Thursday, August 7, 2008

Robin #175

ROBIN #175
Written by Fabian Nicieza and Illustrated by Joe Bennett
Published by DC Comics

Robin is a cool superhero because he gets to hang out with Batman and beat up bad guys but he also isn’t a grown up. I like that.

What I didn’t like is that Robin really didn’t get into any fights with anyone. He did meet with the Penguin and paid him to find Batman, which was neat, but I thought it would have been better if he got into a fight with him. The only people that Robin got to fight were a bunch of regular crooks that weren’t anything special. I’d like to see Robin get to fight some cooler bad guys like Batman does.

It was a little hard to read when the story took place in the cave and when Nightwing and Robin were out of costume talking to the bad guys and trying to make deals. It was tough to follow at some places and it was a bit boring except for the parts where Robin was in the city trying to find Batman.

I thought that the art was really good in this book, not just on the characters but with all the backgrounds and buildings and stuff. It looked very realistic when Robin and Spoiler were running around on the rooftops. I also really liked the way Robin looked on a lot of the pages. The one where he swings down to get the bad guys is very cool, but my favorite part was the last page. Robin looked very cool standing on the roof at night with the Batman symbol behind him. I liked the way the new costume looks a lot.

I wonder what happened to Batman. I know this is Robin’s book but it would have been nice to see Batman in it. Robin doesn’t know whether Batman is just missing or hurt or crazy. I don’t know how Batman could have went crazy like the Joker or something but it might be interesting if he turns into a bad guy for awhile and the police have to chase him like in the movies.

I also really liked on the last page Robin said that he’ll take Batman down if he has to. I don’t think Robin will be able to beat Batman in a fight, but it will be a great fight anyway.

My Rating: 7 out of 10


Bully said...

The way you describe this issue makes we want to read it too! Great review! Keep up the good work!

Gavin said...

Glad to see you taking an interest in Batman and his world. I haven't read too many Robin comics, but this one sounded pretty good. If you like Nightwing you should check out Nightwing: Year One.

SteveZegers said...

The first line sums up Robin really well. He is cool!

Patrick Zircher said...

Kid, be kind to the writer in your review.
We used to work together and he's a nice guy.

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