Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Avengers #48

Happy New Year!

New Avengers #48
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Billy Tan
Published by Marvel Comics

This story starts right after the Skrull war is ending. Everyone is still mad at Iron Man and Spider Woman and then it goes to Spider-Man stalking Wolverine on the streets of New York. The Avengers are in Captain America’s house basically hiding out after the war with the Skrulls. Spider-Man is being silly and he keeps asking if there is a TV around.

I like how the real Spider-Woman came to the base and all of the other heroes were mad because the Skrull Queen impersonated her during the war and they don’t trust her. Then Captain America shows up. He’s the new guy with the cooler costume. He’s telling everyone that they are Captain America’s Avengers and that his house is going to be their new base and anyone who wants to live with him is allowed to. Then Luke Cage and his wife show up and tell everyone about the Skrull Jarvis that kidnapped their baby. No one knows why the Skrull would take the baby or whether its hurt or not but Cage makes them promise to help them.

I thought it was pretty cool how the Avengers went to the Fantastic Four for help and Mrs. Fantastic said that they were all tired after the battle but when she found out the baby was taken she told everyone in the house to wake up because it was important to help. The Avengers wanted Mr. Fantastic’s weapon that could figure out who were Skrulls and who were regular people so they could track down Skrulls and find the Jarvis one.

I like when the Avengers went into one of the bad guy’s base and Iron Fist punched the guy right in the mouth. The picture that the artist drew was really good there. I liked how they kept battling all of the villains that they could find and Wolverine really beat down Electro. It looked like Electro was dead because he was beat up so hard.

I like when they went to the bar where all the Shield agents were drinking after being fired by Norman Osborn and Wolverine knew that one of them was a Skrull in hiding. The Skrull tried to run and Luke Cage was really angry and punched her through the wall of the bar and then all the Avengers started chasing her on the outside. Luke Cage’s wife beat her up pretty bad and captured her. They wanted this Skrull because they thought she would be able to help them find the Skrull Jarvis but one of the stupid Shield guys shot her dead and Cage’s wife started crying because they had no way of finding Jarvis now.

I liked how in the end Cage was talking to a mysterious person and he was getting ready to make a deal with that person to help find his baby. I guessed who the mystery person was right away and was happy to find out I was right, but I think Cage made a dumb move by making the deal.

I thought the art was really well done. My favorite page was the one with all of the new Avengers team standing on the roof together. I also liked one of the pages where it showed all of the Shield agents in the bar. I thought the artist did a good job of putting in the details like the agents, the servers, bottles on the table and the TV and all of the other things in the bar. It wasn’t an action picture but it looked really good because there was so much going on in just the one picture.

I also think the deal that was made in the end was bad. Cage wants to help his baby girl, but I think that making a deal with that person is going to turn out really bad for him and things are going to get worse. I do like the new team and I’m glad that Spider-Man and Wolverine are still on it and that Captain America is on it, too.

My Rating: 9.5 out 10

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Luke Cage is gonna regret that :)

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