Thursday, August 21, 2008

Superman/Batman #51

Superman/Batman #51
Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and Illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque
Published by DC Comics

Oh my God, this comic was sooo funny! It’s one of the best comic books I ever read. I was laughing so hard at parts that I had to go back and read it again. Superman and Batman meet littler versions of themselves and the little versions are so funny and silly.

Little Batman has these tiny bat creatures that follow him around and when he meets the real Batman the bat creatures just growl at him. They don’t like him at all. Little Batman thinks he’s so cool and tough but he really isn’t. In one part a giant plant monster eats little Batman and all you see are the legs sticking out of the mouth.

When little Batman meets the real Batman the real Batman is mad that the little one thinks that he is the real one. Little Batman gets mad and then punches Batman in the knee and then the real Batman kicks the little guy across the street. It was so funny how little Batman and little Superman were trying to act tough but they couldn’t do anything against the real guys.

The a whole team of little Justice League people show up with a little Flash and Green Lantern and Supergirl and they just annoy the real superheroes by doing stuff like stealing Batman’s belt.

Batman takes them all back to his batcave and it gets even funnier. Little Batman says that he started fighting crime because when he was a little boy he went for a walk with his parents and a bully pushed his parents to the ground. I know the real Batman’s parents were killed but it was really funny here cause the little Batman is crying in the street just because someone pushed down his parents, even though they’re really okay.

Another really funny part is that all the little girl heroes are in love with Robin. They’re hanging on his cape and annoying him real bad and there are hearts all over the place.

[At this point, Liam’s brother Ethan joins the review]

Ethan: This book was so funny. The little superheroes were so cute. I love baby Mr. Freeze.

Liam: Yeah, little Mr. Freeze was so funny. He’s holding a gun filled with ice cream. I like that at the end all these little tiny bad guys show up.

Ethan: I like baby Joker and baby Croc. They look funny.

Liam: They were all real funny. Even Two-Face. It looks like he has gum all over half of his face.

The art was good in the book. I like how the artist made the little kid heroes look like kids and the real versions of the characters looked just right. It was funny to see all of these different versions.

This was such a good comic.

Ethan: This comic was very funny.

Liam: It’s my favorite book that I read this week.

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Gavin said...

Sounds like a pretty funny issue. I used to read this title, but stopped when Jeph Loeb left. Perhaps I'll have to start reading it again.

Josh B. said...

Man I am going to have to read this. I love the reviews you do, and this is by far my favorite review yet. Keep up the great work!

Michael Leader said...

Liam, Ethan, great review! I completely agree, this issue is so much fun to read. I really like your blog - looking forward to reading more from you!


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I would have liked to see how the JLA superheroes were when a children. I don't know why, but I guess superman was terrible, and Batman was a few mysterious.

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