Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Flash #243

The Flash #243
Written by Tom Peyer and Illustrated by Freddie Williams II
Published by DC Comics

I like the Flash but there really wasn’t a lot to talk about in this comic. It was kind of boring.

I like that the Flash and his kids all have super powers and can do stuff and fight together. They’re just kids but they get to dress up and be superheroes which is exciting.

The best part of the book was when the Flash and his kids were attacking the big gorilla, Grodd. He was just massive. The gorillas looked awesome when they were in an army and had their guns out to capture the Flash. That part was great.

It was weird how his daughter was so old and kept getting older so they had to find a way to stop that. The Flash figured out how to fix with super speed and she became a kid again, which was good. When the Flash and his kids went into the speed zone it got a bit confusing. They were like fighting the speed and stuff and it didn’t really seem like things were happening but the daughter did get better.

Not much else happened. It was pretty much just Flash trying to help his kids get better and then it ends.

I liked the art a lot, though. The Flash has a very cool costume and the kids costumes were pretty neat, too. I like how the artist draws the Flash running and all of the gorillas with their weapons. There were a lot of good drawings in the book.

My Rating: 6 out of 10

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Dean Trippe said...

I like the Flash a lot too, but haven't been that into his comics lately. I think Geoff Johns, the guy that writes Action Comics is taking over writing the Flash soon, though, so I bet it'll be really good then.

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