Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ultimatum #2

Ultimatum #2 (of 5)
Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by David Finch
Published by Marvel Comics

I liked how in the beginning Spider-Man is pulling the car up off of the guy and he’s getting yelled at. There was a huge flood in New York and a lot of people got hurt and killed and Spider-Man is trying to save as many people as he can. I thought all of the giant heroes that were saving everyone in the city was cool and I like how the Hulk came and was like, ‘Hulk help Spider-Man’ and Spider-Man is like, ‘oh boy’.

In the next part Iron Man helped bring Captain America to the Shield base because he was hurt real bad and the girl was giving them a hard time about coming to the base. Iron Man told her that they needed to save Captain America’s life so a bunch of doctors are trying to help him but it’s not working.

The next part that I really liked was with Hawkeye climbing up Yellowjacket because Yellowjacket was ignoring him while they were trying to help people out. Yellowjacket gets mad and picks him off his leg like he’s a bug and threatens to squash him in his hand but Hawkeye says they have to help save the Wasp together.

It was a really cool scene when Thor went to the Statue of Liberty and saw his friend killed. I like how everything looked in those pictures with Thor riding the winged horse and the Statue ripped apart from all of the damage. And I like how they was a girl called Hela who was in charge of all the demons made a deal with Thor to fight them. Thor needed to win the fight to save his girlfriend and he was up against hundreds of zombie creatures. It was just Thor with his girlfriend’s sword battling all of these zombie skeletons and then for some reason Captain America was fighting, too, helping out. Thor didn’t know why he was there and Captain America didn’t know either.

Hawkeye said that he found something and Giant Man put him down and Hawkeye was running around in the streets and found Wasp but she was getting eaten by the Blob who said ‘tastes like chicken’. That was a real gross part the way it was drawn. Blob had a very creepy face and eyes.

At the end of the book Professor X gets a visit from Magneto and they start arguing about who is going to be in charge of the world. Magneto wants to punish the humans and Professor X is nicer to them and wants to help. He doesn’t like how Magneto is causing the tidal waves and causing all the destruction so Magneto breaks his neck so that X won’t be able to stop him.

I liked the art in this book a lot. I like how he did the actions scenes especially. There’s a part where Captain America’s shield is breaking the bones of the zombie army and it looked like the shield was really moving. I like the picture of the Hulk and Spider-Man in the beginning too. The Hulk looked really huge holding up the car over Spider-Man and you could see all the broken windows and stuff in the buildings behind them. He draws the destroyed city real good, too. I liked the two pages where the Giant Men were helping out around the city and there is all the destruction on the ground and helicopters and stuff in the air. There was a lot of detail in those drawings.

This was a fun book with a lot of action in it. I got a little confused with some parts since it’s a different type of world than the other Marvel books but I figured it out. I was surprised that they actually killed a bunch of people like Wasp and Professor X. I thought it’s funny how the Wasp is dying in every comic she’s in. She’s probably the worst hero since she can’t ever beat anyone.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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