Sunday, January 4, 2009

Atomic Robo #5

Atomic Robo #5 (of 5)
Written by Brian Clevinger and illustrated by Scott Wegener and James Nguyen
Published by Red 5 Comics

The book starts off with the good soldiers going across the beach to fight the Nazis and their boats are attacked. Robo and the army tries to get up the beach to fight the bad guys but it’s a trap and most of the good soldiers are killed and Robo gets captured. I like how when Robo was climbing up the beach the bullets kept bouncing off him.

I thought it was funny and cool when the Nazis used Robo as a battery to power up their big weapon. And then Robo thought that the main bad guy was being stupid because he said it was going to be a weather weapon and that would never work. I like when the good soldier came in and saved Robo and everyone was asking how he got through the guards and it showed that he basically killed all of the Nazi guards to save Robo. He talked really funny. I couldn’t understand what he was saying and Robo didn’t know what he was saying either. There were a lot of funny bits with Robo saying he thought the soldier was making up words that didn’t even exist.

I like how the guy pulls Robo out of the machine and Robo freaks out because his legs are missing. He was only attached to the machine from his stomach up and he’s screaming about his legs and the soldier is like, ‘we’ll get your baby legs’ and they try to escape the base together.

He grabbed Robo and had to carry him everywhere and he’s shooting his way out to get away until he runs out of ammo. Then someone drops a big crate that had Robo’s legs in them so the soldier grabs those and throws them into the plane with them so they can get away from everyone.

Robo is trying to hold onto the bottom of the plane and fight one of the Nazi’s who just put a bomb on the bottom of it. Robo gets rid of the bomb but he ends up falling off of the plane into the ocean. The Nazis are looking around and find all this dynamite in their base and are all upset and then the whole place just blows up.

Robo had to walk in the bottom of the ocean with his legs to get back to the country but his friend was sitting there relaxing because he was able to take the plane there. Now they just want to relax.

The other story was real short. It takes place a long time after the war and Robo is meeting with the main bad guy again. The bad guy has cancer and is going to die and says that he killed one of Robo’s friends and wants Robo to kill him. Robo picked up the gun and was ready to shoot him but said that the guy deserved to die alone and not like a soldier. I like how Robo was wearing a suit in that part of the book. He looked a little bit different but maybe it was because he was older or there was a different artist.

I liked this book a lot. It’s cool to see Robo fighting with the other soldiers in the war and there are always some funny parts, too, especially with his missing legs in this issue and how the good soldier who helped him talked so strange that no one could understand him. I hope that there are more Robo comics coming out.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Brian C said...

Thanks for the review, guys! We're already working on the next mini-series.

Dana said...

Dear Liam,

I work for a nonprofit called "Raising A Reader MA" in Massachusetts. We work really hard so that all families are able to have story time together as often as you and your brother get to read with your dad.

We really love your blog, and with your permission we would like to send a bulletin to our supporters highlighting your blog. You and your dad are an inspiration!

Keep reading,

JB inks said...

I actually met these guys last year [maybe it was two years ago?] in Boston at a comic Con. I really dug the book. Very fun, old school feel.

Liam. Your blog is awesome. I tell all of my comic book-nerd friends about it.

Keep it up!

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