Saturday, January 31, 2009

New York Comic Con Preview

NYCC 09 Preview

Going to comic conventions is one of my favorite things. I always have such a fun time there. I like getting to walk around and see all the people dressed up in different costumes and finding cool toys and getting sketches from comic book artists. The New York Comic Con is really big and there is a lot of stuff to do there.

Next week we’ll all be going to the NYCC and I will have my own badge for the first time which is awesome! I’m also getting to spend time at the Del Rey booth and in Artists Alley with Tommy Lee Edwards (1985, The Question, Bullet Points) and the BLVD guys (Bernard Chang, Sean Chen, Trevor Goring and John Paul Leon)

It’s cool just to be able to sit with those guys and hang out, but I’m probably going to try and do some drawings for people too for like a couple dollars or something.

When I know what times I’m going to be there I’ll post them here. If anyone wants to come by and say hello or order a sketch from me I’ll let them know when I’m going to be at the booths. I also want to try and do interviews with comic book people and take a lot of pictures of the con and I’m going to put them here after we’re done.

I’m really excited about this year’s convention and think it’s going to be the best one yet!


grifter said...

hi Liam,

catch you at the con next week!

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