Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smash #1 and #2

Smash #1 and #2
Written by Chris Bolton and Illustrated by Kyle Bolton
Published Online at

This comic was made on the Internet so you read it on the computer instead of holding it in your hands. I thought it would be harder to read like that, but it wasn’t. It was pretty easy to follow, actually.

The story is about a superhero called Defender who had to fight a lot of different bad guys and a little kid named Andrew who wants to be a superhero. In the beginning when Defender is fighting ninjas with a kid sidekick it was kind of like Batman and Robin but it was really only a dream. Andrew was imagining what it would be like to be a superhero when he was supposed to be studying in class.

There were a lot of funny parts in the comic which made it a lot of fun to read. I liked when Defender went after the bad guys and they shot him with darts. He said that the darts wouldn’t stop him and they shot him with like 30 more and he got knocked out. That was funny. The parts with Andrew and the bullies in his school were funny, too. One kid puts gum in his hair and in another part they are mean to him when he’s riding his bike. He rides his bike really fast to get away from them and crashes his bike down a big hill. The bullies do the same thing.

It looks like the bullies are going to get Andrew but the building the Defender is fighting in explodes and it crashes down where everyone is. It ends there but I don’t think Andrew is hurt too bad. The Defender is probably going to save him and let him be his partner or something.

I liked the art in this comic a lot. It was like a cartoon. It didn’t make everything look realistic like in other comics but the way it was drawn made it sort of look like you were watching a cartoon. It was pretty neat. And all of the stuff that was drawn still looked cool like the Defender fights and the bike chase and the explosions. It was different but still good.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Anansi(Kedd) said...

I hadn't heard of this webcomic before, but I'll check it out this week since you liked it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid and Anansi —

Unfortunately, the link posted here ( no longer works.

We've revamped our website, which is now at AND we have new episodes to check out!

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