Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Punisher #1

The Punisher #1
Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opena
Published by Marvel Comics

This comic starts with the Punisher wanting to kill Norman Osborn. Osborn was the hero of the Skrull war and everyone thinks that he is an okay guy now and now Osborn is trying to make his own team of heroes that is going to do whatever he says. Osborn is giving a speech and the Punisher is very far away and he has a special gun that can fire a bullet for miles. The Punisher shoots the gun and it looks like Osborn is going to get shot right in the head but the Sentry shows up and grabs the bullet and then tries to arrest the Punisher.

The Punisher escapes by jumping off the building and the Sentry chases him but the Punisher has traps set up all over the building. He sets a bomb and it blows up but it doesn’t even hurt the Sentry. The Sentry grabs the Punisher and starts flying away with him and then the Punisher puts his gun to his faces and starts shooting but the bullets don’t bother him. The Sentry drops him and the Punisher falls pretty far and gets hurt a little but he makes acid fall on his head.

The Punisher tells the Sentry that he has a bomb in another building far away and he’s going to make it explode unless the Sentry goes and stops it so the Sentry flies away really fast and finds out that there is no bomb in the building. Punisher was lying to get away and disappears when the Sentry gets back.

When the Sentry comes back from the other building the Punisher is trying to escape and gets to his truck to look for a way to escape and find more weapons or something. When he’s in his truck some guy shows up on a TV screen and tells Punisher that he still needs to get out because he’s not out of the woods yet. Punisher runs out of the truck and runs for the subway like the guy tells him and the Sentry finds the Punisher’s truck and tears it apart. Punisher sneaks onto a subway and Sentry can’t find him and when he gets out of the subway he is so tired from his fight and all the running around that he just falls down and passes out.

I like the way the artist draws a lot of the stuff in the book. I like in the beginning how the bullet is shooting and how the gun and the bullet is drawn when it is fired. I also like the whole part when the Punisher is first trying to get away from the Sentry. I like how it kind of shows the speed of how he’s getting away when he jumps off the building and first starts getting ready to fight the Sentry.

I think it’s pretty cool that the Punisher was able to fight someone who is strong like Superman and not get killed. He has a lot of guns and bombs and different weapons but none of them work against someone with the Sentry’s powers so he just has to be smart and trick him and try and escape. I don’t know why the Sentry would be helping Norman Osborn, either. That seems kind of weird. It’s one of the first Punisher comics I read and it was pretty good so I’ll try and read some more of them when they come out.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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Darth Duff said...

Liam, I read this comic also and liked it. I like the idea of the Punisher now targeting the super-villains instead of the mob guys he's been chasing for years. I'm curious to see where they take this book. Great review.

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