Thursday, January 22, 2009

Final Crisis #6

Final Crisis #6
‘The End of Batman’
Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco and Doug Mahnke
Published by DC Comics

I haven’t read this book before but I wanted to find out how the Batman story ended up. I didn’t know a lot of the people in the book or a lot about what was going on since I wasn’t reading this book all the time but the parts I did read were really good. I’m just going to review the Batman part of the book but I liked how there were all these huge battles going on like it was the end of the world. There was a lot of fighting between all these different characters.

Batman escaped from a trap in another comic and he was trying to stop the main bad guy in this issue who was Darkseid. Batman found a special gun and a special bullet that was made to kill very strong people who were like gods. Darksied doesn’t care and says that Batman is going to lose.

Batman says that he doesn’t want to use a gun but he’s going to make an exception and shoots Darksied but Darkseid fires lasers at him at the same time. Batman kills Darkseid but the lasers shoot Batman in the head and the chest and then the book switches to Superman. Superman is flying around going crazy. He’s really mad about everything that’s happened and how all the super people are fighting on Earth and he’s using his heat vision and powers to destroy buildings and stop the bad guys.

On the last page Superman is holding Batman’s dead body. He was all burnt up.

I thought it was pretty cool that a big character like this was killed. He’s Batman. I didn’t think they would actually kill him. It’s weird that they actually did it. I think it’s cool that it was a different villain that killed him since none of Batman’s other bad guys were ever able to do it. It just shows how tough Darkseid really is.

I think it’s okay that Batman used a gun to kill Darkseid even though he promised not to use guns because Darkseid was going to kill everyone on Earth. Batman had a good reason for breaking his promise and he did it to save the planet so he should be forgiven. It was a pretty cool issue and the art was really nice but I wish that Batman was in it more.

I liked the picture of all the other Batman people in the ad in the back of the book for ‘I am Batman’. There’s no way Two-Face or Harley Quinn is going to be Batman. I think Nightwing is going to take over since he’s oldest and has the most experience.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


Anonymous said...

And now everyone is using this as a way to feel superior over everyone that did not like Final Crisis.

It brings me laughter.

I enjoy the blog.

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