Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Batman #703

Batman #703
Written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Cliff Richards
Published by DC Comics

Liam: The story is about Batman, Robin and Red Robin going after a thief that keeps getting away from them. Red Robin hasn’t worked with the new Batman and Robin much so I liked that he was in this book helping out.

The thief keeps getting away and they have to chase him through the sewers. Damian, the new Robin, is mad that he has to get all dirty and Batman, Dick Grayson who used to be the first Robin, wants to yell at him about it but Batman remembers when he was younger and he was still Robin. When he was Robin he was yelling at Batman about why they weren’t going after a bad guy, too.

Ethan: Damian is always arguing. I like how he was mad about going into the sewer. It’s kind of funny that he thinks he’s so smart and tough even though he’s only a kid.

Liam: He thinks he’s so cool. Dick Grayson goes to a reporter that used to be Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend. He is upset that she was writing a story about the thief and she makes it seems that she knows he’s really Batman. He says that she is going to need proof or she should stop talking about it and then the comic shows that she has a camera on her bag that is taking pictures of him.

Ethan: My favorite part was when Damian is training in the Batbunker.

Liam: Yeah, I like how he was doing all of the obstacle courses. That was one of my favorite parts, too.

Ethan: I like how they showed him flipping through all the hoops and doing all the stunts.

Liam: I also liked the part where Batman remembered when he was Robin. It’s pretty cool that the story kind of continued. The old Robin had a cool uniform. I like the colors and mask and cape a lot better on the old costume. And it’s awesome that he grew up from being Bruce Wayne’s partner and is now Batman himself.

Ethan: The old Robin is cool but I like Damian’s suit better. I like the hood he wears sometimes. I want to go as Damian for Halloween or to a comic convention

Liam: Batman and Robin go to a fancy party where they think the thief is going to attack and he does end up attacking. They use the flying Batmobile to go after the thief and Batman tells Robin that he knows it’s a girl by the way she moves.

Ethan: The flying Batmobile is really cool. That was one of the parts I really liked in the comic.

Liam: It’s awesome. So the thief is trying to get away Red Robin has done something to the car so she can’t leave. Right when Red Robin is about to arrest the thief Batman remembers again when he was young and Bruce Wayne Batman let a thief go. This girl thief is the daughter of the person that Bruce Wayne stopped a long time ago. He was stealing medical stuff because he was very sick and Batman felt bad so he let him go but used all his money to secretly pay for the stuff that was stolen.

Ethan: She wasn’t a big villain like the Joker or Killer Croc or someone like that so I guess they didn’t think she was that dangerous.

Liam: And Batman felt bad for her. I liked how all the members of Batman’s team worked together. They were like brothers taking care of crime when Bruce Wayne is gone and Alfred is like the granddad.

Ethan: Damian wants to be the favorite. He’s really funny. Batman and Robin is my favorite comic right now because Damian is in it a lot. But this comic was really good too because of all the people that were in it.

Liam: Damian is great. He should really get his own book, too. The only think I didn’t like is that I really don’t know why everyone has black hair. I don’t get it. They could make some of the characters different. They all look the same and especially with their masks off it’s kind of hard to tell who’s who until they say their names.

Ethan: It is hard to tell them apart sometimes. That’s why it’s cooler when they’re all in costumes. But I still liked this comic a lot.

Liam: Me too. I want to see more of all the Batman good guys hanging out and working together. I think it’s really interesting.

Our Rating: 10 out of 10

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