Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bart Simpson #43

Bart Simpson #43
Written by Scott Shaw, Earl Kress and James Bates and Illustrated by Ryan Rivette, Alberto Santiago and Marcos Asprec
Published by Bongo Comics

This comic had three different stories in it and they were shorter than some of the other Simpsons comics I read. I think the stories are funnier when they aren’t that long. A lot more happens in them.

In the first story a bunch of bad stuff is happening to Lisa. She wants to play dodge ball but all the kids just pound her with the dodge balls. She forgets her homework and gets in trouble and then she falls down at the lunchroom and curses. They don’t show the curse though, just a bunch of letters that make no sense.

My favorite part in this comic was when Ralph was on the bus and said his nose was sad and it was crying when he just had a runny nose. He’s so dumb. It was really funny because he had boogers all over the place.

It was weird when Lisa had to work with lunch lady Doris as punishment because the lady was cursing all the time. She was cursing in like every sentence. She shouldn’t curse in front of the kids.

Another story was funny because the girls in the neighborhood started a club for Malibu Stacy but they wouldn’t let Lisa in. They said the club was just for cool girls but they still let Mr. Smithers play. I laughed at that. Lisa tries to be cool by dressing just like Bart and looking like him but they still wouldn’t let her in.

In the other story, Bart was mad because Homer spent their money for Mt Splashmore on a dress for Lisa for when she was going to play her saxophone in front of people. Bart tried to get revenge by pretending to play saxophone too but he got busted by Lisa. Lisa is like, ‘you never told me if you liked the dress.’ And Homer made me laugh because he was like, ‘I have no son’.

It was a lot funnier than the other Simpsons comic I read. I like that there were more stories and that they were shorter. I think it made it funnier because it wasn’t just one long story. There were a lot of good parts in this one. And the art was real good, too. I like how the artists make the Simpsons comic look exactly like the cartoon.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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