Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret Invasion #8

Secret Invasion #8
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu
Published by Marvel Comics

This was the last part of the story where the Skrulls attacked the Earth and replaced a lot of the super heroes with bad guys. I like the story a lot. There was a lot of great battles between good guys and bad guys all teaming up against the Skrulls and the drawings were really good, too.

The Skrulls did something to make the Wasp turn huge and she was poisoning all of the other super heroes making them get sick and throw up and stuff. The Skrulls wanted to use her to kill everyone else and make sure that they won but Thor wasn’t bothered by her powers. He flew in and killed her even though she was his friend because he wanted to protect all his other friends and beat the Skrulls.

I like that the Skrull leader Spider-Woman was still alive and had all of Wolverine’s claw marks all over her. She looked like a zombie without her mask and all ripped up and stuff. It was a very cool drawing of her. I liked the part where all of the Avengers were standing in a line around her ready to take her down again and Osborn had his special sniper rifle. I thought Wolverine was going to kill her because he was the first to attack but Osborn ended up blowing her head off with his special gun.

I like how all the teams started to chase after the Skrulls and make sure that they didn’t escape and that Iron Man was wearing old armor because he other one got trashed in another issue. Thor captures one of the Skrulls ships again and all of the real super heroes who were captured by the Skrulls get off. The real Spider Woman is there and Ronin’s girlfriend and Mrs Fantastic and a guy with a dumb hat and mustache. Then the bad guys who have been helping say that they have to leave because they don’t want the super heroes to come after them.

A really cool part was when the guy and the girl (Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) figure out that they left their baby with a Skrull in the other issue. The girl left the butler with the baby and when she left to fight the butler turned into a Skrull. Now she figured out that the butler was a Skrull and flies back to her base but the Skrull kidnapped the baby. Another part that I liked was when Iron Man is really happy to see Thor but Thor is angry with him and says that everything was his fault.

I was really surprised at the end. When the President was saying that Iron Man was the guy who screwed up and that they were putting someone new in charge of all the super heroes I thought it was going to be Thor. Thor killed Wasp and saved everyone and he took out a lot of the Skrulls that were trying to escape and did most of the work. But the President made Norman Osborn in charge of everything which is crazy. He doesn’t know that Osborn is the Goblin or something and now Osborn is the good guy and Iron Man is the guy who is blamed for the Skrulls. And I like how Osborn goes to the Avengers base and meets with all of the other crazy bad guys like Dr Doom to start planning how they’re going to run things.

The art was really good again. The picture of Skrull Spider-Woman was really good. Osborn was drawn really creepy again. Even though he was doing things to help people he still looked like a bad guy. I like how they drew big Wasp and Thor battling her. And the part with all of the super heroes getting ready to fight Spider-Woman was really good. I like how Spider-Man was posing and getting ready to fire his webs and had his mask ripped up.

The only thing I didn’t like is that it seemed short. The big battle ended right away and I thought there was going to be more but it was still a very good comic. Osborn is going to cause a lot of problems for Iron Man and other super heroes probably.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Christine said...


If the only thing you didn't like about this comic, was the fact that it was short, means this is really good! Hey great job young man. Tell your mom to bring ya back to Seattle!

Hugssssssto all!

I'll add ya to my blog page and maybe some more readers will come chec this out.

Great job Liam!

Hey uncle Bill is coming to visit us this week from Florida! Woo Hoo!

Aunt Chris =O)

Anonymous said...

I love that you describe Dum Dum Dugan as the "...guy with a dumb hat and mustache." Made me laugh. Great review Liam. I thought the same as you. The battle ended way to quickly and they never really did explain what was happening to Wasp and all the other characters and just what Thor did to stop it.

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