Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #569

Amazing Spider-Man #569
Written by Dan Slott and Illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man is really cool. He has a lot of comics and I think I like them all. This one starts where the other one ended and Peter is captured by Norman and the bad guys who are acting good. They’re looking for Spider-Man and Peter won’t tell them where he is so they start messing up his apartment. When Peter’s roommate comes back home all of the bad guys leave and the roommate gets mad at Peter. He didn’t see any of the bad guys in the house and thinks that Peter had a party and made all of the mess. I like how he said he would throw Peter out if he didn’t clean the place. If Peter lives there, too, I don’t think he can throw him out if they share the place.

Venom was great in the comic. He looks all big and creepy and he talks real strange. I like how he keeps talking about crazy stuff and in one part he says, ‘see you around, Parker. Kiss. Kiss.’ That was odd.

My favorite part was when Spider-Man broke into Norman’s base. He webbed up Bullseye and then started beating up all the bad guys. He even put webs all over the floor so that they would get stuck to it when they tried to chase him. It’s neat when Spider-Man does different things with his webbing besides swing in the city.

It was really great when Venom thought he was chasing Spider-Man around the city. Norman thought he was crazy because he was fighting Spider-Man, but Venom just does whatever he wants. He keeps saying he’s going to find Spider-Man and eat his brains when he catches him. I like how Venom destroyed the building when he thought Spider-Man was inside it and then he found out that it wasn’t Spider-Man but it was Eddie Brock instead.

Then Venom’s costume starts getting crazy and it wants to go to Eddie. When I got to the last page I said, ‘what the heck!’ Eddie turned into a big huge white Venom called Anti-Venom. I can’t believe that. And he is soooo creepy looking.

I really like the art in these books. Anti-Venom looked really good. I like how he was drawn. I thought it was weird how they make Venom’s eyes and teeth. He looks so serious all the time. Spider-Man looks cool, too when he’s crawling around and battling the bad guys.

I bet in the next issue the two Venoms are going to have a big fight. I want to see that. I bet Anti-Venom wins because he was bigger and he’s the real Venom.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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