Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The DC Comics Visit

Our Trip to DC Comics

This week me and my brother went to NYC to stay with my uncle for a few days and had a great time. We took a ferry boat to visit the Statue of Liberty and got to see it really close. We went to a bunch of parks and climbed some giant rocks on one of them. We played around a lot and made fun of some ducks at one of the parks. We visited the museum where Night at the Museum took place and the park where Peter broke up with Mary Jane and where they did Enchanted.

The coolest part was that we got to visit DC Comics where they make all the Batman and Superman comics and Tiny Titans and things like that. Chris Cerasi is one of the editors there and he came to meet us downstairs and took us up to the DC offices and floors where they work on all the books. Chris also gave me and my brother each a huge gift bag filled with a ton of DC stuff. There were action figures, big comic trades, coloring books, early reader books, and some fun activity books. I like the book that teaches you how to draw DC superheroes.

There were a bunch of different floors all for the comics. They said that there were seven total levels that all have to do with DC Comics but we only went to a few of them. One was made for Batman and other was for Superman and another was a lot of different DC heroes. On the Batman floor there was a statue of Batman and they had the Batsignal and a painting of Gotham City. There was also a cool mini Batmobile that I got to sit in. We also went to the prop room where they had the real Mr. Freeze’s gun, Batarangs and Robinrangs and Catwoman’s whip and cool stuff like that.

Then we went to the Superman floor. They had real kryptonite, telephone booths that were smashed from him changing and Clark Kent sitting on a bench. On the other level they had a big painting of all of the superheroes of DC.

The guy who did work on Lego Batman introduced himself and asked us if we liked playing the game and asked us if we beat the game yet. I told him I didn’t beat it yet and then he gave us the Prima Guide Book with all of the cheat codes and stuff in it so we could finish up all the levels and unlock all the characters like Hush and Ra’s Al Ghul.

Then we went to visit Kenny Lopez who showed us how he does the design work on the comic books. He showed us the cover of a Batman comic book and showed us different titles and asked which kind we liked more. He had a lot of Mets stuff in his office and I told him that the Mets are losers cause the Phillies won the World Series this year. It was still cool to see how he decides what art to use on the book even though he likes bad baseball teams.

Everybody was really nice to us and we got to see some very interesting things and I really liked the gift bags that we got to take home. It was a big surprise to be able to visit there and I liked getting to see the place where all of the comics are made. I liked meeting the people who work there, too. They were all friendly and it’s neat to know who works on the comics and games that we like so much.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Kid's Year in Review: Best of 2008!

There were a lot of great comic books this year. These are my picks for the best ones of the year.

Funniest Comic: Deadpool
Deadpool is written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Paco Medina and is published by Marvel Comics

Tiny Titans is pretty funny and Spider-Man and Hulk always have some funny things in them, too. And the Batman/Superman story with the little heroes was really funny but their books usually aren’t too funny. Definitely the funniest comic book is Deadpool. He is doing something really stupid or crazy in every issue. I like how he talks to himself or gets people mad at him when he pretends to not understand things. I like how he tricked all the Skrulls into killing each other and how he was tricked into drinking poison because he thought it was water. He’s always acting really dumb and usually I’m laughing at a lot of different parts in every one of his comics.

Craziest Moment: Batman becomes Zur En Arrh
Written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Tony Daniel and is published by DC Comics

Batman is always one of the toughest characters. He can pretty much beat anyone because he trains really hard and has a lot of different moves. But in the story where he goes crazy he gets even stronger. He stops being Bruce Wayne and thinks he’s another kind of Batman and makes himself a new costume with red and yellow colors. Then he goes out and starts beating on all the criminals he’s after. He’s pulling his own teeth out with a knife because he thinks bad guys are tracking him and whenever he goes on the attack he starts using pipes and bats to beat them. I couldn’t believe it but it was so cool to see Batman go nuts.

Favorite Fight: Thor vs Wasp in Secret Invasion #8
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and published by Marvel Comics

There were some awesome fights and most of them were in Secret Invasion. I had a hard time picking between two parts. One was when the old Hawkeye picks up his bow and arrows and kills a bunch of Skrulls at once and shoots his last arrow into the face of the Skrull Spider-Woman. That was so cool and I like how all of it was drawn. My favorite fight though was when Wasp grew huge and was killing all of the heroes and Thor was the one to stop her. Thor is a cool character and when he started spinning his hammer and making her disappear it was very exciting to read. I like how the art was done in that scene, too and how she started to fall apart when she died.

Favorite Action: Atomic Robo vs Enemy Soldiers in World War II
Written by Brian Clevinger and illustrated by Scott Wegener and published by Red 5 Comics

Atomic Robo is a really interesting comic about a robot who is used by the USA and the army to fight enemy soldiers in World War II. Because he’s a robot he’s already really strong and is tough to beat but he also uses machine guns and drives trucks and tanks and things like that. The bad armies create different super robots to try and stop Robo and those fights are always really good but I like the fights where it’s just Robo against the human soldiers. I like how he uses parts of cars as shields and breaks their weapons and things like that. It’s a really interesting idea to have a robot on your side in the army and I like how this book does it. I never heard of the book until I saw one of the covers in the store and now it’s one of my favorites.

Favorite Comic Book Moment: ‘Knock Knock’ in Deadpool #3
Written by Daniel Way and illustrated by Paco Medina and published by Marvel Comics

There were a lot of funny comics and a lot of funny parts in those comics. Little Batman and Superman were really funny. Tiny Titans made me laugh a bunch of times. Spider-Man did some funny stuff almost all the time in his books. Deadpool has been the funniest comic so far and in every issue he does so many things that are just stupid that it makes me laugh. The best part was when he was captured by Skrulls but said that he was training them and had them do all this dumb stuff. One of the things he taught them to do was point guns at each other and say knock knock and when they said it they shot each other in the head. It was just so funny when they showed that’s what was happening and then in another issue they were doing it again. I laughed the most at that part than any other comic book this year.

Favorite Movie or Series Based on a Comic: Spectacular Spider-Man

At first I wasn’t going to watch this show because I thought it looked kind of stupid. The bad guys looked different from what they’re supposed to be like and the way everyone in the show was drawn was kind of weird. I watched a couple of the first episodes and really liked it. I started liking the way everyone was drawn, too. It’s different but it still doesn’t look bad. Spider-Man in the black suit was really cool and I liked the Green Goblin story a lot. Most of the episodes were really good and then I got some of the toys, too. I can’t wait for new episodes to start.

Favorite Book Aimed at Kids: Tiny Titans
Written by Art Baltazar and Franco and illustrated by Art Baltazar and published by DC Comics

A lot of people are always trying to get me to read kid comic books because they say I’ll like them more. I’ve tried the kid comics of Spider-Man and Hulk and Avengers and Batman and Shazam and things like that but most of them are pretty boring. I like reading about the real characters that are in the regular comics. A lot more happens in those comics. I tried Tiny Titans because it’s one of the books that everyone was saying I should get so I did try a couple of the issues and they were actually very good. I like how there are a bunch of different stories in each issue and that the words are drawn bigger so it’s very easy to read. There is some funny stuff in each issue usually and I like the stories. For once there was a really good book that’s supposed to be for kids that’s fun and not boring.

Favorite Science Fiction Book: Nova
Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and illustrated by Wellinton Alves and Geraldo Burges and published by Marvel Comics

I never heard of Nova before. But one of the first times I went looking for books to review I saw a cool looking cover of Nova fighting a Super Skrull and bought it. I thought it was fun how Nova was on a planet helping these cat like children and they turned out to be Super Skrulls and Nova had to fight them all and then get to Earth to warn about the invasion but he was too late. I picked up some old and new Nova comics after that so I could read more stories. I like that a lot of his adventures take place in outer space on different planets and things. It’s different from a lot of the other comics that take place on Earth. He fights some cool bad guys and I like the newer comics where there is a whole army of Novas. He has a very cool suit. I especially like the helmet. I like this comic because it’s a different type of superhero comic and he does a lot of his own things instead of just being around the same types of heroes all the time. It’s a lot of fun.

Favorite Character: Deadpool
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Paco Medina and is published by Marvel Comics

I had the Deadpool action figure for awhile and saw him in a couple comics before but I didn’t know that much about him. I finally started reading the new comics when they came out and thought they were really, really good. They were really funny and there was a lot of action and Deadpool is always acting stupid. In every issue he is doing something funny and I laugh at something that he says or does. His costume is really cool, too. It looks kind of like Spider-Man’s, but it’s easier to draw. I like how he uses a lot of different weapons and can fight really well, too. There are a lot of good comics and cool comic characters but my favorite right now has to be Deadpool. I hope that his comic keeps staying as good as it is now.

Favorite Artist: Chris Bachalo

I liked a lot of the artists on the comics. I like the art on Batman and Hulk a lot. I think it’s pretty hard to draw Spider-Man, especially with all of the webs. And there were a lot of different artists who were drawing Spider-Man this year. I liked the art in the book with Lady Kraven and the ones with Menace. I like how Venom and Anti Venom were drawn in their story, too. But I think my favorite artist was Chris Bachalo on Spider-Man in the Hammerhead story. He draws Spider-Man a lot different from the other artists I’ve seen. He draws a lot of the characters really different but he also puts a lot of detail into his pictures. When Spider-Man and Hammerhead fight he draws all of the glass and all of the people in the backgrounds and stuff. Whenever there is a big picture in the book he has a lot of stuff going on in other parts so you spend a lot of time looking at the pictures and picking out different things you can find.

Favorite Writer: Jeph Loeb

Jeph Loeb writes the awesome Hulk book and he does Ultimate Avengers, too. The Hulk is a really cool character and I think it’s a great idea to have an even stronger Red Hulk in the book that can’t be beaten by anyone. I like how he writes the battles in Hulk and Ultimates. There are always good battles in his books. I also think it’s really cool that he wrote me a letter to tell me how much he liked my reviews and mentioned my reviews during his interviews. I like his comics and he likes the reviews I do so that’s cool. And since he writes my favorite comic I have to say that he is my favorite writer right now.

Favorite Short Story: Big Mouth
Written and illustrated by Phil Craven and featured in Flight: Explorer published by Villard

Flight Explorer had a lot of really good stories in it. Some were funny and some were good action stories but the best one was a funny story called Big Mouth. Big Mouth is this really weird looking monster with a big mouth who talks really loud and annoys everyone around him because he is so loud. There are a lot of funny parts in the book like when he sits on the bench or tries to play basketball. It’s funny when people get mad at him but I also like it because he makes a friend with someone who speaks too quietly at the end. It’s a short story but it’s one of my favorites.

Favorite Mini Series: Secret Invasion
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu and published by Marvel Comics

This was a great story. The Skrulls are awesome bad guys because they can copy anyone’s powers and impersonate people, too. The Skrulls attack the Earth and all the superheroes have to figure out a way to stop them. Because the Skrulls are impersonating other heroes and have all these different powers the superheroes aren’t able to beat them on their own and a lot of the bad guys who have powers have to help the heroes out. The art was really good in this book. I like how the Skrulls were drawn really creepy, especially when the butler turned into the Skrull when he was holding the baby. And he drew fight scenes really well. There are a lot of fights in all of the issues and they look really great. Some of my favorite parts were when Wolverine fought Skrull Spider-Woman and when the old Hawkeye used his bow and arrows on everyone and when Thor fought Wasp and when all of the real heroes were fighting all the Skrull heroes. I was surprised by how it ended and I think the heroes are going to be in a lot more trouble with Norman Osborn as their boss than they did fighting the Skrulls.

Favorite Independent Comic: Flight Explorer
Written and illustrated by Matthew Armstrong, Bannister, Phil Craven, Steve Hamaker, Ben Hatke, Kazu Kibuishi, Johane Matte, Jake Parker, Rad Sechrist and Kean Soo and published by Villard

Flight Explorer is one of the best books I have. It’s a big book that has about 12 different stories in it that are pretty short and easy to read. Most of the stories are really good and some of them are really funny. A few of them weren’t very interesting but I still like that there are so many different types of stories to pick from in the book. And each story is drawn by someone different so there is a lot of cool art in the book. I like when there is a comic that has a lot of stories in it because if there are a couple that aren’t that great there are probably a bunch that are really good. Pretty much all of Flight Explorer is really good.

Favorite Single Issue: Superman/Batman #51
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque and published by DC Comics

This was the funniest comic that I read all year. Deadpool is a funny comic and Tiny Titans and Spider-Man can be funny too, but I laughed at almost all the pages in this book and even my brother liked it a lot and thought it was funny, too. Batman and Superman meet a tiny Batman and Superman from another world and the little Batman is so angry and he is always being grumpy and doing things like trying to kick Batman in the legs. I like when all the tiny superhero girls were falling in love with Robin and then the last page was a great surprise when it was full of all these tiny bad guys. The second issue was pretty funny, too, but it wasn’t as good as the first one. This issue was just great fun on every page.

Favorite Comic Book Series: Hulk
Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, Art Adams and Frank Cho and published by Marvel Comics

There are a lot of really good comics out there. I read a lot more comics now than I ever did. Deadpool is really good but it just started. Amazing Spider-Man is really good, too. I have to pick Hulk as my favorite book because every issue is really great. The Green Hulk was always a cool character but the Red Hulk is even better. He’s stronger and meaner than the regular Hulk. I like how most of the issues of this comic had a different character or team coming in to try and stop the Red Hulk but they all lost. Iron Man, Thor, A Bomb and Green Hulk all battled the Hulk and none of them could beat him. I like how now the book is telling different stories with both the Red Hulk and Green Hulk because I like seeing both of those characters in the book. And the art is really nice, too. I like the colors of all the characters and how huge the artist makes the Hulks and even the people they fight

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hulk #8

Hulk #8
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Art Adams and Frank Cho
Published by Marvel Comics

Now the Hulk book is being told in two parts. In the first part the story is about the original Hulk who turned gray and the second part of the story is about the new red one. I like that there are two different stories because you can get different Hulk stories that way but at the same time I wish they were longer because it seems like it’s over so fast.

In the first story the Gray Hulk is fighting Moon Knight and the other super heroes tell him to let Moon Knight go so the Hulk throws him into the sky and says ‘fetch’. I also thought it was cool that Ms Marvel was a lot smaller than the Hulk but she was strong enough to fight against him. She said that the Hulk isn’t as strong when he is gray she is able to punch him really hard and smashes him into a building and all the lights explode.

When the Hulk comes out of the building he is green again and even madder. He tells the girl that he wants to be left alone and then Moon Knight jumps on his back and puts these little things in his ears that make the Hulk go nuts. They make this really loud sound and it hurts the Hulk’s ears a lot so he goes jumping away because he’s mad and then the Sentry tries to catch him. I thought it was funny when the Hulk called him ‘S-Man’ and said that he wasn’t his friend anymore. He acts like a little kid sometimes when he’s mad.

The Hulk and the Sentry are fighting on top of the building and everything is getting smashed but then Moon Knight asks for help because things are really bad. And the last page of the story shows all these white creatures that look like werewolves but white attacking people and they have blood all over their fur.

The second story is all about the Red Hulk. She Hulk and some of her girl super hero friends tries to catch Red Hulk but he ended up winning as usual. The Red Hulk has She-Hulk’s neck caught in a big chain and says that he’s going to break her neck. One girl throws her sword right at the Hulk but it goes past him and he thinks she was dumb. But she was throwing the sword to cut the chain and not to stab Hulk so she tricked him. And then when Hulk wasn’t ready she had this shotgun and blasted him right in the face. Even that didn’t stop him, though. He was really angry but he didn’t seem like it hurt him all that bad.

The girl blasts him with the shotgun again and then She Hulk jumps from high up in the air and slams him into the ground and says ‘She Hulk smash’ because that’s what Hulk says and she wanted to try it. Then she grabs the chain and puts it around the Hulk’s neck because that’s what he did to her. When he’s trying to fight the chain, the girl with the sword stabs him right in the chest and the sword goes so far that it comes out his back.

The art was really awesome in those parts because every time that the Hulk got shot or cut his blood was glowing yellow stuff like his eyes and the part where he is stabbed is drawn really well. When the Hulk is lying on the ground with the sword in him and the chain strangling him the girl wants to blast him with the shotgun again but he grabs the gun and gets up. Then he pulls the sword out he’s holding the gun and the sword and is screaming that he’s going to chop all their head’s off. He is so angry because he’s never gotten his butt kicked like that before. And then all the girl heroes in all the comics come to rescue the other ones. There’s Spider-Woman and Mrs Fantastic and some other ones. They’re all looking mad and ready to kick Hulk’s butt.

Both stories were really good but I liked the one with the Red Hulk a little better because he was fighting all of the girl heroes and they kept messing him up real bad.

I also liked the cartoon on the last page with all the little colored Hulks who missed their flight because they were messing around. I think it would be a funny cartoon if the little Hulks were all in a wrestling class but they missed their class because they were too busy play wrestling in their house. Or they could meet a bunch of different colored Skrulls to play with since Skrulls are usually green like Hulk but now there are different colored ones, too.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Hulk: Red Hulk Hardcover

Red Hulk Hardcover
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Ed McGuinness
Published by Marvel Comics

Jeph Loeb, the guy who writes the Hulk comic and the Ultimate Avengers comic sent me a huge Hulk comic for Thanksgiving. It had a bunch of the old stories all collected and then a special story where the Hulk is fighting Wolverine that I never read before and a lot of extra pictures of the Red Hulk in the back.

I think it’s cool that he mailed me the book. He signed it with a silver pen and wrote a cool letter, too. I like that the pages of the book are a lot shinier than the comics that I already have. The art and the story is the same but it looks different like it’s drawn brighter or something. It looks very cool and it’s good to have all the comics in one collection so it’s easier to carry around and look through and stuff.

The book has all of the Hulk issues that I reviewed which has all the great fights with Iron Man, A Bomb, Thor and Green Hulk. Red Hulk beat them all but it’s fun how he’s so mean and just can’t be stopped by any of them.

The Wolverine story in the back is very good. Wolverine attacks the Green Hulk and the two of them have a huge battle in the woods. Wolverine kept slicking at the Hulk and was putting his claws in his back and neck and the Hulk kept fighting back. The Hulk didn’t really get hurt by Wolverine but he kept getting madder every time Wolverine would cut him or jump around.

I like how the Hulk picked up a huge rock and was ready to crush Wolverine with it but Wolverine used his claws to cut the insides of the Hulk’s legs which made him really, really mad. Wolverine got stuck in the rocks and then the Hulk picked him up with both hands and pulled him apart. Like not broken or anything…Wolverine was ripped into two pieces. That was crazy. I didn’t know the Hulk was strong enough to do that.

But then Wolverine wakes up because he was just dreaming about it and it didn’t really happen. He doesn’t remember whether it was an old story that he was in or whether he was just imagining it. Wolverine had a silly look on his face when he was thinking about it. I don’t know who would win it if it was a real fight and not a dream but I don’t think that Wolverine would have let the Hulk catch him if it was.

The way it was drawn was good. I like how they showed different Wolverine costumes and they did the blood a really cool way on the first pages. The Hulk is drawn really big in these comics and he just looks really awesome that way. I wish the Wolverine story was longer but it was a nice surprise that there was an extra story that I didn’t read in the book.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 (of 8)
Written by Eric Shanower and Illustrated by Skottie Young
Published by Marvel Comics

A Special Review by The Kid's Younger Brother

I like how Dorothy was playing outside with her dog and a big tornado was coming and the farmer told her to get inside so Dorothy went inside and the house got picked up and thrown away. I like how the house was flying around in the air and the dog almost fell out of the bottom of the house and Dorothy had to catch him.

I like when Dorothy landed in Oz and the good witch came out and showed her that the house crushed the bad witch. I like how the bad witch was crushed and the sun made her legs turn to dust and all that was left were the silver shoes.

I like when the munchkins came out and they were all happy that the witch was dead. They wanted to celebrate because the witch was dead and they were happy because they said that Dorothy killed the witch because she had the silver shoes.

I like when Dorothy met the Scarecrow and he woke up and winked at her and started talking. It was funny that the Scarecrow said that he doesn’t have a brain and wants to find the wizard with Dorothy and maybe he’ll get a brain. And the Scarecrow says because he is made of straw he doesn’t get hurt and he doesn’t get tired.

I like the pictures a lot. I like how the meaner wicked witch is drawn and I like the way the munchkins are drawn and I think it’s cool how the dead witch was drawn under the house and then how she was drawn only with the shoes left.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret Invasion #8

Secret Invasion #8
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu
Published by Marvel Comics

This was the last part of the story where the Skrulls attacked the Earth and replaced a lot of the super heroes with bad guys. I like the story a lot. There was a lot of great battles between good guys and bad guys all teaming up against the Skrulls and the drawings were really good, too.

The Skrulls did something to make the Wasp turn huge and she was poisoning all of the other super heroes making them get sick and throw up and stuff. The Skrulls wanted to use her to kill everyone else and make sure that they won but Thor wasn’t bothered by her powers. He flew in and killed her even though she was his friend because he wanted to protect all his other friends and beat the Skrulls.

I like that the Skrull leader Spider-Woman was still alive and had all of Wolverine’s claw marks all over her. She looked like a zombie without her mask and all ripped up and stuff. It was a very cool drawing of her. I liked the part where all of the Avengers were standing in a line around her ready to take her down again and Osborn had his special sniper rifle. I thought Wolverine was going to kill her because he was the first to attack but Osborn ended up blowing her head off with his special gun.

I like how all the teams started to chase after the Skrulls and make sure that they didn’t escape and that Iron Man was wearing old armor because he other one got trashed in another issue. Thor captures one of the Skrulls ships again and all of the real super heroes who were captured by the Skrulls get off. The real Spider Woman is there and Ronin’s girlfriend and Mrs Fantastic and a guy with a dumb hat and mustache. Then the bad guys who have been helping say that they have to leave because they don’t want the super heroes to come after them.

A really cool part was when the guy and the girl (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) figure out that they left their baby with a Skrull in the other issue. The girl left the butler with the baby and when she left to fight the butler turned into a Skrull. Now she figured out that the butler was a Skrull and flies back to her base but the Skrull kidnapped the baby. Another part that I liked was when Iron Man is really happy to see Thor but Thor is angry with him and says that everything was his fault.

I was really surprised at the end. When the President was saying that Iron Man was the guy who screwed up and that they were putting someone new in charge of all the super heroes I thought it was going to be Thor. Thor killed Wasp and saved everyone and he took out a lot of the Skrulls that were trying to escape and did most of the work. But the President made Norman Osborn in charge of everything which is crazy. He doesn’t know that Osborn is the Goblin or something and now Osborn is the good guy and Iron Man is the guy who is blamed for the Skrulls. And I like how Osborn goes to the Avengers base and meets with all of the other crazy bad guys like Dr Doom to start planning how they’re going to run things.

The art was really good again. The picture of Skrull Spider-Woman was really good. Osborn was drawn really creepy again. Even though he was doing things to help people he still looked like a bad guy. I like how they drew big Wasp and Thor battling her. And the part with all of the super heroes getting ready to fight Spider-Woman was really good. I like how Spider-Man was posing and getting ready to fire his webs and had his mask ripped up.

The only thing I didn’t like is that it seemed short. The big battle ended right away and I thought there was going to be more but it was still a very good comic. Osborn is going to cause a lot of problems for Iron Man and other super heroes probably.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Monday, December 1, 2008

Batman #681

Batman #681
Written by Grant Morrison and Illustrated by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics

The comic starts off with Batman captured. He’s in a trap all tied up and buried in a coffin. Then the book keeps switching to go back in time when he was training. There’s a creepy old guy telling him that he is working for a dark master. He tells Bruce Wayne that he poisoned his tea and that he’s going to die in a couple of minutes. But what really happened was that Bruce said he switched the cups on the old man when he blinked so that the old man was really poisoned but Bruce saved him.

Robin is getting into a fight with the bad guys from the Black Glove and it looks like he’s going to lose but then all of these Batman type heroes from different countries come to help him. Nightwing is still captured and the bad guys want to destroy his brain but he breaks out and saves himself.

I really like how Batman breaks out of the coffin. He is saying that he’s really tired but can hold his breath for a long time and that the dirt weighs 600 pounds but he uses all his strength to break out. Then Batman goes after all of the bad guys and starts beating them down. Nightwing shows up to start helping him and tells Batman that he looks tired.

All of the bad guys are making bets on whether Batman will die but Joker bets that Batman will win because he always wins. Joker escapes before he can get beaten up by Batman or Dr Hurt and drives away in an ambulance that he stole. Then the little kid who says he’s Batman’s son is driving the Batmobile and smashes into the ambulance and makes him crash off a bridge.

Then Dr Hurt is fighting Batman and starts telling him that they have to work together and that Bruce has to stop being Batman. Batman takes off his mask and cape but goes after Dr Hurt. Dr Hurt tries to escape in a helicopter but Batman catches him and breaks through the window. The helicopter crashes and Batman is missing. The book doesn’t show you what happens to any of them. One of the last pages is Nightwing holding Batman’s cape.

I wish that they would have said who Dr Hurt really was. He says that he’s Bruce Wayne’s dad but Bruce doesn’t believe him. The Joker thinks that he’s the devil when he talks about their playing cards. And there are a lot of parts where people are talking about the devil and the biggest evil and stuff so Dr Hurt could be the devil but they don’t say for sure. Then the story is six months later and some of the people from the Black Glove are beating up police and the guys are saying that Batman and Robin are dead. I don’t get that’s true because the Bat-signal gets lit which means Batman and Robin are called so they aren’t dead. The last page is Bruce remember when his parents were killed after his parents took him to the Zorro movie.

I really like the art in the book. There were a lot of good looking pictures. I like the one where they’re ready to stick the needle in Nightwing’s brain but he busts out. I like when Batman jumps to the helicopter. I also thought that Batman looked really cool when he was standing up in the dark after coming out of the grave. Joker looked really scary in all of his pictures and Nightwing looked very cool when he was standing on the roof holding Batman’s costume.

It was a pretty good issue. Batman wasn’t as crazy as he has been in the purple and yellow costume and there were some good fights in it but I wish they would have said who Dr Hurt was.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Ultimate Spider-Man #128

Ultimate Spider-Man #128
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics

In this issue Spider-Man is still looking for Venom and Venom is still in the park trying to eat people that he talks to.

I like when Spider-Man gets home and he sees his old girlfriend with Carnage’s face. She looked very creepy. She wants Peter to help her out but he doesn’t know what’s going on and thinks that she’s supposed to be dead. It was pretty cool when Eddie Brock knocked on the door and asked where Peter was. Aunt May asked if Eddie had powers or a weapon and he said no so she pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Eddie was able to grab the gun and point it to her and asked where Peter was again. Spider-Man shows up and webs the gun and punches Eddie across his deck smashing everything. Then Spider-Man starts pounding on Eddie and beating him up real bad.

Spider-Man takes Eddie and swings off with him to some factory. Eddie is mad because the Venom costume likes Peter more and Peter is mad because the costume is dangerous. He tells his girlfriend to show Eddie what he means and she turns into a big monster Carnage. Carnage goes after Eddie and then parts of her suit go to Eddie and he turns into Venom.

I like that there was a big huge battle between Venom and Carnage. Carnage and Venom fight and the costume lets them grow their arms really long and they start beating on each other. It’s a pretty good battle but Spider-Man pretty much stays out of it. Venom takes over the Carnage suit and gets a new costume that is big and black but with red eyes. Then Spider-Man comes back and tries to fight the new Venom but he isn’t winning. Iron Man shows with a bunch of people in armor and jet packs and Venom gets scared and disappears into the sewers.

Spider-Man is mad now because Venom got away and no one is going after him. Iron Man and his people tell him that Venom isn’t going to come back and they try and keep his girlfriend as a prisoner. They tell him that the girl isn’t the same girl who died but she isn’t a clone either and that she’s just sort of the same person but new. Iron Man says that the girl can live with Peter and Aunt May so they are going to let her leave.

The end was probably my favorite part. Eddie is on the bench talking to some guy and then he turns into Venom and tries to eat him but the guy has some sort of weapon on his hands and sucks the costume and Eddie into his suit. He turns into the Beetle, one of Spider-Man’s bad guys from another issue and flies away with the suit.

I liked how the artist drew the Beetle flying away on the last page. His costume is very cool. I also thought they did a good job of making the girl look really creepy with the regular body but the Carnage face. I thought the cover was really good, too, with the new crazy looking Venom with the red eyes.

I liked the comic but I wish Spider-Man would have done more. I think it would have been better if Spider-Man was fighting Carnage and Venom instead of them fighting only each other. It was still good, though.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Deadpool #4

Deadpool #4
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Carlo Barberi and Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue of Deadpool was awesome again. Deadpool is begging for work because he has no money or bullets so he asks some guy named Zeke that he knew if he could work for him. Deadpool doesn’t like Zeke at all but he needs the money so he goes to Zeke’s house to meet with him. Zeke says that his wife went to go see some doctor who was actually like a mad scientist and the doctor was doing experiments and stuff. Zeke thinks that his wife was turned into a zombie by the doctor but isn’t sure. He knows that the doctor is probably a zombie now and tells Deadpool that he’s going to have to kill a lot of zombies to help the wife.

Deadpool hates Zeke. When he goes to his house and it’s a big mansion he looks around at all of the nice stuff that Zeke has and says, ‘I’m glad you’re doing well you poop head’. It was funny that he really didn’t like Zeke but had to pretend he did. Deadpool was also happy because Zeke didn’t have a cool exploding chair like one that Deadpool made before.

There are a lot of funny parts in the comic. It’s probably the funniest that Deadpool has been. I like in the beginning when Deadpool is watching TV and every channel has stories about Skrulls. It’s like how a lot of the comics are talking about Skrulls. I also liked when Deadpool imagines that bad things that he’s seen and imagines a bear in a cheerleading costume.

Zeke tells Deadpool that he can kill anyone that bothers him but he has to save his wife. And then he reminds him not to kill his wife. And then Deadpool is like, okay so I have to kill your wife. Zeke had a very cool room of weapons that made Deadpool very jealous. Deadpool opened the door and saw all these different types of guns and was like, mother of God. He was so impressed by how many guns Zeke had and took a bunch of them.

I like when Deadpool went to the town without his mask and all the people in town thought Deadpool was a zombie and shot him. And since he doesn’t get hurt when he’s shot they believe he’s a zombie even more. They put Deadpool in a jail with a bunch of real zombies and he’s acting silly with them but then kills everyone and escapes to this castle run by a creepy guy with an hunchback.

I also like that Deadpool was offered water by the crazy hunchback guy and he was so thirsty so he was drinking it and then turned the bottle around and saw that it had a big poison picture on it. Deadpool cursed and then passed out.

The art was really good. I like the picture where Deadpool is getting shot at and the one where he’s talking to the hunchback that looks like Igor. I like the picture where he was sitting in the chair that he made out of explosives and was talking to himself. He made Deadpool look really good.

This issue was my favorite issue of Deadpool. There wasn’t so much with the Skrulls and Deadpool got to do a lot more stuff in it. And the part with the zombies was very cool.

My Rating: 10 out of 10
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