Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Captain America #40

Captain America #40
Written by Ed Brubaker and Illustrated by Steve Epting
Published by Marvel Comics

I really liked that there were two Captain Americas fighting each other. I liked the new one’s suit better. It’s shinier and looks tougher. I couldn’t believe how strong they both were. I didn’t think they had superpowers but they were very strong. It was really cool when the bad Captain America threw the good Captain America into the chimney and it smashed. The bad one could even smash a wall with his shield.

I liked that the good Captain America said he was going to use a gun on the other guy. That would have ended the fight faster. It was funny the good Captain America got kicked off the building and was saved by the Falcon and he got called an idiot. That was funny.

I think Red Skull is a very cool bad guy but the robot with his face in his stomach was weird and kinda dumb. The real bad guys weren’t really doing anything but talking and watching the two Captain America’s fight. I want to see the Red Skull do more bad stuff. The Red Skull’s daughter did a lot more but I can’t believe she stabbed the pregnant girl in the stomach. That was bad but I guess that’s what bad guys do.

The art was good. I liked how the bad guy bodyguards look sort of like GI: Joes. I like GI Joe a lot. I like how artist drew both of the Captain America’s without their masks and had them fight like that. The artist was also very good with how they drew all of the buildings and when things were getting smashed you could see little pieces of things flying all over the place.

It was a fun book and there was a lot going on. I had to look at it a bunch of times.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Adrian said...

Well, you basically nailed why no one likes Arnim Zola.

Keep up the good work, The Kid. These reviews are better than most of the stuff on the internet.

Gavin said...

Glad to see you like Captain America. You should check out the previous 39 issues too.

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