Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hulk #8

Hulk #8
Written by Jeph Loeb and Illustrated by Art Adams and Frank Cho
Published by Marvel Comics

Now the Hulk book is being told in two parts. In the first part the story is about the original Hulk who turned gray and the second part of the story is about the new red one. I like that there are two different stories because you can get different Hulk stories that way but at the same time I wish they were longer because it seems like it’s over so fast.

In the first story the Gray Hulk is fighting Moon Knight and the other super heroes tell him to let Moon Knight go so the Hulk throws him into the sky and says ‘fetch’. I also thought it was cool that Ms Marvel was a lot smaller than the Hulk but she was strong enough to fight against him. She said that the Hulk isn’t as strong when he is gray she is able to punch him really hard and smashes him into a building and all the lights explode.

When the Hulk comes out of the building he is green again and even madder. He tells the girl that he wants to be left alone and then Moon Knight jumps on his back and puts these little things in his ears that make the Hulk go nuts. They make this really loud sound and it hurts the Hulk’s ears a lot so he goes jumping away because he’s mad and then the Sentry tries to catch him. I thought it was funny when the Hulk called him ‘S-Man’ and said that he wasn’t his friend anymore. He acts like a little kid sometimes when he’s mad.

The Hulk and the Sentry are fighting on top of the building and everything is getting smashed but then Moon Knight asks for help because things are really bad. And the last page of the story shows all these white creatures that look like werewolves but white attacking people and they have blood all over their fur.

The second story is all about the Red Hulk. She Hulk and some of her girl super hero friends tries to catch Red Hulk but he ended up winning as usual. The Red Hulk has She-Hulk’s neck caught in a big chain and says that he’s going to break her neck. One girl throws her sword right at the Hulk but it goes past him and he thinks she was dumb. But she was throwing the sword to cut the chain and not to stab Hulk so she tricked him. And then when Hulk wasn’t ready she had this shotgun and blasted him right in the face. Even that didn’t stop him, though. He was really angry but he didn’t seem like it hurt him all that bad.

The girl blasts him with the shotgun again and then She Hulk jumps from high up in the air and slams him into the ground and says ‘She Hulk smash’ because that’s what Hulk says and she wanted to try it. Then she grabs the chain and puts it around the Hulk’s neck because that’s what he did to her. When he’s trying to fight the chain, the girl with the sword stabs him right in the chest and the sword goes so far that it comes out his back.

The art was really awesome in those parts because every time that the Hulk got shot or cut his blood was glowing yellow stuff like his eyes and the part where he is stabbed is drawn really well. When the Hulk is lying on the ground with the sword in him and the chain strangling him the girl wants to blast him with the shotgun again but he grabs the gun and gets up. Then he pulls the sword out he’s holding the gun and the sword and is screaming that he’s going to chop all their head’s off. He is so angry because he’s never gotten his butt kicked like that before. And then all the girl heroes in all the comics come to rescue the other ones. There’s Spider-Woman and Mrs Fantastic and some other ones. They’re all looking mad and ready to kick Hulk’s butt.

Both stories were really good but I liked the one with the Red Hulk a little better because he was fighting all of the girl heroes and they kept messing him up real bad.

I also liked the cartoon on the last page with all the little colored Hulks who missed their flight because they were messing around. I think it would be a funny cartoon if the little Hulks were all in a wrestling class but they missed their class because they were too busy play wrestling in their house. Or they could meet a bunch of different colored Skrulls to play with since Skrulls are usually green like Hulk but now there are different colored ones, too.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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