Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #583

Amazing Spider-Man #583
‘The Barack Obama Story’
Written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Todd Nauck
Published by Marvel Comics

I’m doing a short review just about the Barack Obama part. It was a short story in the back of the comic.

Spider-Man is in Washington DC taking pictures of when Obama was going to be president and a car came crashing in and there were two Obamas. No one knew who the real one was because they both looked exactly the same and even dressed the same. One of them had a different tie though. A security guy says that they should ask both people a question only the real Barack Obama would know and they ask what his basketball nickname was. The real one gets the answer right and the other guy makes mistakes. He doesn’t even know how basketball is played.

The fake Obama turns out to be Chameleon. Chameleon wants to become President by taking Obama’s place during the oath but Spider-Man stops him. After Spider-Man saves everyone, the Chameleon is taken away. Barack Obama says ‘thanks partner’ to Spider-Man and then Spider-Man leaves and Obama becomes the President. That wasn’t really important to the story. It’s not like they really know each other or are friends so it didn’t mean anything.

This was a very weird story. It’s crazy that the Chameleon would try to become Obama and he didn’t even know what his college basketball name was supposed to be and then he just tries to escape. It’s kind of weird that Obama was in the comic because he’s the President and he likes Spider-Man. It’d be even weirder if Obama was checking out this website to see the review of his comic.

I did like the story a lot though because I thought it was cool that the President was in it since he is a real person. I like the plan and the part where there were two Obama and how Spider-Man had to come in and save the day. It might be cool if Obama was in the comics some more and got super powers like flying and being really strong but I don’t think he should be in comics all the time. It was a special treat issue. I think it would have been pretty cool if someone dressed in a Spider-Man costume showed up at the inauguration, too, but that didn’t happen.

Rating: Presidential

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