Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Comics from Liam and Ethan

The Gathering and GrayHaven Comics is in the midst of another Kickstart campaign to raise money for printing and promoting more Gathering comics.

Aside from some great rewards offered for donating, all those who pledge will have exclusive access to a number stories from issues 1-3 and previews of issues 4-6 including Liam and Ethan's acclaimed 8 page Circus of Crime story from issue 3.



Anonymous said...

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David Halvorson said...

Hi Liam and Ethan (and dad)!

I can't wait till my sons are old enough to review comics, too! Love what you are doing!
Here are the first 3 parts in a web graphic novel called Armstrong: http://talesofarmstrong.com/
I would love to get your perspective on it!
Hope you enjoy!

Ray Ayala said...

Guys, I'd love to get your take on a comic I've written. Email me at Ray@planetrandom.net if your interested and I'll send over a copy. Brand new sci-fi adventure. And great work on the blog!

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