Monday, December 1, 2008

Deadpool #4

Deadpool #4
Written by Daniel Way and Illustrated by Carlo Barberi and Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue of Deadpool was awesome again. Deadpool is begging for work because he has no money or bullets so he asks some guy named Zeke that he knew if he could work for him. Deadpool doesn’t like Zeke at all but he needs the money so he goes to Zeke’s house to meet with him. Zeke says that his wife went to go see some doctor who was actually like a mad scientist and the doctor was doing experiments and stuff. Zeke thinks that his wife was turned into a zombie by the doctor but isn’t sure. He knows that the doctor is probably a zombie now and tells Deadpool that he’s going to have to kill a lot of zombies to help the wife.

Deadpool hates Zeke. When he goes to his house and it’s a big mansion he looks around at all of the nice stuff that Zeke has and says, ‘I’m glad you’re doing well you poop head’. It was funny that he really didn’t like Zeke but had to pretend he did. Deadpool was also happy because Zeke didn’t have a cool exploding chair like one that Deadpool made before.

There are a lot of funny parts in the comic. It’s probably the funniest that Deadpool has been. I like in the beginning when Deadpool is watching TV and every channel has stories about Skrulls. It’s like how a lot of the comics are talking about Skrulls. I also liked when Deadpool imagines that bad things that he’s seen and imagines a bear in a cheerleading costume.

Zeke tells Deadpool that he can kill anyone that bothers him but he has to save his wife. And then he reminds him not to kill his wife. And then Deadpool is like, okay so I have to kill your wife. Zeke had a very cool room of weapons that made Deadpool very jealous. Deadpool opened the door and saw all these different types of guns and was like, mother of God. He was so impressed by how many guns Zeke had and took a bunch of them.

I like when Deadpool went to the town without his mask and all the people in town thought Deadpool was a zombie and shot him. And since he doesn’t get hurt when he’s shot they believe he’s a zombie even more. They put Deadpool in a jail with a bunch of real zombies and he’s acting silly with them but then kills everyone and escapes to this castle run by a creepy guy with an hunchback.

I also like that Deadpool was offered water by the crazy hunchback guy and he was so thirsty so he was drinking it and then turned the bottle around and saw that it had a big poison picture on it. Deadpool cursed and then passed out.

The art was really good. I like the picture where Deadpool is getting shot at and the one where he’s talking to the hunchback that looks like Igor. I like the picture where he was sitting in the chair that he made out of explosives and was talking to himself. He made Deadpool look really good.

This issue was my favorite issue of Deadpool. There wasn’t so much with the Skrulls and Deadpool got to do a lot more stuff in it. And the part with the zombies was very cool.

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Anonymous said...

I loved the exploding chair too! You have the best reviews on the entire internet; I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Deadpool's future adventures. :)

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