Friday, March 27, 2009

The Muppet Show #1

The Muppet Show #1
Written and illustrated by Roger Langridge
Published by Boom Studios

I didn’t watch a lot of Muppet Show on TV. I saw some on the computer but mainly I watch their movies. I think it’s cool that they did a comic book about it because when there is a cool TV show or movie like the Simpsons you want more stories and usually the comics are pretty good about making more stories.

In the comic, Kermit the Frog is really depressed and sad. He keeps thinking about the swamp where he was born and the other Muppets are worried about him. Fozzy Bear and Gonzo keep trying to figure out ways to make him happy and Fozzy tells some jokes and keeps wearing silly disguises but Kermit doesn’t really pay much attention to him. It’s mainly Kermit’s friend Robin the frog that keeps thinking of better ways for Kermit to be happy.

I liked that there were a lot of different shorter parts in the book with shorter stories about different characters but all of it was really about helping Kermit feel better about himself. I think the best parts of the book were the pages that had the little toads in them. In the first story the toads are all sitting on a long and they keep blowing up. They’re getting scared because each time they move or say something or even breathe they blow up. Then they’re in Heaven on a cloud and they’re happy and think everything is great and then they start falling off the cloud.

Another part that was really funny was when Robin was asking the Swedish Chef to make a special dinner for Kermit and the Chef thinks that cooking Robin up will be delicious. Robin gets thrown in the pot and the Chef keeps talking funny like ‘cooka dee froggie, froggie’ and stuff like that. Robin gets away and tells the chef not to cook any frogs and then the Chef finds the toads playing cards and starts talking to him with a big knife hidden behind his back. And then there are other parts of the comic where people are doing different things and the Chef is in the back chasing the toads around with a knife. That was funny.

Robin helps Kermit sing a song about the swamp and that makes him feel all better and he’s happy that all his friends were trying to help. Then Kermit says everyone has to get back to work and start working on the show again. Then they sit on a roof and talk about how lucky they are and wonder what a Gonzo is.

I like that the comic had some funny parts in it and they made the Chef act crazy like he does in the show and movies. Some of the characters don’t look like they are drawn exactly like how they really look but I’m surprised that the artist is able to draw so many characters and things on the page. There are a lot of pages where like five or ten different characters are drawn and that’s a lot. I think its cool that they did a Muppet Show comic and I want to read more of them if they come out.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Ross Richie said...

We are so excited that you checked out the MUPPET SHOW and enjoyed it! LOVED LOVED LOVED your review! So insightful and smart!

Thank you so much!

-Ross Richie
publisher, BOOM! Studios

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