in this comic book. The first story is about Green Lantern and Flash talking about how all their friends have died and they hope they come back, especially Batman. Flash and Green Lantern both died and came back to life and they think that their friends will be able to come back too. And then the story shows the head of the Black Lanterns digging through the graveyard and he says the Black Lantern oath about how he is going to make his team of evil Lanterns out of dead heroes. If Batman becomes a zombie Black Lantern that’s going to be big trouble because he’s pretty tough without powers. If he had a ring I don’t think anyone can stop him. I think it’s an easy comic for people to read because they show every different colored Lantern team at the end with all the members and their powers and weaknesses. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on and I liked the page with all of the superhero hands coming out of the ground to become Black Lanterns. That’s going to be a great story.
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