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Green Lantern #37

Green Lantern #37
Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ivan Reis
Published by DC Comics

My dad said that the Geoff Jones said he liked my review in the comments of the blog which made me happy. I'm glad I was going to do this review because now I know he'll probably read this one, too.

The book starts with Green Lantern Hal and the Blue Lantern flying to try and capture Sinestro and bring him back to the Blue Lantern’s home planet. And the Blue Lantern keeps telling Hal that he is going to become the best Blue Lantern and their leader.

Green Lantern gets to the planet where the Red Lanterns have Sinestro and he tries to free Sinestro but the Red Lanterns have a trap. They were all hiding and they pop up and start attack. Atrocitius is telling Green Lantern that he has a lot of rage and one day he is going to attack and kill all his friends. Then one of the girl Red Lanterns wants to kill Jordan and the Red Lanterns are ready to fight but then all of Sinestro’s friends in the Yellow Lanterns come in to battle. This bug looking Yellow Lantern in armor goes to Sinestro and gives him his ring back so he can get all of his powers back.

The Blue Lanterns are on the planet, too. They come to find Green Lantern and tell him that everything is going to be okay. The rest of the book is one huge fight between all of the different lanterns. Red and Yellow Lanterns are fighting. Blue and Green Lanterns are fighting Red Lanterns. Everyone is against the Red Lanterns but they’re still pretty tough.

The Blue Lanterns are very strong but the Red Lanterns are telling them that they don’t have a lot of power on their planet. One of the Red Lanterns is trying to choke Green Lantern and he is telling her that he will try and help her. She starts to believe him and let go and asks for help and then Sinestro kills her with his ring and then tells Green Lantern that he broke another promise.

When the Red Lantern dies the ring flies off and starts looking for someone who will wear it. Green Lantern is really angry that Sinestro killed the girl and he starts fighting him. He’s really mad and because of that the ring thinks he has a lot of rage and goes onto his finger and turns Hal into a Red Lantern.

I liked the art in Green Lantern a lot again. When the Red Lanterns first attack all the red energy around them is shown and it looks really cool. One of my favorite pages what when the Yellow Lanterns come to the planet. I like how it’s one big page of all the guys and it even has little marks to show how hard the one guy is smashing the Red Lantern into the ground. The other cool page was when the Blue Lanterns showed up to help Green Lantern. That was two big pages together and all the energy is around them and everyone is flying away. The last page when Hal turns into the Red Lantern was really good, too. I like how Atrocitus’ face was drawn behind Hal and all of the red flames or lava is around him.

This issue was even better than the last Green Lantern comic. There is a lot more action in this book. Everyone wants to fight the Red Lanterns because they are the meanest group so each group is having a different battle with them. I like how the other Lantern teams showed up and had their own battles, too. I still think it’s funny and a bit weird that there are elephants on a bunch of lantern teams. The Blue Lanterns got one in the other issue and now there is a Yellow Lantern one. I like that there can be any type of creature as a lantern. One thing that bothered me was that even though Hal turned into the Red Lantern you could still see his green ring on the other hand so I don’t know how he could be wearing both. I think the green ring is going to take back over his body and he isn’t going to be bad for long.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

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Nice catch on Hal still having his green ring on, I missed that and went back to look at the panel again.

Another great review, keep up the great work!

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